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May 11, 2012


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Hi Simon,
I've read elsewhere that it is necessary to contain redundant language in every answers to be native and each answers should be in around 30 seconds. What do you think about this?

Dear simon
Im new member here.I took IELTS exam 4times so far the first attempt scored 5'5 the 2nd 6 the 3rd 7,4th 6 again.Im so desperate Ihave to get 7 on each.I decided this time to take more time befor I take it again
Can you please help me .iwill follow your steps day by day and I Bought your e.book and already started to read it
please every one help me and give me your advise

hi tatilan

Really same situation I faced, this exam sucks my whole life... cant focus on work.. need 7 each urgently..but i dont think so I can... after fighting with this

everything will be fine

Hi Mai,

Have a look at this lesson:


and this lesson:



Hi Taliah and Jay,

Just keep trying. Everyone passes eventually!

hi Simon again.Thank you for answer to my questions..

please can you tell me which books are necessary for readng...i learn many synonyms from this books but when i gave an exam i cannot make paraphrase therefore i got 5 from reading..

it is necessary to learn many synonyms?
i learned from this book"504 absolutely essentialwords"

Thanks Simon! These are great examples of being short and direct for Part1 questions.

I often tell my students not to waste the examiners' time by using memorized expressions, which can sometimes be annoying and will definitely not help with the score.

Have a nice weekend!

Hi Simon and friends,
Today I got my result and it was 6 overall.
While overall it is the same compared to last time (one month and twenty days ago), I have improved a lot in writing band, and it is because I have applied Simon's strategy this time. First time I Just got 5 in writing, and this time my score is 6.5.
Both times I got 7 in speaking and 5.5 in reading. This time I missed 4 questions in the first easiest 20 questions in listening, therefore, I have just got 5 and last time was 5.5.
Actually I am happy because my score in writing significantly increased.
I am going to take another test tomorrow here in Bangor center; I will concentrate more in both listening and reading.
Thanks to you Simon, you are definitely such the best IELTS tutor.



Hi Simon

Today I took the speaking part of IELTS test and the part one was just like this (but more questions)!! Unfortunately, I didn't check your web site this morning :(

Thank you very much for your good lessons


I needed 7 overall and I got 6.5.
Speaking 7.5, writing 6, reading 6.5 and listening 6.5.
I will wait another month and a half to do again. Good luck with your test next week.

AS you said, Simon's website is the best so far.


Hi Khatira,

Any book that you use will help; there aren't any special ones that I recommend more than others - they all give you good English practice.

Yes, learning some synonyms and different ways to express ideas is useful.


Thanks Martin. Enjoy your weekend too!


Hi Hemn,

That's good news. I'm glad your writing score has improved - from 5 to 6.5 is a fantastic improvement. Good luck with today's test!


No problem Mahshad. I hope you get the scores you need.


Thanks Juliana!

Hi Simon

I noticed that the examiner was taking some notes when I was speaking. I'm curious what does this mean to me?
Was he writing down what I was doing well? Or I made a mistake?

hi simon
thank u. you are awesome
God bless you.

I've tried IETS exam befor and get 4.5
Can you help me to get exam

Im always get 5 band in my speaking becuse of lack of ideas. Long pauses cut down my score.

I am desperately waiting for my result to be declared .But I m quite despondent about getting an excellent band ! I came to know that 3 hours of IELTS exam is not about how much u know english ,its only about how well u make your strategies right in there !!

I dont have any idea of speaking ... Is anyone there to help me???

Simon, can you please share the above link once more time, as far now above mentioned links are not working. Please cross check.

good. thank you.

Hi Simon, could you please help me how can improve my level of speaking ..Now a days specially in this module face a great problem then the other rest of .. I have only few days remaining ...... I am waiting for your feedback to overcome this obstacles .....

Dime body know Witch the higher Score its?, I Will take the test soon

Could u plz send me the most important topics for ielts speaking part?tnx in advance

Dear Sir,
looking for Job in Canada. I want to Clear IELTS exm.Please what kind of study Books I need Please Help me .


I am taking this test for the first time, but nervous. A little help will do thanks.

hy simon.I cant do better in reading ...day by day i feel complicate while doing passage .could you please help me to improve it ... is there any strategy which can help me to improve reading module...

I don’t have content, ideas and fluency for speaking. I had twice IELTS, got 5.5 and 6 only. How I can improve my self

Hlo simon.. tomorrow is my speaking so please give me some important topic...

Hi Simon

I will be taking my speaking test for the first time tommorow. Any heads up for a higher band score would be greatly appreciated.

Hi simon
I have booked my ielts date exam for 11th oct but I am not really good in speaking and reading how can I improve this two in shor time.. please give me some ideas..

Hey,im smaridhi

Im had given 2 times test but won't able to gel 7 band. I practice a lot but eventually got only 6 band.
Please guide me sir.

Is speaking easy to get 7.0 band?Need some advice my exam is on 13 October

Hi Simon, I really appreciate your diligent work on helping us to improve our IELTs. I have a question for you about Speaking Part 1. I practice speaking on my own and usually speak off the topic Is it ok to blabbing about random things as long as I speak fluently?

Hlw Simmon
I have booked mine date for 1st June but I am really getting problem in speaking and reading ....can you please give me any tips to improve my weakness.
Thank you!
Aarati Acharya

Hi Simon ,
Plsase help me regarding ielts exam

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