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June 18, 2012


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Method Advantage Disadva...
Spinning(1) Non-stop process Slow
Ribbon Fast Expensive

This is a table question.The answer of number 1 question is spinning. My teacher said I should write ``s`` of spinning in capital letter. But when I looked in the Cambridge 8 book`s answer key, I found that the s of spinning is in small letter. He also said since ribbon and slow which is already in the question starts with capital, it is necessary to begin in capital letter.

Sorry, i am unable to make a nice table.There are three column and 3 rows. Hope u understand.
Reply soon.

Hi Sunil,

Read this lesson:


Not sure if students have realized it, but these lessons from Simon on "keywords vs. similar words" can also be useful when it comes to paraphrasing Task1 and Task2 essay topics for the introductions!

Thank you Simon for sharing some of the materials that you go over in your classes.


Hi Simon,

What score I can achive on the listening test with 33 good answers?

Hi simon
This website is really useful .
İ would like to buy a good dictionary, which one is the best , colin's, Cambridge, Oxford or longman

Can you give me a suggestion, please?

If it's Academic listening, it might be about 7 unless the spelling is correct

thanks you Simon

"Answer the following question", is this a question type for IELTS exam? Should I prepare this type of question too?

Good point Martin!


Hi BP,

Here's what I know:


I guess 33 would be 7.5


Hi Mert,

Any 'advanced learner' dictionary is good.


Hi Sunil,

Yes, in the reading test you might be asked to 'answer the following questions using a maximum of three words'.

FYI, this is the FREE online dictionary that I always recommend my students: http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/

Hi Simon, I think the keyword table is really helpful. I think it would be a good idea if you show us keyword table of every passages from Cambridge book as the answer key in these books don't help us improve, especially when we are on our own to prepare for the IELTS test.

hi simon
I'm a IELTS candidate and my test will be held at 12 July.i want band score 7 .what can i do to get 7 .now my level is 6.5 .plz tell me something .......

Hi Ishtiaque,

Here's my advice:


want the best and easy reading techniques... plesase help me

Hi, Simon!

The answer for your guestion:
"question confused some of my students: If a survey showed that "households spent seven hours a day on transporting themselves and their goods", does this mean that it was "a survey of household expenditure on transport"?"

wold be NO?

sir, my name is rachhpal singh ,i am going to take my ielts exam in FEB 2013.I have problem in reading,whenever i try to read quickly,i dont understand anything,please help me how should i start reading....its my first attempt for i elts

hi simon. i need explanation. please explane

It does not give the same meaning.

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