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May 18, 2012


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Hi Dear Simon and everyone
Today, I took my speaking test.Some of questions which I can remember are:
-where did u grow up?
-what subject have u studied?
-what kinds of cloths do u prefer to wear?
-Do u think about fashion?
-Part 2:If did u have enough money,what would u like to buy?(something like it) and why?Describe ur favorite.

-what things are rich people interested to buy?
-Do u think some rich people are wasting their money?
-In which ways do they waste their money?
-Do u think rich people are lucky or hard working?

They were important questions of my IELTS test,and fortunately I could answer to all of them logically.
Thank u so much for ur wonderful website.It helped me a lot in having good ideas.I wish I could take other tests tomorrow successfully.
Good luck


Hi simon
It is very useful and now i have ideals to talk like this kind of topic.Could I ask you for your answer for this topic as a sample.
Thanks a lot.

hi simon
thank you for your useful site.i took IELTS twice and i got band 6 .i need to improve my vocubulary.if you know any site that have listening along with its text please tell us.


I would like to talk about foreign culture I know which is the English language .
I have been learning this language since many years during my study and work anow it is becoming a part of my daily lifestyle.

Well, the is a big difference between my on language and English
Writing , reading and even expressions . Howevr I like learn foreings languages since it gives me a new personality and allows me to communicate with people from different cultures.

Hi Simon,
how do you think we should start this part of the Speaking test?
I would start with:
"Well, I would like to speak about the Argentinian culture.
I know about this culture because.."
or it's better to start straight away like: "The foreign culture I like most is the Argentinian one..."
Can you please give us some examples?
Thank you

hi Simon..what does it mean?
Live for today for tomorrow never comes

thank you Simon for this website

Hi simon,

The culture I want to talk about is the irish culture as I come from an arabian culture which is the iraqi culture to study in ireland .I find it different in every thing for example it has alow power distance and because of that they call people by their first names and treat them equally in comparison with iraq where the people are inequally treated ,I don' t have a thing that i love it particularily in irish culture but i have to adapt to it because I am going to spend my next seven years there.

Well, I would like to describe a Saudiarabian culture which is totally different from my country of origin, India.
Firstly, the food is quite different from my country. Saudi people mostly love to eat a dish known as Khabsa. Khabsa is a traditional dish preared by these ingradients namely rice, chicken or samall pieces of beef. Saudi people are not used to take bread and spicy dishes , while we Indians prefer to take many spicy meals.
Another noticeable difference is that women are not allowed to drive and they have to use abaya( a balack cloth covering the all parts of a woman), while they go out for shopping or for nay other purpose. This has not been the case in my home land. Wedding ceremonies are also taking place entirely in a different way. To illustrate this,once I had a chance to attand a marriage celebration, I noticed that the bride has to pay a huge amont of money to groom.On the other hand, this type of custom is not supported altogether by any one.

Hi Simon; in my previous exam in part three speaking ,the examiner asked me why do some people in your country refuse to buy some imported items?.then why do some companies prefer to open branches outside their countries? Thank you.

Hi Simon,
Here is my description and you have a nice weekend!!!!!!


I'd like to share with you about the Argentine culture, which I find it to be pretty interesting.

I know about this culture quite well because I had the chance to live in Argentina for 14 years.

I think there are 2 main differences between the Argentine culture and the culture in my home country, Taiwan. Firstly, the language spoken in Argentina is Spanish, while Chinese Mandarin is the predominant language in Taiwan. And secondly, when greeting or saying goodbye to someone, most people in Argentina do it by touching their right cheeks with one another and making a kissing sound at the same time. However, in Taiwan, people greet each other by just saying "hi" or waving their hands.

I like the culture in Argentina very much because it feels warm and people there are very friendly and nice. Besides, because I consider myself a "beef lover, I enjoy the Argentine cuisine a lot because it consists of mainly beef. What's more, the national sport in Argentina is soccer (or football), which is one of my favorite sports. Whenever the Argentine national team plays in the World Cup, everyone goes crazy and you can expect all businesses to be closed for the day.

All in all, the Argentine culture is quite fascinating and I would recommend this country to those who are looking for their next vacation destination.


If you guys are interested in learning more about this country, you may do so by reading Wiki's description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentina#Culture

I'm going to talk about the culture from the USA. I had an opportunity to become friends with an American guy last year.
I found that he was a straight talker which was a very different aspect from my country. He is honest and always straight forward as he expresses what he thinks.
I liked that, because people in my country tend to hide their feelings or talk around that makes me confused. I think this is a good culture and hope we have as well.

Hi Simon,
I would like to describe about the Australian culture which is completely difference form my country's. there are many difference between two countries.
The most noticeable distinction of these two cultures is language. we speak Nepali language which is quite easier to write and pronounce.where as English language is very difficult to pronounce because the speak same word differently according to situation. Apart form this, Australian people celebrate festival and events in different way, They normally want to spent this celebration in pub, disco or sometimes in beach. but in my country people normally get together in one place and spend precious moment by exchanging bless and wish.
to be honest, I don't like this foreign culture. the only thing I like is young people mostly spend their by doing or participating in entertainment and fun activities such as going disco are concert.

Thanks for sharing guys.


Hi Ghyath,

Good questions. I'll try to use them soon.

Hi Simon,
please find my answers:

1)Ten years ago, I was lucky enough to spend a semester at Barcelona University as an Erasmus student. Since then, my love for Spain began.

2)Although Spanish culture is generally thought to be similar to the Italian one, I found some significant differences between them. Spanish people, for example, have lunch at 3 p.m, whereas in Italy people do that at 1 p.m. Also, on the weekends, both old and young people go out from 1 a.m onwards, while in Italy people usually meet their friends at 9 p.m and go back home at 1 p.m.

3)There are several reasons why I love Spain. Firstly, I find Spanish a funny language because some words are written and pronounced in the same way in Italian but have a totally different meaning. One morning, for instance, I was having breakfast in a bar and asked for some “burro”. The waiter gaped. He could not believe I was asking for a donkey. Secondly, I’m very fond of Spanish food. In the whole country, you can find a wide range of cheeses or delicious hams. Finally, Spanish people are so friendly that you’ll never feel as a foreigner in their country.


Hi Simon
Initially i want to say thank you. It is a great website.

I would like to describe Korean culture. It may not sound very familiar to the other people. I neither visited that country nor have I a friend who have visited. I just feel sympathy for Koren culture.
Korean culture attracts me with its entertainment world, people's friendly attitudes, natural beauties, food and many other immensely reasons.
I would like to tell you about how my interest to Korea started. One day when i arrived at school my best friend enthusiastically started to mention as regards a drama she watched the day before. She passionately suggested me to watch it too. So I did. Afterwards I couldnt stop watching that drama. Then I started to watch new dramas. Later on musics too. It may sound weird but I have to tell my life have changed since then. I have become a strict follower of Hallyu* trend. I met with some Korean by means of Internet. Talking with them also improved my korean level. The more I talked with them, the more I wanted to go to Korea. That's why I decided to study in Korea. Also it's the reason why Im taking this exam right now.
To go back to our subject, there arent many similarities between my country's culture (Turkey) and Korea. I think I like Korean culture because of that too.
As I stated there are numerous reasons why I like Korean culture. I hope this summer I will have a chance to visit there and see what it is look like.

*Hallyu is a Korean trend spreading worldwide in music, movies, dramas.

Hi,Simon.I notice that you said try to keep speaking in 2 minutes in part 2.I am wondering if i speak too much on first 3 questions and i don't even start to talk about the 4th when being interrupted, will the score be influenced in a bad way?
Thank you.
Yanjie Ren

Hi Renyanjie,

It's best to cover all of the points, but if you miss one it won't be a big problem (if the rest of your answer is good).

I would like to talk about Engish culture which is very different from my own culture which is Moroccan .

1- First of all ,The fact that I have chosen to study abroad in England gives me th eopportunity to discover a new and culture .In addition , I used live with an English Family ,to be honest it was a privilege to know about their culture and how they celebrate their special events such as Christmas etc .Moreover , I used read about their culture as well when having a free time , I prefere to read or watch something about English culture to expand my knoweldge and to be able t adapt whit them easily .

2- Actually, there is a huge difference between my own culture and the Englsih culture .The obvious and remarkable difference comes to my mind is that my culture is based on islamic religion.Thus , western culture has a lot of things which are not at all similaire to Moroccan culture . First of all, we celebrate our special and traditional events differently ,English culture is very open mind when it comes to siome specific aeras such as discussing taboo subject with your children ,because we think that it is less respectbale , however I disagree with this thought .Therefore , I like English culture because is very open and can help us to get ride of these borders between children and parents which are presenting a big obstacle to communicate with anyone about any kind of subject which is considred as a crucial and important thing to be shared with other people.Finally, I like the way British people work and study , They hard working and educated, in addition they are very polite and helpful.

1- First of all ,The fact that I have chosen to study abroad in England gives me the opportunity to discover a new culture .In addition , I used to live with an English Family ,this has permitted me to familiarise easily and quickly whith their culture ,to be honest it was a privilege to know about it as well as how they celebrate their special events such as Christmas etc .Moreover , I used read about their culture as well when having a free time , I prefere to read or watch something about English culture to expand my knoweldge and to be able t adapt whit them easily .

2- Actually, there is a huge difference between my own culture and the Englsih culture .The obvious and remarkable difference comes to my mind is that my culture is based on islamic religion.Thus , western culture has a lot of things which are not at all similaire to Moroccan culture . First of all, we celebrate our special and traditional events differently ,English culture is very open mind when it comes to siome specific aeras such as discussing taboo subject with your children ,because we think that it is less respectbale , however I disagree with this thought .Therefore , I like English culture because is very open and can help us to get ride of these borders between children and parents which are presenting a big obstacle to communicate with anyone about any kind of subject which is considred as a crucial and important thing to be shared with other people.Finally, I like the way British people work and study , They hard working and educated, in addition they are very polite and helpful.

Hy simon I would like recieve you feed back about my attempt and thank you very much for your help

I come from Poland and I have been living in the UK for 5 years and of course I love the culture of my native land and of the second , which I try to adopt more and more.

Besides there are 2 other cultures in Europe that I love the most, Italian and French, while referring it to its Mediterranean part. I had a good opportunity to become familiar with those regions and its people, spending my holiday there. In fact, I was twice in Provence (in the southern part of France) and five times in the south-east corner of Italy, on the Peninsula Gargano in Vieste and its surroundings. And, perhaps I idealise some of these things looking at that from my holiday perspectives, but I was feeling very happy there.

Firstly, plenty of sunshine, the blue sky, the clear and azure sea, the sandy and rocky beaches attracted me most. In such surroundings, the warm hearted southern culture of people - tanned, joyful and vigorous. Italians were very noisy, in the narrow streets using their motorbikes, sometimes cars in crazy ways. Outsides the pubs and restaurants, the older men were sitting, chatting or laughing loudly. I saw them twice, during the World Cup. It was an extraordinary celebration and everyone was involved, watching these transmissions together, I saw a great enjoyment until the last stage, when they lost their chance to be in the final. It was a picture of true misery. Generally Italians ,they were really friendly and helpful, but their weakest point, in my opinion, was in vast majority, lack of knowledge of any foreign language. So, there were some funny situations associated with that. Additionally, they like children and there were no problems when going with them anywhere, to a restaurant, for example. They were always welcoming and entertaining. Of course, Italian cooking is widely known and I became immediately its lover too. Pizza and pasta in many variations, specially prepared the local fried cheese, seafood (which might be bought in the port and prepared by myself or tasted in restaurants) ,fresh fruit ,vegetables and many other specialities. I appreciated locally produced wine and oil of olive, as well. My children got crazy about ice-cream in so many flavours to chose from.

Another very interesting detail of their life, very strange for me in the beginning, was the break during the day - siesta. It lasts from 1-5pm,when everything is closed, after midday people are going home, whatever they had been doing before –resting or working. Surprisingly, I got used to it very quickly when I had known that it is impossible to work or to sitting in the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Instead, the afternoons and evenings are wonderful ,when all the people enjoy it-with long working hours of restaurants ,shops and cultural events going on. It’s lots of fun and plenty of attractions for tourist until midnight.

Mediterranean France has many similarities, in terms of weather conditions and holiday attractions, but is much more expensive. Healthy ,Mediterranean style food suited me much with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (I especially preferred grapes ,melons and peaches), seafood, cheeses and of course their wines, which were better than Italian. Another obvious cultural specification is the language. I love French despite its difficulty, it sounds so smooth and like Italian it is like a melody. In terms of people, French individuals, outside the biggest and most famous holiday centres like Nice, Cannes, St.Tropez , resemble Italians, however in ‘posh’ places they may behave in ‘posh’ manners. I was fascinated by the French songs, in a holiday style like those of Joe Dassin or in reflexive mood like those of J.Brell (despite the fact, he was Belgian). I adore the French cooking style with meals orderings in 3-4 parts, with desserts and all its contents (they are too good)! Overall, I almost love everything about France and its culture, not forgetting the beautiful old smaller villages or bigger historical places with its architecture, churches, museums, galleries, etc. What I don’t like ,however is the high cost of living there.

In comparison to Polish culture characteristics, in terms of people I consider Mediterranean French and Italians as those who express their emotions more , being of a more hot nature, easy going and more optimistic. We take our lives too seriously, generally and it seems to me that we work harder. Is it a case of climate? I don’t know. Or perhaps it is about our history? Secondly, their diet is fantastic, with the greater availability of fresh vegetables and fruits ,seafood and fish, then the local wines and olive. Polish cooking is very tasty, but less light with bigger meat consumption, complex carbohydrates and sweet desserts. We certainly should eat more fish and fruits, as well.

Hi Simon,
I can't speak English fluently, you can give me some advice to improve my speaking ability.
thank you so much


Hi Simon,
I would like to know if you ask the examiner to repeat the questions twice in any part of speaking test, is there possibility to affect your score?
Thank you and more power to your website.
This is really useful.^^

Hi Simon,

Today i took speaking test in Nepal.

The first part was all about toys.
And the second part was about famous person that you are interested with some related topics.
Final part was about celebrities and media.

Hi Mieren,

Don't worry, that's not a big problem.


Thanks Nirmal. Good luck!

Hi Simon!
Thank you for answering my question last time. One more thing Simon, how about dead airs in answering the questions? For example the examiner asked you the question and you couldn't give the answer right away or you are speaking already and suddenly you stop because you run out of words. Is it also a factor to get a low score in speaking test?
Thank you and more power!=)

Hi Mieren,

Hesitations can affect your score, but if you hesitate once or twice it's not a big problem - it's normal in an exam!

Hi Simon!
Thanks again for the answer. So you mean to say Simon that spontaneity doesn't matter? If you often stutter while answering the questions is fine, as long as your answers are well-oragnized and you gave relevant answers to the questions, that's how they give good score in speaking test?
Thank you! =)

Hi Mieren,

It's all spontaneous because it's an exam. You're expected to be a bit nervous, so don't worry about one or two hesitations - although it does become a problem if you are stuck for words too often.

Relevant answers and good, clear expression of ideas are the key things.

Hi Simon!
Thanks for the effort in answering all my questions. I'm so glad and I really appreciate it. Thanks!
Another thing Simon, how about in part two of speaking test? Is the examinee oblige to speak exactly two minutes?
How about in terms of vocabulary? Is it better if you use different words to express yourself?
What if you often use the same expression, does it affect the score?
Thank you so much!^^

Hi Mieren,

It's ok to speak for less than 2 minutes, but I'd advise you to TRY to keep speaking until the examiner stops you. Try to express yourself well - good vocabulary range is a sign of a high level of English. Variety is better than repetition.


Would you mind to be my speaking partner?
Have you taken your ielts exam?

i would like to describe the scottish culture which is absolutely different from my punjabi culture scottish languge is spoken there but english also official languge i visited there on last summer vacation so beautiful place i find that scottish are so enjoyful and openminded while punjabi are conservative scottish celebrate their tredational events by going to pubs,beachs and turists place moreover punjabi generally prefer to get together at one place in scotland tartin 4 women kilt 4 men they prefer non veg food but punjabi like spicy meal finally i like it because scottish enjoy independently their life so polite and honest

Hello every body, I wrote this topic in 40 minute and I like you to assess it.

The idea of going overseas for university study is an exciting prospect for many people. But while it may offer some advantages, it is probably better to stay at home because of the difficulties a student inevitably encounters living and studying in a different culture. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Thanks for modern transportation it has made travelling more easier in the present age. Is agreeable that everybody have to improve his/her abilities and skills, so many student try to select the best university to study abroad. However, many people argue that studding abroad is an important step for every student, while others would more likely to trust in the oppose opinion which is studding in local universities. As far as I'm concerned I beleive that the both idea have positive and negative points.

On one hand, it's accepted that studying in top universities, in a developed countries has many advantages especially for students who live in poor developing countries. For example local universities suffer from presence of developed scientific equipment that make its difficul for student to do advanced experiments, in addition to that there aren't enough materials in such universities for required researches, this may lead to increase the burden on students because they may try to spend alot of many to buy the required materials.
Furthermore, the scientific level of the lecturer are not very good and because they may graduated from the same universities that make student worried about their future.

On the other hand, no one can deny that studying abroad have many disadvantages and almost every overseas students face lots of problems. First of all, many of these students have a very weak background about their subject and may they cannot contiue in their study, for example most of Iraqi student suffer from this problems because there are a big different between what they studied before and that they may study in foreing countries. Secondly, the most important obstacle is the language, approximately all student who study abroad are not good at the language and this will lead to weak performance in academic study.

After examining the above idea, I would like to say that both side have advantages and disadvantage, but I believe that no thing can get easily so the most important thing is every student should try to reach the best about thier studies.

Hi simon ... Could you please assist me to get more score in writing module.
I have lots of queries related to writing module only

Ok.I would like to talk about the culture I have found out by visiting the country.More precisely,it is England.
There are undoubletedly a lot of big differences between my culture and England's.Firstly,our languages are definitely not the same,even though in Romania,the second langaguage we learn at school is english.Secondly,there might be a major difference about food because people have their own prefences and they depend on their habits.For example,British people are in the habit of drinking tea like 4 times a day or so.However,in my country,we only drink it when we get sick or occasionally.
Finally,either English people or Romanian people are at the same level when it comes about being friendly and keen on helping the others.
I really enjoyed and liked this culture because it has a great history behind and it leads to new,interesting and unforgettable informations.

can we start like this (please comment back sir):
'every country has its own curture and norms which the natives of there follows.i am allured to number of foriegn culture but one im fascinated with the most is the indian culture.'

I want practice speaking topics why is everyone like to practice IELTS topics in Skype.

When talking about foreign culture, the first one comes to my mind is America and American culture. American is the only one foreign country I have been to, however I love the life style and working situation there.

American people pay very much attention to keep fit, it is very common to see they are jogging in the park or along the road no matter old ones or young; and also plenty of people do gym on a week basis, one of my local colleague sets up a gym group, all group members are colleagues, they are mentoring and monitoring each other during the exercises. By contrast, though more and more people in China here are joining in the running activity, the percentage of the whole population is comparatively small.

At the same time, the principle of work and life balance is fully accepted among them. During work time, they concentrate on jobs badly, and after work most of them prefer to stay together with their family members instead of joining social activities. However, in China, people after working normally needs to be social to maintain or develop relationships with colleagues or clients. This is very annoying for me. All in all, if I have chance to live and work there, I would love to have a try.

If I were to talk about any foreign culture, then American culture is definitely the one that firstly springs on my mind. I have not been to America, neither I have experienced their culture.But I came to know a bit about American culture through my friends who are living in America right now.

If we compare the American culture with my culture,which is Nepali, then we can notice a plenty of differences. Their culture is different from our cultures in various factors. First is language,obviously. People of America speak English language,which is an international language and spoken by the people of many countries as their second language, while the native language of Nepal is Nepali. Second noticeable difference is
the food. Most of the American cuisine lack considerable amount of spices and hence they are tasteless but healthy whereas people in Nepal mostly prefer spicy foods knowing that these foods have detrimental effect on one's health. The last thing ,that I suspect, is different between my culture and American culture is a way of living or simply lifestyle. Americans style of living is highly sophisticated and modern. They wear modern outfits, use advanced equipment for farming and so on. However, in my country, I often see most of the people,particularly of rural areas, are still wearing old fashioned clothes or traditional dresses and using old equipment like HASIYA,KUTTO for farming. moreover, they allow women to express their feelings and emotions freely, which is not accepteble in my culture.
I cannot say if I like that culture but given a chance I would definitely love to visit America and experience their culture at least once in my lifetime.

Hi Simon.
Can I talk about Finnish education? Is it related to the topic?

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