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June 10, 2012


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Hi Simon!
I've just received the IELTS result. I've got 8.0 overall (Listening: 8.5, Reading: 7.5, W: 7.5 and Sp: 7.5). I'm very happy with that as it's higher than my expectation. Thank you so much for the great website and support that you have given. Without your support I'm sure that I couldn't reach my goal. I found your website very helpful and I will recommend it to my friends. Once again, thank you very much.

Dear Simon,

I do not know that what tense should I use in this exercise.Could I use past tense for it? Here is the question:

Excellent scores Quy. Well done!


Hi Anh,

I really think you should ask the author of that website about his/her lessons.

Dear Simon,
I can not agree with avoiding the semi-formal format.
What is a semi-formal letter?
A letter usually to someone you know. Eg: Landlord, employer, librarian, doctor, counselor.
We can not address them as very known person like friend or relative. We have to use the semi-formal letter format.

Hi Simon,
I think you should be clear than anymore about whether the "semi-formal" category is needed because you were an IELTS writing examiner.

Best regards,

in an ielts exam if we have to write semi formal letter so we have to write an imaginary name ?

Hi Simon, hope you read this and can answer.
Is a letter to a manager considered as formal or informal?
I had this as my task 1 and feel like I was a bit semi-formal.


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