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June 15, 2012


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Hi Simon,

Could you please explain the use of following words---

Practice, practise
Sale, sell
Advice, advise
Cloth, cloaths

Hope u give the answer.
Many thnaks

hi Simon ,
just want to share my personal experience that when i went for my speaking test last time ,the examiner bombarded questions at me and i kept on answering those questions.i did not have the time 2 think that to which part it actually belonged.though i got 7 in speaking.
what should we do in such case when we feel that every thing is getting too quick.

Hi Ritu,

A dictionary will give you the answers to those vocabulary questions.


Hi Ayesha,

Just do your best. The examiner controls the timing, so there isn't really anything you can do.

Please specify me the types of gap-fill question.

hello Simon,

your site really helped me in my IELTS exam although I only got a 6.5 in speaking. Everyone in my group got a 6.5 and I'm very sure some of them are very good speakers (we were all aiming for a 7 or above). I followed all your advice and I believe I answered very well in my speaking test. I'm planning to let the British Council reassess my speaking test along with the other candidates in my group. If ever I'll still get a 6.5 score, I'll be studying your pointers once again. By the way, my other scores are L - 9, R - 7 W - 7.

Thank you so much and more power to you Simon


Here is my answer to this question and hope my students can get some ideas from it!


I think this is a matter of national pride. In my case, whenever I see a product made in my own country, I feel proud and would choose to buy it even I know there are better products in the market from other countries. Besides, although it is very little amount of money that I spend, I can somehow feel that I am contributing to my whole country's economy. For example, when choosing smartphones, I would naturally pick the brand HTC simply because HTC is made in Taiwan and I am Taiwanese!


Good luck to all of those who will be taking the IELTS exam tomorrow!!!!!

Hi Sicu-nurse,

Do u mind to tell me where have ur appeared ur exam and when?

I achieved something similar..

L 8.5, R -8, W - 7 but S -6..5.

I don't know what should I do. :-(


I took my exam here in the Philippines last May 26 but my speaking exam was held in the morning of May 25th. If you really feel deep in your heart that you deserve a score of 7 or above, then I think you should reevaluate your speaking test. It costs around USD140++ but if they miscalculated your score, they will refund your money. No refund will be given if the result is still the same.

hi Simon,

I took the exam today.
I was too nervous that I did not read carefully all the questions on the note card in Part 2 and I think I missed some.
Will this affect my mark seriously?


sir , you mentioned thta you keep on speaking part 2 unless and until examiner stops you.in case of following part 2

Describe a foreign culture that you like. You should say
1.what culture it is and how you know about it
2.what differences there are between that culture and your own
and 3) why you like that foreign culture.

if i an stopped while i start to speak part 3 , am i penalised for thta?

please let me know, sir.

thank you in advance

Hi Sunil,

I don't separate them into types. For me, a gap-fill is a gap-fill.


Hi SICU nurse,

Good luck with your re-mark!


Thanks Martin.


Hi Kathy,

Yes, it might affect your score if you missed some of the points. I know it isn't easy, but try to stay calmer next time.


Hi Johnson,

If you spoke for 2 minutes but missed one of the points, it could have an effect on your score. Hopefully the rest of what you said was good.

are there anyone to speak on skype? it"s myaddress sehersercan1 from turkey in izmir.

thanks Simon, it's really a great answer....i'm gonna practice this way now onwards...

I give my ielts exam yesterday m still worried because I don't know what's going to be with me :( I was asked many questions in speaking test I answered all exept I that I couldn't understand I request the exAminer to repeat it but again I couldn't understand she repeated for 3 times and then say gud bye :( however I don't use much tugh words but I pretend natural :( my gramar was also not that good :( although I completed the 2 mint period quiet well :) tell m how much marks should I get ?? Plzzzz

M from Pakistan my name is hamza plzz answer m Simon how much band ill b able to get m really worried I want at least 5.5

Tell m Simon plzz would I get less than 5.5 :( because 5.5 is my minimum requirement will that 1 question that I was not able to answer will deduct my band to less than 5.5

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