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June 02, 2012


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Great news... for me at the eve of the day.

i am worried about reading and writing only how to improve any hint.

I listen to The BBC news podcasts daily, because I think they broaden useful vocabulary and often there are people discussing different point of views, quite good for the task 2!
Furthermore, reporters speak quickly! that's a pro...

I recommend them to other ielts students struggling with listening like me.

you make me believe...

Thanks Simon :)

An undeniable fact!

Hi Simon,

I would like to ask about writing task 2. I am going to take General Training exam. I wonder that are writing task 2 same in general and academic training. If your answer is yes, I can study for academic writing subject in your e-book. Thank you in advance.

Hi Arzu,
The answer is yes, the writing task 2 is same both for academic and general.


Hi Simon!!! my listening score is 4.5 and I want to improve it in short of time.. Next month I going to pass my IELts examine So what is the bets way of improving my listening skills.. can you give some advice about it? Is it useful to look the transcripts and then listen listening sections???

Hi Farux,

I don't think it's a good idea to depend too much on transcripts. Listen to the recording, test yourself, ask yourself questions, and then look at the transcripts to see what you missed.

Also, don't limit yourself to IELTS preparation materials and try to listen to anything spoken by a native English speaker. News broadcasts on BBC, CNN, ABC, and Al-Jazeera are excellent practice material. TV shows and movies are almost as good.

The best students also learn by experience rather than relying on rote memorisation.

I think a lot of students don't learn new words properly and try to take shortcuts. If you haven't studied a new word in at least five different contexts, you don't understand it yet!

Great advice Jean-Luc!


Hi Arzu,

Just to confirm - yes, writing task 2 is the same.

Hi Simon,

if you don't mind, I have two questions related to grammar in the following sentence:

Personally, I believe that, due to the detrimental effects that advertising may have on younger generations, governments should examine thoroughly its content and modify it where necessary.

1) Is it correct to say on "younger generations" or on "the younger generations". In other words, should I use the article or not in this case?

2)In the sentence "where necessary", would it be better to put "if necessary"? Moreover, do I need a coma before "where necessary" or not?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Hi Domenico,

1. Both are equally correct.
2. I prefer 'where' without a comma.

I took my ielts last june this year... i admit im not really good when it comes to english especially in writing and reading... i tried searching things on how to improve my english until i cam across with this site... in all honesty, this website has helped me a lot.. if you could only notice, my grammar isnt really that good but hell.. i got 7 in my writing .. listening 8, reading 7.5, speaking 8... it was just unbelievable.. i only practiced 3 writing task 2 and all of them are all off topic. and had band 6 for all of them.. 4 task 1's and i got 2 band 6 scores and another 2 band 7 scores.. all of which are bar graph and table as it was stated in our final coaching that its what will come out... during the actual exam i panicked when i saw task1 was a process not static.. it was a cycle.. i started making my task 2 .. the topic wasnt really difficult you just have to state why people learn something bla bla and why others do not,,,thats it.. when i was about to edit my work for task 2 i found out that i wrote it on the wrong pages.. first half was on page 3... while the other half was on page 2.. i called an invigilator asking for help and she only told me to continue my task 1 ... i just stated 'continuation of tas 2' at the upper part of page 2... so at the back of my mind i was really gonna fail.. i cried while doing my task since i dont have any idea on writing a cycle.. so i waited my results with crossed fingers.. and yes i made it.. i got 7... sometimes it is very helpful if you are guided with a format.. like an introduction, body and a conclusion.. and also, focus more on task 2 as it will give you more scores than task 1...and never forget to use, 'furthermore, in addition to, moreover, however' etc... as it will make your essay a bit easy to read...

and yes people dnt be afraid on the reading part... i tell you its quite easier than from what you get in ielts books.. here's the technique to improve your reading.. 'NEVER TEST YOURSELF'... you have to practice yourself everytime YOU do the reading.. sometimes its a lot helpful to go back to the passage after getting the wrong answers nw having the correct ones and reflect out from it.. stop testing yourself without even rationalizing cz its not really going to help you.. it would only make you feel less capable... 'EXPLORE THE TECHNIQUE'

Well done Martini. I'm glad my lessons helped!

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