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May 15, 2012


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Hi dear Simon,
I had my exam last Saturday on 12th May,I performed well in all parts, apart from reading.I missed 8 questions which even I could not gues.It was gap filling but I could not find any of them from the passage.I think I know the technique but I can not apply them properly on the exam.I did practice many IELTS reading books but did not work.Therefore, I need your advice please whether to practice more IELTS readings or read some newspapers and other books.Thanks

Hi Nafiseh,

I think you should do both things: keep practising IELTS papers, and also read as much as you can (newspaper articles etc.). Also, keep a notebook with words and phrases that you learn. Keep working hard and you will improve!

Thank you very much for the useful advice,and I will follow your instractions very carefuly as alwaysI do in my writing which helps me to get 7 most of the times.

Also I want to know which books are the best to use for IELTS reading?

Hi Simon,
your website are very helpful and thanks for sharing.

I'd like to ask about the speaking section.
can I ask the examiner to repeat the question of I don't understand or I don't hear it clearly?


hi Simon please help me..can you give some idea

Many people believe that governments are fully responsible for solving environmental problems, while others think that unless individuals take some action the problems could not be solved. Do you agree or disagree?

Hi Jennifer, You are allowed to ask the examiner to repeat the question if you dont understand or hear properly. But, they will only repeat the question and wont give any explanations.

thanks simon :)

Dear All,

Not sure if I have shared this already, but here is a link from the British Council website that offers many nice articles to help improve both listening and reading skills. There is also a small exercise section for each article that you can try.


Have fun!


hi Simon... i have appaered in iltes several times. my requirement is 7 in each module.I was struggling with writing skills,which i tried to improve by going through your lessons.

I never got less than 7 in listening.Last time i got 8.5 in the listening module,but this time i came across the most difficult listening. I want to ask if there is criteria of 30 correct answers for 7 in listening or band is alloted according to difficult level.. i could correct about 28 questions this time.

Hi Simon!

I commend you for still posting after such a dramatic weekend!

I thought all United fans were in hospital!


Hi Kathira. Here are some of my views and ideas about the topic.

Environmental problems are becomes critical problem around the world. I believe these problems can be reduced if governments and individuals act and work together.
Paragraph 1:
1. Governments could introduce new laws to limit emissions from factories and they should ban the factories which is not following the standards and laws.
2. They should invest more in renewable energy from solar, wind and water power. It could prevent the extensive usage of natural resources like oil, coal and gases. For example, Germany invested more in solar panels to produce more energy and it could reduce the usage of natural resources.
3. More organizations and animal protection agencies needs to be created to protect wild animals and natural areas.
4. They should promote the recycling.
5. Government could impose green taxes on drivers and airline companies.
Paragraph 2:
1. Individuals should take responsibility to protect the environment.
2. People should follow the laws and they should also try to be greener.
3. We should buy the products that last longer and with less packaging
4. We should take the public transport instead of using our own vehicles. This could reduce the air pollution and traffic.
5. We should properly dispose the wastage. For example, in Germany people should separately pack the dispose and non disposable wastes. So that it can be recycle and dispose in proper way.
6. We need to recycle and reuse as much as possible.
In conclusion, environmental problems can be reduced if government and individuals act together.

Some points are taken from simon's E-book. If you need more ideas of different topics then buy the e-book. It will greatly helps you to gather ideas.

thanksssss vivek...it is the best answer)))

Simon, I find difficult to listen for 'B' and 'P' when they're spelled. What is your advice? Thanks for your help.

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