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May 05, 2012


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tnx simon

you repeated you lessons recently Simon

Paragraph development(A guide for students of English)
is one the useful reference for writing.

I think it was posted before..

Hi Tony and Sakora,

Well noticed! You've obviously been following the lessons carefully. Yes, I do repeat some lessons here and there.

hi simon ,since i have joined this website i have become great fan of yours.I took ielts 3 months ago but scored 5.5 in writing .I was shocked because because my previous score was 7.Any thanks to you that i can practise again.
I need to ask that I always try to start my essay with a saying or phrase like A stone will not be known as a daimond untill it gets polished.
Does it sound funny
Do you know any book for idioms or saying

thank you very much indeed, your comments were and are so help full for me

Hi Asma,

Don't start your essays with that kind of phrase! Read the lessons below:




No problem Mahsa.

Hi Simon,

Just wondering shouldn't we write
Global warming is a result of pollution. It is because when we say that "Global warming is the result of pollution", aren't we implying that it is the only result of pollution-which might not necessarily be true.
I will be grateful for your reply.

i scored 9 band in writing

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