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May 06, 2012


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Thank you so much Simon. I am longing for this.

I'm interested to know the key to hitting a high score in writing task 1. In the Academic module, for example, one of the keys to hitting a high score is to make appropriate comparisons and contrasts. What do we need to pay attention to when working on writing task 1? Thanks Simon. This's indeed a piece of good news.

What do we need to pay attention to when working on writing task 1 ... in the General Training module ...? Sorry, I missed some words.

Letters are the main part of writing task 1 in GT. Would be great if you could give formats of the formal and informal one's and some tips before this weekend. Since I would be appearing for this weekend 12 May.

how many types of letter writing are asking in Task 1.GT exam....

Hi, simon,

I have followed your lessons for a long time, and I think I have made great progress in writing, but now I have a simple question:

Task 2: as a result of the development of computer technology, a rising number of adults choose to work at home and students choose to study at home. Is it a positive or negative development?

I planned my writing as follows:

paragraph 1. Introduction + my view (this is a positive development)
paragraph 2. benefits of working at home.
paragraph 3. benefits of studing at home.
paragraph 4. conclusion.

my quesiton is:
1. I do not think it necessary to mention the drawbacks at all. is it right?
2. one of my friends told me it is acceptable to write the drawbacks in the second paragraph, but I think it wrong to mention both sides if I believe it is positive. Am I right?
3. I think if I state in the second sentence in the first paragraph that : i believe it is both positive and negative, then I can write both sides. Am I right?


Hi simon,
you have put many essays about agree/disagree, I wanted to know about the format of essays in: problem/solution or advantage/disadvantage.
would you please put some essays in this fileds as soon as possible? I have ielts general on friday!

Thanks Simon, I am studying for GT

hi simon, i m going to appear gt IELTS on next saturday...pls if u kindly give some idea how to write down task-1 letter or few exmple it will b helpful for me.As i m go through ur website everyday i found myself a confident candidate for next week exam except writing task-1..pls as soon as possible give some clues of 150 words letter format.thanks for ur heplp..
with regards

Hi Simon,
Is letters supposed to be the only format for task 1 in GT? Correct me if i am wrong.

Hi Simon!
Im going to pass the IELTS exam (Academic module) next week. I learn and check your website every day, bcz its so useful for students, where we can find many answers for our questions.
Could you please help me to understand in one thing? HOW DO YOU DEFINE THE "KEYWORD" IN THE QUESTION IN READING PART?
Ive tried to understand, but it is still unclear to me, I am trying to understand the meaning of the question in order to find the correct answer. But unfortunately, in many cases its wrong way.
Thank you!

Thanks for your questions and suggestions about the GT test.



'Keywords' are the main words that give the meaning of the question (usually nouns, verbs and adjectives).

Many thanks Simon for you efforts. I took the IELTS exam (academic) and my result is:


my exam was quite easy, i thought IELTS would be more complicated.

Tanks and best wishes for all students.

Hi Simon
Please support us on GT task 1 too. You may choose the following topic.
"You have been to supermarket and bought groceries. When you got home and checked your bill. You found out the they charged for an item which you didn't purchase. Write a letter to the manager regarding this issue and ask for refund.

you ordered on net some equipment and paid by your credit card and when u received the things it was found some part damaged,you write a letter to the company regarding this issue and ask for debited to ur card.
pls simon my exam is knocking at the door...give some ideas..

Hi Simon,

Please give some idea about formal, semi-formal and informal letter. Does they really matter?

I have only some idea about starting and ending.
Formal- Dear Sir/Madam = Yours Faithfully
Semi-formal - Dear Mr. Robertson = Your sincerely
Informal - Dear Jake = Best Regards

Am i right?

I want to get idea on the differences in man body of these different types of letter.

Hi Bart,

You are right on all 3 points.


Congratulations Carolina. Great scores!


Hi Nirmal,

Yes, you're right.

I want female speaking on skype.could u help me for IELTS preparation through conversation.

Hello Simon,
I just need your advise as a teacher of IELTS course. I am from Turkey and I had the exam on May 12th and got 5.5 point from all of the sections so the sum is 5.5 and I need 6.5. I am working and can not study well and there is an IELTS Course starting on July 7th and will be ended 6 weeks later, I am really stickle to attend this course or take the exam again and maybe again..can the course may be succed to make my result 6.5 by 36 hours lecture??(I know I need work hard also at home and maybe will take 1 week day off from my work) I need your urgent advice please, thanks&regards

Hi Ayse,

I answered your email.

Hello Simon,

Thanks very much for your advise, I think I will attend to the course. Thanks again.



No problem Ayse. Good luck!

Hello Simon,
Thanks for all your help, you are doing a great job. I have my ielts GT on 10July. So I don't have much time to prepare, first time I heard of Ielts was a week ago.. I must score band 6 in every session. I read your book Target Band 7. I am on my day 2 following the study plan but as I mentioned before I am running out of time and I am very scared, what if I can not make it... PLEASE tell me what level of English requires band 6? I did some tests from cambridge books 6, 7, 8, 9 and in the listening and academic reading sessions I always score 32-38. I am not confident about my speaking and writing skills... Any suggestion, help or information will be highly appreciated. :)

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