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May 19, 2012


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Hi Dear simon
Today I took my IELTS exam.The title was something like it:nowadays,some companies produce cheap food by machinery.some people agree that they aren't healthy food,because producers add something to food which are harmful and also these kinds of food have impact to communication.Agree or disagree
I could write very good essay with logical points,but about task one there were 4 pie charts in comparing percentages of responses in a survey.I didn't have enough time to explore well.I'm afraid about it!I could have written much better and now I'm upset!I was ready for line graph more than pie chart!
What do u think?will they consider pressure in a short time?
I could have written much better in task 1 !!

who took seat today exam?

Hi Zahra,

Try not to worry now. Let's just wait and see what score you get. Thanks for sharing your questions, and best of luck!

hi zahra
I also did the same once and unfortunatly i got 6 for that.but I wish you good luck.

Hi Simon,

From the recent questions over the past few months, graphs about trends do not seem to appear in the tests. There're, instead, graphs that provide comparisons. That is to say, line graphs, which show trends and changes over time, are no longer as common as they were in the past. Would you consider shifting the focus from describing trends and (statistical) changes to illustrating preferences or simply the proportion of particular things given in the question? We who have long been following your lessons are familiar with the former, but then I'm not sure how to do well and hit a higher score in questions like the latter ones. It's also hard the vary the language used.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Simon,
I need your kind advice. I need 7 band in each module. I got 7 band and even more than 7 in all parts but in different tests. I need 7 each in one test. this is biggest problem for me. its stressful for me. some time I got 7 in two parts but in other two only 6.5. plz help

Hello Simon. I just want to express my thankfulness. I've been followed your website for a short while and I find it really helpful!

Hi Simon. Could you tell me whether should I add sentence like "In this essay I will discuss both veiws and present my own opinion."to my introduction of Task 2? Is it a must to do this in the "discuss both views and give your opinion" question?

Hi MT,

Good observation! I'll try to find some of those 'comparison' questions.


Hi Raja,

You are nearly there, so I don't think you are doing anything wrong. Just keep working hard and keep trying - you don't need to change your techniques or anything like that! You are very close, and I'm sure you will pass soon.


No problem Lil.


Hi Cody,

You can write something like that if you want, but you don't need to. Have a look at my example essays in the task 2 category here on the site.

Thank you very much Simon.


I ever heard that when answering the question task "To what extend do you agree or disagree?", we should give a counter argument paragraph (refuting paragraph) after we present the reasons why we are agree or disagree. It's right?

Thank you so much Simon..

Hi Indri,

Have a look at this lesson:


Hi Simon
I've just seen a new type of task 2(for me), please, help me to plan it.
"The development of economy leads to the development of the world, however some recent surveys show that people living in developing countries are happier than the ones in developed countries.Why?And what have you learnt from it?"
Thank you!

Hi simon,
In discussion essays, we should write our opinion in the introdution or in the consclusion? Im very confused because my two teachers teach me in two different ways. Thank you

Hi Huelai,

Take a look at Simon's essays here and here. Simon makes his opinion clear in both the introduction and the conclusion.

Briefly state your opinion in the introduction, and summarise the body of your essay in the conclusion. Your opinion should be clear in both parts.

With regard to the conflicting advice you received, there are ways of writing essays without mentioning your opinion in the introduction, but this is usually done in longer essays on extended topics, and should not be attempted on the IELTS.

Sorry, the second URL was mis-linked. Here is the correct link.

Thanks for your help, Jean-Luc

Hi my questions is ,what could the possible result, when a candidate gives wrongs answer to a particular question during speaking modules test, and @ a point the candidate discovered he has made a mistakes, that was when examiner showed him a sign that he should continue speaking without trying to pause, pls what could be the possible result?

my questions are:-
-what is a celebration occasion?
-why do you want to go to the festival?
-what surprised you in the festival?
-how to celebrate this occasion?
-which celebration do you like?

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