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July 22, 2012


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Hi there,
I've got my writng re-marked in January as I was so confident with mine. My score, unfortunately, didn't change at all... I needed 6.5 but still 6.0.

It cost me NZ$200 and took 8 weeks(a bit more to arrive).
Of course I felt reluctant to accept the reality but the good thing is I can now focus on what I need to do.

So I would say it worth trying if you feel confident or doubtful!!

I did 2 times from 6.5 to 7 in speaking??

but its grabbing money ultimately....no change

My story is that I did two remarks just for my writing and speaking each time, but unchanged.
The first result is
L 7.5 R 7 W 6.5 S 6.5
The second result is
L 7.5 R 8 W 6.5 S 6

So I decided to remark for both of tests, but after 2 months' waiting, I received disappointment, unchanged on both.

I did once in oct -2011 , L-9 w-8 r-7 S-6.5.after more than 8 weeks result arrived without any change. I have applied for 2 recent results in which I missed in writing both the time so I will be able to tell wether it's money making scheme or not. One thing is for sure that they only change your band if it's gross mistake from the examiner. One more question is that why they do not give our answer sheet to have a look,they can charge for that.So,at least we know where we are wrong and how they check essay.

Hi , Simon I would like to ask u that how much time should we spend for practice everyday if we have a target to get band 7 in each module.

Hi Veenu,
There arent any specific time amount for practicing. It depends on how familiar you are with english. First, you need to find out where you need to improve(like writing and reading) and you need to allocate your available time accordingly.

I have given for revaluation(writing and speaking) last year december .While the writing score remained unchanged,that is 6.5 ,the speaking score increased by 0.5 band ,from 6.5 to 7.0.
simon is write it take a lot of time.it took me about 3 months to get my results.

I did remark on my speaking in Aug-2011, but received result after 4 weeks without any changes. I needed 7 each and applied remark for the speaking part as I was really confident that I did better than 6.5. Even I got 7 in previous exam, I felt very unfair but end up with disappointment.

I applied remark again for the test I did on June 2012, writing part this time. I am still waiting for the result and at the same time I booked another test.

I think if we tried we won't feel regret regardless of worth or not. If you don't try you will never know what will happen.

This time I have applied for my writing .... My writing score is 6.5 ..... need 0.5 ... I have applied for re evaluation...... Let us see what will happen ..... fingers crossed ......


I appealed on my writing nearly 3 month ago in Australia and after paying $180 and waiting for 8 weeks nothing changed.
L8 ,R7 ,W6 and S8
the disappointing fact is we have to pay this much money just for one word: UNCHANGED
not even a sentence feedback.Unfortunately, Ielts has become tremendously a business, no matter what is fair or unfair :(

Hello Simon ,
I got only 5.0 in Speaking test when others were 6.5 , i really frustrated about my result and dont know how to improve it. i performed quite nature and use some linkings, the examiner was also very friendly.i tried to improve my skill by reading your articles.huhu.hopefully it works. i'm totally lost teacher :((
I'm going to take the test again on this Saturday.
I just wanna share :(( . thanks for helpful lessons

i did re checking of one of my student n it got Changed from 5 to 5.5 n he ws able to put his file for Canada.

Hi Simon,

I am writing comment first time on this site. One of my friend recommend me this site and I found many things useful. I did rechecked my score for writing test. I had R6, L6, S6 W5.5 I needed each band 6, when I got my result it was changed, in writing I got 6.5 and also I got my money back.

in which test centre you applied for rechecking.

Thanks for sharing your re-mark experiences!

Hi Penny,

Sorry to hear that you missed in writing by 0.5 but hopefully you will get what you want after re-mark.I am in the same situation as you missed in speaking inlast october and re-mark didnt work,thne I missed in reading for 0.5 but didnt apply for re-mark.recently I missed in writing for 0.5 so applied for re-mark in june and still waiting for result.

I am with we have to take our chance if you are financially strong.if your score increased by 0.5 by any chance your life is on totally different track.

one of my friend applied for re-mark(speaking) in 2009 but his band remain unchanged but my another friend asked for re-mark (writing) in feb 2-12,and his score increased to 6.5 from 6 but it was not enough as he needed 7.

Hi simon
As I took ielts 8 times I guess know well about exam.

to be honest remarking is wasting time and money. That one time that I saw that it did work was when someone got 5.5 in speaking while the previous exam was more than 7 in speaking . I did myself need 0.5 in writing and after 10 weeks what I got nothing it become worse if your exam is
one month before christmas ....ielts has one of the most cruel rule in the world

Hi Simon,

Couple of my friends have received positive outcome when they applied from remarking in writing exam.Their scores were increased by 0.5 from 6.5 to 7 band.


Hi Namita,

I am much pleased to know about you helping someone with an extra score! (btw how did you about that student's purpose of taking IELTS exam?)

Hi Simon,

I too have a horrible experience regarding this context!
I also appealed for rechecking and it took over 10 weeks to get my rechecked mark-sheet (it was during December and I had to ring my test centre twice to enquire about my rechecking!)

It might sound like losing patience but at times of urgent needs, you can't help it! However, there was no change at all!
So, I didn't dare to request for rechecking next time though I was pretty confident that I had done better in my writing (R:8.5, L:8, S:7.5, W:6.5); instead booked date for my another test in 2 weeks! :(


Hi everyone and Simon,

Can you help me a question:

Does previous ielts result affect the current ielts result?
I mean why ielts test centres ask the last time we sat when we apply an ielts test.

People say previous result can lower and compare to the new recently ielts score.

I am very interested to know as well, Willis, Hope Simon will give some feedback.

Hi Tahir, Looks like we are in the same boat, I am in Australia, are you in UK? I am still waiting since 25th June.

Hi Simon, could you help me with this question:
Are the keys in Cam books the right completle? If my answers are a little bit different but not wrong, will i still get the scores?
For example:
In Cam 6 Reading, the answers are
39, radicals (without the word free in bracket)
while mine are free radicals.

Thank you in advance, teacher!

Hi Simon, could you help me with this question:
Are the keys in Cam books right completely? If my answers are a little bit different but not wrong, will i still get the scores?
For example:
In Cam 6 Reading, the answers are
39, radicals (without the word free in bracket)
while mine are free radicals.

Thank you in advance, teacher!

Hi Penny,

They said I will hear from british council beofre 21st of august.yes I am in Uk and we are in same boat and hope we both get our desired score this time.please post your results under this lesson whenever you hear from them.I will also post here when I will hear something.

Hi Penny, Hi Tahir,

I have tried to re-mark my results twice but to my surprise it was not changed. However, I agree with you that we must take a chance, because you never know.

Recently, I missed by 0.5 in writing again, as I had 8.5 in Listening and Speaking components, Simon and another teacher thought that I less chances. But when I spoke to the ielts test center about it. The Lady confirmed me that my writing was checked by one examiner only. Therefore, I am going to re-mark it again, as I said you never know. ))))

Good luck guys with your re-marking.

Hi Willis,

Don't worry - your previous scores have no influence. The IELTS people just want to keep accurate records of everyone who takes the test - probably for their own statistics.


Hi Phan,

Sometimes there are other possible answers that are not shown in the key. In the real test, the people who mark the papers will use their common sense and accept anything that is definitely correct.

Let me share my story.

From December 2009 until now, I have taken 25 IELTS tests in Australia in order to get 4x7 to apply permanent resident.However, I just failed, failed,again and again.

There are 10 times I got at least 3 x 7 in other three components but missed one part, either 6 or 6.5.

I have ordered re-mark for 7 times.

1. L 7.0 R 6.0 W 7.0 S 7.0 October.2010

Result: Unchanged. (I normally do not re-mark my reading. This is my fourth test result, and reading is always my strongest part, but I couldn't believe that I got 6. I got reading above 7 for 22 times out of 25 attempts. Maybe something wrong with my answer sheet, I remembered at that time, I put "T" "F" "NG" instead of spelling the whole words. But I am not sure if that matters)

2. L 7.5 R 7.5 W 7.0 S 6.0 September.2011

Result: Unchanged.

3. L 7.5 R 7.5 W 7.0 S 6.5 October.2011

Result: Unchanged.

4. L 7.0 R 7.5 W 6.5 S 7.0 December.2011

Result: Unchanged.

5. L 8.0 R 7.0 W 6.5 S 7.0 March.2012

Result: Unchanged.

6. L 8.0 R 7.0 W 6.5 S 8.0 April.2012

Result: Unchanged.

7. L 7.5 R 9.0 W 6.5 S 7.5 June.2012

Still waiting.... But I know it would be another "Unchanged".

My biggest problem is grammar. When I wrote, I made many mistakes which constrained me from getting a 7.
Last year, I passed writing band 7 for 5 times, but at that time, my speaking stayed steadily at 6.5 ( I remembered I got 8 times for 6.5 in a row in my speaking last year).

From March this year, my speaking improved. The possibility of my speaking achieve band 7 or higher is 7 out of 9 attempts this year.
However, my writing steadily stayed at 6.5 for 12 times.

Sitting in front of the computer, I don't know how to express my current feelings. I know I have to keep practicing hard, but it is so hard to achieve my goal.

Several days ago, I read the following script from a movie:

"Your life is like a river
If you're aiming for a goal that isn't your destiny
You're always going to be swimming against the current
Young Gandhi wants to be a stockcar driver
It's not going to happen
You have to find out what your destiny is and the river will carry you."

Sometimes, I think this is just my destiny.

Hi Robert,

I thought I'm the only one...I need to score 7.5 from each domain and I set the exam 10 times.I took private lessons and enrolled to the group course but I have never achieved band 7.5 from writing...my last results were: 8.5 from listening and 8.0 from reading and 7.5 speaking and 7.0 from writing,I feel extremely upset,I wish to know what 's the difference between band 7.0 and band 7.5 in writing?sometimes I feel that I need to achieve band 8.0 in writing because how anyone can know if my essay should be marked with this 7.5 rather than 7.0...

ehh :(

Hi Robert,

I feel so sorry. Don't think you are alone in this case. I know many people who have same story, took several IELTS in order to get their desire scores, but they couldn't. I saw their scores which got even 9 in some bands like speaking , but unfortunately stuck in one or two modules such as reading and writing. I honestly think that this is not your fault and not your destiny, there is wrong with IELTS scoring as they should look their previous scores and see how well you are before in writing as you already have reached band 7. Then they should reach a conclusion that you dont need to take 25 times IELTS exam. I think British council tightens their rules to earn more money and make more job opportunities while most of the EUROPE still in crisis. Who can say the general knowledge of your English since 2009 to 2012 has not rise while you already even got 9 out of 9 in reading.I dont know what the point should I say as I have the same problem with this wrong assessment system that ruined my life and took one of the best years of my youth. Sorry to such disappointing words, but let me to say the good news . As I see you are quite well in 3 modules and it is very likely to ensure 7 in 3 of modules, may be think to take another exam. But it is important that you do not be in hurry to take the exam try as much as you can to ensure that you already can get higher than 7 , trying that against stopwatch and let it to be corrected with examiner. I guess this is the safest way to achieve your goal.
I hope you quite soon can overcome this problem and get the desire scores.

Best regards,

I have noticed one thing those who need 7 in each always miss by 0.5 in one module,I mean they get 6.5 in one module .on the other hand those who need 7.5 in each miss by 0.5 in one module and they get 7 in one module and 7,5 and above in other 3 modules.

So they must be tracking something.WE LIVE IN REAL WORLD NOT IDEAL.so we have to accept there is something going behind curtain.

As a new beginner, I can say IELTS is not so difficult but requires more endeavuor. The assessing system is unfair, as well!!! I haven't taken IELTS test yet, but my buddies done. From their result I made up my mind like this.

Hi Robert, Kasia and IELTS-taker,

I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations with the test. All I can say is that many students are in the same situation. I've taught so many people whose scores have gone up and down with just a half band stopping them from achieving the scores they need. I agree that this seems unfair.

On a positive note, everyone who persists gets there in the end. You only fail if you give up!

Keep going guys!

hi everyone...i got my result of EOR
l-8.5 r-7.5 w-6.5 s-7
i needed 7 in each so i considered rechecking...i was so annoyed that my writing band remained unhanged ,i waited for 11 weeks...but i havent given up my hope ...i will book for another test today for august....good luck for me...guys who havent pass dont give up..just do your best ,,,,,
stay positive,,,,

Hi everyone,
Hope you all achieve the scores you aim for.I have dne the test four times now since december last year aiming for an 8*4 score but each time I always get one 7.5 in either writing of speaking,I hadn't bothered appealing before until my last paper where I scored 9 in everything except my writing which I got 7.5.
I applied on the 26th of june and I am hoping that the outcome will be different.This process is so frustrating in that I have managed to attain more than 8 in every band but been unlucky to do so in one sitting.I don't even know if I should resit that exam anymore,If anyone has any current success stories,Id like to hear them-if you dont mind.

Good luck guys!

Hi guys,

Today I received the results of remarking. I had missed by 0.5 in writing and speaking.
My writing has been improved to 7, but speaking remained unchanged at 6.5.

Well, it's interesting that your writing score went up. Thanks for letting us know Khan.

Dr Khan can you please tell us the name of the centre in which your score was raised

Hi Firri,

It's EHWLC london, it took exactly 11 weeks to get it remarked.

Hi guys,

I just passed 4x7 in July's test.

Finally, after 2 years and half, 27 attempts.

Practise makes perfect. Never give up!

I will continue my studying of English because it has already become my habit.

Yours sincerely

Congratulations Robert! I'm glad your persistence has been rewarded!

Dear Friends and Simon,

I recieved my EOR today without anychange.This was second time I have applied for re-mark: first time it was for speaking and this time it was for writing but it reamins 6.5 both the time.
I am waiting for one more EOR that I have applied in which I got 6 for writing I am sure they will increase my score to 6.5 because they know I need 7 in each.I will update you about that as well.

Good luck with you guys who have applied for EOR.Those who are considering to apply think a lot before applying.

Congrats Robert.You have earned a fruit of your hard work.good luck with your future.

Hello friends and Simon.

I recieved my EOR after 8 weeks and 2 days without anychange.writing score remained unchanged(6).This was third time I applied for EOR and didnt work.

Hope for best in future.

i applied for a recheck of writing
L 8.5, R 8, W 6.5, S 8
but it didn't work.
score remained unchanged.
They are just earning money.


I have just received my results, and it is unbelievable because my scores have changed!!! I asked to recheck my speaking and writing and both increased from 7.0 to 7.5 :) I am extremely happy I gave the exam several times and could never achieve my dream band and now I did it :D and got money back :)

Hi Dr. A

I'm sorry to hear that.


Congratulations Kasia. That's great news!

Hi Simon,

thank you a lot! I am so so happy,I followed your site and tips daily I can not imagine how am I going to live without IELTS actually :D it was a part of my daily routine hehe,but I am happy because now I can practice medicine and join the foundation programme ,good luck in your life and I am going to recommend your site and e-book to all my friends :)

Hi Simon,
i wrote Ielts for the first time on Aug 25th and got the following scores:R-9,
S-8,W-7 and L-6.5 though i need a bandscore of at least 7 across all.I took the test with british council and the listening test was not so clear.i have already applied for a remark in the hope that it will come out favourable.
Wish me luck!

No problem Kasia!


Good luck Mira!

Hello Friends & Simon,

I have read stories of disappointment above and I have been sailing in the same boat.
I appeared on 22 September 2010 and sadly enough my score Remained:
L - 8, R- 7.5, W- 6 S- 7.5
Topics were:-
Writing task 1 (a letter)

Your computer has been repaired recently, but you are not happy with the service. Write a complaint letter and say

- What is the problem?
- How do you feel about it?
- What is your suggestion for this issue?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some people believe that advertisements are useful for viewers, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

I have decided to step ahead for remarking this would my 4th time but I firmly believe that my writing was not at all of 6 Band score. My requirements are 7.Iam waiting onto my TRF to apply for Reevaluation.

I have a question , Would it be appropriate to write few line to Ielts Administrator at the center which would show that I have voiced my disagreement to the results and 200% I believe I have been scored wrongly.

In my last result I got 7 n more in all sections except speaking n this was my 4th attempt. I always scored 7 in speaking in my previous tests. It's so frustrating that I got only 6.5 n I need 7 n I have applied for remark n waiting for the result . Guys have any stat info abt the chances? Thanx.

Hello friends,
I wanna share my experience with IELTS exam. Actually I need individual 6 and I am trying to get from last 1 years, finally I got L 6.5 R 6.0 R 5.5 S7.0, but this result does not supported me because I needed 6 each so I had decided to go through rechecking , they charged me 176 bucks and said it takes 6-8 weeks , I said ok because I was quite sure about my writing section , I did lot of practice this time and how they can play with our lives ...,,, no ..... Not at all.
After 6 weeks I got my result with NO C HANGE
I sat for another exam and that same story happen again, this time I got L 6.5 R 6.5 W5.5 S7.0. Again I had decided to go through rechecking, same day I applied for rechecking and I paid 176 dollars on counter.
After 7 weeks I got my result and it bring so much happiness , can u believe this time my luck with me.
I got 6.5 in writing on place of 5.5.......enjoy

I was so happy because I got my money refund and of cource New TRF

So I just want to try to say that if you did well in the exam and you are quite sure about your task so definitely you should apply for recheck but if you are not sure don't go otherwise you will lose your money and time too.

Listen the voice of your heart and go..........you will get success
Good luck guys

Dear Simon

Thanks first of all
I did the exam for a job opportunity in Australia
I needed 7 in each component
I had Listening 7.5 Reading 7 Writing 7.5 and Speaking 6.5

I followed your blog and I asked to be remarked in the speaking test.

After 8 weeks I got in Speaking 7

Centre Liverpool exam August 2012
Remarked London  October 2012

It is your "seven" you gave me.

 Thanks again


Hi Simon, if I received a score as such:
Reading: 9
Listening: 8.5
Speaking: 8.5
Writing: 7.5

Do you think I should send my writing paper for a recheck?
It costs a big deal of money but if I get a band score of 8 for writing, I would get a full test fee refund (all band scores above 8), which would mean a lot to my parents.

What is your take on this?

Hi xy,

That is an amazing score; rarely anyone from non-english speaking country can achieve!

After reading your post, what I understood is that you are assuming that your "full" test fee would be refunded if your score is changed after appealing! The fact is that only the sum that you paid for 'rechecking', i.e. £60.00 would be refunded, Not the total amount£125.00!

By the way, would you mind letting us know:
Which country are yo from?
From which test center did you take your IELTS test?
What is your secret behind such a great performance (beside hard work! :)?

Best of luck!


Has anyone had any luck in getting there Reading mark changed?? I keep getting 6.5 and need a 7 like so many other people. I would be grateful for any information on this as Im thinking of going for a remark as I have nothing to loose.

Hi Simon, Following is my score:
Reading: 7.5
Listening: 8.5
Speaking: 6
Writing: 7
I am fairly confident I have done my spoken test well, and I need band 7 in speaking. In this case what are the chances of getting 1 band up. Thank you in advance for your time.

Dear Simon,

Today I checked my IELTS result online and it was one of the most wonderful moment of my life when I saw band 7 in Writing!!!
Finally, I managed to clear my IELTS, it's something like 'a dream that turned into a reality!'
L:9, R:7.5, S:7.5, W:7.0. Overall: 8.0.

My hearty thanks to you for being such a great source of information and motivation! Keep up the good work!

I would like to thank all the people who contributed their time and effort in this inspirational website! Best of Luck people! Never Give Up!! :)

By the way, I am still waiting for my IELTS Result that I had sent for rechecking!
Only yesterday, I was going through this page and every success story (especially that of Robert) inspired me, while those filled with frustration saddened me deeply because I too have felt profoundly upset due to failures despite multiple attempts!

I was praying Baba, my Swamy, every time to bless me! I am very grateful to him as well!

Those who are struggling, please plan your study schedule carefully and put your sincere efforts!



Congratulations to those of you whose scores have gone up - there are some nice success stories on this page!


To those of you who have asked whether it's a good idea to get a re-mark: as you can see from some of the stories above, some people are successful, some are not. This makes it difficult for me to give advice - there are no guarantees if you ask for a re-mark, so it's a tough decision that you need to take.


I'm from Malaysia and did not specially prepare for IELTS as I was and still am in the middle of my final AS Level examinations.
However I did of course, make sure I knew the format of the entire test and went through a few samples, just to get the hang of it. Though my first language is Chinese, I've been an avid reader from a young age and I feel that reading is the best way to improve and learn a language!

That being said, I rang up British Council (the nearest test centre to my home) to enquire and am 100% sure about the full test fee refund, which is about RM560. Thus I'm still unsure about remarking my paper, though I probably will not, as I've already achieved my desired score the first time round and I don't wanna put an RM330 gamble on an increase for my writing score.

Thanks for the insight, I do appreciate it!

Good evening Simon and everyone!
This topic is very interesting.
Today. I checked the ielts result which i attended on October 20 2012. I felt depressed with my speaking skill. It is just 5.0. Although I felt the most confident and did well in four skills of ielts test. The examminer interupted me. I thought that i could get 6.0 at least in speaking. But the result is disappointed.
Could you give me an advice? Asking for a remark or not.
Thanh you so much.


I asked for a remark in September, and after 7 weeks, I found that both my writing score(5.5 to 6.5) and speaking score(5.5 to 6.0) were increased. So I think it's worth trying!

I applied for Remark on October 9-2012 As my IELTS score was L:7.5 R:7.5 W:7.0 S:6.5.

I am waiting desperately for my result, the moment I will get my result I will let you know.

hi i got 5.5 in ielts 7 in listening,5.5 reading,5 in writing,5 speaking,total 22.5,if i got 0.5 means i will get 23 equal to 6 so i want to apply for 6 band universities is it possible?

Hi all,

Any one living in Australia and appeared in IELTS again and again and every time missed in one section with 0.5 everytime. I am one of you guys as well.

My last 5 exams I continously got 6.5 in the writing and this time I got 7 in writing and declined in speaking to 6.5.

So what I am planning to do is let's get together and file a case against IELTS exam provider for purposely doing this with us. Everytime we are spending around $500 our hardearned money to feed these hungary bastards. We will assume we applied for one more test that's how much it will cost us but if we got decision in out favour, definately it will benefit all of us.

So if anybody likes my ideas and want to proceed with it. lets get together and fight for it. If any body is interested please contact me via email.
I will look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Hi Rds,

How to get in touch with you.

no email adress inyour post.

I have appeared twice for my ielts in Australia. My results are as follows
1st - R 7,S 8.5 L 8.5 W 6.5
2nd - R 8,S 8, L 9, W 6.5 again.
I am so dissappointed I need 8 in listening and speaking and 7 in reading and writing to register myself in the teaching profession. I am fusterated and am wondering if I should go ahead with the rechecking my writing exam. Do advise me.
Regards Priya.

Hi rs,
I have been thinking the same as you do.
I have taken IELTS FOR quite sometimes . I would say it must be 12+.
I firmly believe that now we need to something to protest those ill-minded people. Send me your email so that we can get rid of this unwelcome situation. I live in Australia too.

My email address is [email protected]

I'm sorry if someone else has already asked this question, but can my score get worse? I'm really happy with my overall score, however, I'm surprised about my "bad" writing score and want to get a remark.


Hi all,

I prepare students for IELTS exam in Georgia (republic of Georgia) and I was surprised when my pupil got 5,5 in speaking while she had 9R, 8.5L, 7W. We appealed the scores in speaking and writing as well. In speaking we have problems as the examiners are changed (they were natives, however today Georgians are presented)and the scores started to decline significantly. Hope the scores will be increeased!

I got 6.5 while I actually need 7 :(
L7 R7.5 W6 S6

I want to get my speaking part remarked but as having read all the comments here I feel it would be useless.
The thing is I took the exam same round with my friend and she got 7 for speaking even though she is worse at speaking than me in reality.
(I know it seems boastful but I'm being straight forward here)

If remarking takes 2months It would be too late to apply anyways
So let's cry !

I have applied for remarking my Speaking and writing which had fetched 6.5 and 7.5 respectively(12-Aug-2012,Calicut centre).
After 13 weeks results came and found that former has increased by 0.5 and latter unchanged.
So it is worth a try.

I just went for rechecking.....I got 7 in three section but just got 6.5 in speaking.I need 7 in each band for immigration purpose.
Do you guys think they will increase 0.5 for me in speaking?

I am in Australia and I need all 6 for TR application by the end of this year. My first attempt scored L:6.5 R:5 W:6 S:6, and i got L:5.5 R:7 W:5.5 S:7 in the second exam. And I dont know if I should apply for appeal?? Does anyone same as me who needs the scores by end of this year?? :,(

if we all are student and studying in reputed universities in australia ,Uk or america then still u hav to give english test...why ???and if i got each band 8 on ielts and next time 5.5 does that mean i dont have any knowledge about english language.

Finally I got 7 in each band.
I had been trying to get this over the last one year and eventually my efforts have been paid off.But I still believe IELTS can't be the feasible way to judge someone's caliber.

This is ridiculous! I am so upset!!! I speak english as a first language. I have done my ielts before to study and have always gotten a band score of of S9 L8 W7 and W7
my results expired and i got the same except from writting where I have 6.5. I am so upset.
I work full time and I am always writting business reports, plus I have an undergrad and masters from Australia. The ielts system is highly flawed! I am going to try and request a remark.

Hi Simon,

I've taken IELTS for several times and just got my recent score with L7.5 R8 W6.5 S.8. I'm very disappointed with my writing 0.5 short again as I need 7 each band to apply for further study. Do you think it worthwhile applying for a remark?

I'm so frustrated because I have no idea what this 0.5 short from and how to improve. As an ex-examiner, what do you think is the difference between 6.5 and 7? I study language education myself. I have studied the IELTS band description as well as sample band 7 papers. However, the score just doesn't make sense to me. Some of the sample 7 writing, in my opinion, do not even worth 7. I will much appreciate it if you could share some of your experience with me.


Dear Simon
I got L8.5,R8.0,S9.0 and a disappointing 6.5 in writing, what is your advice, should I get it re-checked? i need at least 7.5 in all bands, I know I'm a whole band less than I need. What is your advice, how can I improve my writing?


It seems that while a few people's scores have gone up, most people have been disappointed when they have asked for a re-mark.



I don't think your score will be raised by a whole band I'm afraid.


Annie and yv,

I think you should get some essays checked by someone who knows what to look for. There might be something small that you are doing wrong. Click the link below for more information about essay correction.




Congratulations on getting the scores you needed - well deserved! I'm sorry you found it such a frustrating experience.

Hi Simon,

I'm not really happy about my IELTS result (especially the speaking, as I've expected it to be the best), and considering a remark, my current result is L7 R6 W5.5 S6, and overall is 6 only.

I need at least a 6.5 overall score. I wonder how much I need on each in order to gain 6.5 in total.

Hope you can help. Thank you!

Hello Simon,

I want to re-mark my ielts score but I have already sent my original ielts test report form to a company. May I apply for remark without my original report or may I get another original form from Ielts center then I apply for re-mark? Any idea?
it is a complicated situtation but I do not understand why they need original form...
one more question, after re-mark may I get lower point?
Thanks Simon

hey simon,
Tday i gave my speaking test..i have stopped for some time when she asked me few questions ,does it affect my speaking score?

hey simon please let me know ..whether it affect my score?

Dear All

its worthless to show frustation and anger towards IELTS body.In simple defination, they are doing business and we are customers. After all, its all about british emperor still exists in the world.

However, withing few years or decade this brain drain will stop permanently due to rising economic power of Asian countries, therefore,simply declining number of people to choose USA, UK OR AUS.

Hi i have read alot about EoR but no where and no one has specified how will we be knowing the results.

Can we check the EoR results online ? or Do we need to call up the Test centre regarding the results after the end time ? or will we be getting the TRF directly to the mailing address which we registered for the examination ?

can anyone please clarify my doubt

Hi simon and experienced IELTS takers,

I am writing from sydney. i studied ielts for the score of 6in each band. And finally the results r released today as

listening 7,
reading 6.5,
speaking 6,
unfortunately the writing was 5.5.
What is the chance of 5.5 academic writing score to be increased to 6 if I apply for reassessment?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Simon,
I have taken the test 4 times. I have always had over band 7 generally but always had 6.5 in one of the parts. The most painful was my 3rd attempt where I had L7,S9,R8.5and W6.5.I applied for a remark nd it was unchanged. I am about to make my 5th attempt. What should I do?


This is the 2nd time i attempted Ielts academic and my scores are as follows:

Reading and listening - 8.5

Speaking - 8.0

Writing - 6.5

My previous ielts was R-7 W-7 S-7.5 and L-6.5

I really need 7.0 in my ielts.

I could not finish off my conclusion in writing task 2.

I am considering for apply for remark. Please provide any comments people.

To Simon and IELTS test takers in Australia
Please read carefully (particularly IDP):
I have been in Australia for almost 6 year. Studied my bachelor degree and now doing my masters in Melbourne. Obviously, I am planning to migrate to Australia.

This is my quest for getting 4*8 for my IELTS so far:
First Attempt Iran July 2011 (without preparation) R:7.5 S:8.5 W:7 L:8
Second attempt NMIT Feb 2012(no preparation): R:6.5 L:8 S:8 W:6.5
Third attempt NMIT Preston June 2012 (8 hours of tutor) R:8 L:8 W:6.5 S:7.5
4th attempt IDP IELTS Melbourne Dec 2012 (8 hours of intensive IELTS course at RMIT English) : R:9 L:9 W:6.5 S:7
5th attempt : IDP IELTS Melbourne Jan 12 2013, IDP IELTS Melbourne:
Reading : 8.5 L:8.5 Speaking :7 Writing 6.5

My result for Writing has declined from 7 to 6.5 and remained steady at 6.5 in all of my attempts that have been done in Australia.
I am 100% confident of my writing. I was not for my 1st and 2nd attempt. But after doing so much work and practice,tutor,class ,online website and etc; I am sure that they are manipulating my results.
For my last attempt, they asked me to repeat my speaking after 2 days because they forgot to use their recorder for the test. So they can do anything they want and suck money out of us.

I am not gonna sit 27 times to get 8. Not because I am discouraged or disheartened, but because I know this is their trap.

I am asking people to join my facebook group to lodge a legal complaint about IELTS. It worked before for some people. If you are very sure of your performance and have a solid evidence, please join this group:


What I want the group to demand immigration Australia and the government is:

1- Introduce an alternative testing system to end the monopoly of IELTS for migration purposes.
2- Enable students and migrants to access to a third party organisation for reviewing their IELTS results for a fairer outcome.

3- Let us see our IELTS papers, if you charge us 180 bucks for a review; then let us view our work. Well, if you are not just copy pasting our previous mark to our next test...

If we stay quite, more and more people will get damaged. Students demanded other test alternatives for entering Universities in Australia. It worked in 2011. Maybe we should also have the right to migrate using TOEFL or other test ..

Hi Simon,
Is it because I filled in registration as a doctor as my reason for writing ielts that I am not passing? I get high scores generally but get a 6.5 in one of d parts.

Hi Simon,
Here is my story: I have already sat in IELTS test for 5 times. In my first 3 attempt I was getting 6.5 in writing section and 7 in other sections and in the last 2 exams I have got 7 in writing section but now I am getting only 6.5 in speaking section. I knew I have done very well in speaking as I have been working in Australia since last two years and I gave speaking test without any hesitation and fluently. In the last two test the speaking examiners were chinese and indian guys respectively. My last attempt is from India and it was from IDP center. So Would you suggest me to go for remark in speaking ? As I desperately need 7 in each band within 3 months.
Thanks in advance. This time I am gonna follow your advice please reply me soon.

Hi Simon,

Here is my story. I took test on 12 Jan, 2012 and I got L6.0 W 5.0 R 5.5 and S 6.0 can you believe it I am from USA and I completed my bachelor studies over there. Do you suggest me to do the recheck for speaking?

Can you tell me is there any problem with an American accent in the speaking test?

Help me thanks in advance.

if your test center is in london,,still EOR takes 8 weeks?is there anyone who found result earlier or everyone get it after a long time?

I rechecked my ielts last year Bcs I was confident about my writing. My score was 5.5 in writing and changed to 6.5.

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