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June 14, 2012


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Hi Simon
This speaking topic part 3 from recent test can kindly answer it for me:In your country, how an ordinary person become celebrity? compare the difference between past celebrities and recent one (what changes you can see)?
in your country have some one like politician moved to become celebrity, how the media influence on celebrities in what ways, what are the negative point of celebrities ?

Hi Julia,

I'll try to use those questions in a future lesson.

I find Task 1 more intimidating than Task 2; and in the same time it usually takes more time than allocated. Therefore, I prefer to begin with Task 2 as a warm-up for the more complex task.

Is it ok to use words like WORRYINGLY,ENGOURGINGLY,LESS POSITIVELT. when Im describing details in writing 1?

Hello, Simon,
you wrote
•from 1999 to 2009 = over a period of 10 years

i wonder whether "during a 10-year period" or "over a span of ten years" can also be used as an alternative? is there any other way of saying that?

Hi Taliah,

Those words show your opinion about the figures, so you shouldn't use them.


Hi Jessica,

Yes, those phrases are fine too.

Thanks, Simon,
I have one more question. in bar charts or pie charts, only figures in some years are given, is it still appropriate to suggest it is a "period"?
for example, the chart gives figures in 1991 and 2001, it is appropriate to say "during the 10-year period"? or we just state that "in 1991 and 2001"?

Hi Jessica,

No, just state "in 1991 and 2001" for that kind of question.

thanks, Simon,
so in this circumstance, how we rephrase the topic?

in two different years, 1991 and 2001?
in two separate years, 1991 and 2001?

or just ignore it, keep it unchanged?

in which circumstance can we start using the "Period"?

according to the example you gave, the bar chart can use a period, but the bar chart is unlikely to present the same amount of figues as the line graph does. there must be some figures missing in the bar chart, right?

thanks a lot for your reply.

Hi Jessica,

Yes, you don't need to worry about paraphrasing those - just write "in 1991 and 2001".

If there are just 2 years, I wouldn't talk about a 'period', but if there are more than 2 years I think it's ok to use 'period' (even for bar and pie charts).

sorry paraphrasing link is not working... can you please check it...tanx

Thanks Dilmini. It's fixed now.

Hi Simon,

Please kindly check the link of your lesson about introduction. It is not working at the moment.

Thank you so much.

Hi Zenlinh,

Sorry about that. Try this link:


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