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July 22, 2012


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Hello there,
I'm here to share my good news with you but first I'd like to thank Simon and this website to encourage me to go ahead with an EOR. Today I got the results back and wow!!!! I was asked to provide my bank details for a refund! my overall score increased from 7 to 7.5 which I believed I deserved from the first moment.. Just wonder when I can have my new TRF to apply for the vacant PhD positions.
Best wishes for you all !

I have scored an overall 7.5 band score as Listening 8, Reading 8, Writing 7, Speaking 6.
I think I was fluent enough to get more than 6 in listening. But I'm afraid if I'll get less than 6 after revaluation.
Does band score reduces after revaluation ???

Hi Simon,
Please help me!Is it possible to recieve a remark feedback within 5 days?I'm from South Africa and I had my writing remarked.On Monday I recieved an e-mail to confirm my EOR has been uploaded and on Saturday morning I recieved feedback,with the results being unchanged.
Thank you.

my self balak and my band in writing is 5.0 but in listening or speaking band score is 6.0 and in reading score is 5.5 can i apply for EOR because i need 0.5 more in writing can i apply for rechecking rply me immidetatily plzzz

Sir i got 6 band in speaking 6 in reading 6 in listning but .i got 5.5.In writing .. can i go for rechecking please guide me properly i just need to get 6 in writing ....thank you

I did my exam on March 3rd result came out today as L-8,R-7.5,S-7.5,W-6.5. I totally feel confident that I deserved atleast a 7.0 in my writing. I am really contemplating a re-work. Any advice?

My name is Dinesh and I got 9 for reading and listening, however, i got 6.5 both for writing and speaking. I knew i was ignorant in writing/speaking, but it still was appropriate for at least band 7, so i applied for EOR. To my surprise they haven't change any of these scores, and i am quite sure now EOR/re-marking is a fraud and just a mean of grabbing money. So friends, if you are in UK, don't rely on british council, i guarantee its a big disappointment; they have strategies to grab money and nothing else; i am looking in appealing against this council

Hi Guys,
I am Anand. I would like to share my experience. When I was whether to go for remark, I found this site and got a fair idea. So my story was like this.

My score was as follows: L: 8.5, R: 8.5, W: 6.5, S:7

I was not happy with my writing score. I needed at least 7 in writing. For a few days, I was even thinking if Cambridge university is doing this on purpose. I had taken so many sample tests and I was pretty sure that I could not have screwed up. So I applied remark and guess what, I got my score revised.

Score after remark: L: 8.5, R: 8.5, W: 7.5, S:7

The best part is that I got back my 9000Rs, which was the amount I paid for a remark. :-)
If you are confident that you have done well, go for it. I saw so many negative feedbacks about Remark, but don't worry. Listen to yourself.

Hi Guys,

I just received my results yesterday as follows:

L:8.5 R:8.5 S:7 W:6.5

I need 4x7 bands and am still considering for a EoR. It seems like the successful rate is quite low, which honestly scares me. But I feel very confident that I did much better in writing than speaking on the other hand.

What should I do?

BTW, I am in Australia, and the IELTS test is a computer delivered test which gives me results within 2 days. Is it also this fast for a EoR?

Best regards

got my result.
overall: 7.5
should i go for recheck?

got my result.
overall: 7.5
i need 4x7. should i go for recheck?

Exam Partner: BC
LRWS: 8.5, 8.5, 6.5, 7
Test Date: March 24, 2018
EOR Requested: March 13 2018
EOR Request Acknowledged by BC: April 16, 2018
EOR Result Arrived: waiting

My writing was 6.5 and i asked for EOR, came back with 7.5 and remark fee refunded.
Increased by 1.0 band

i took third time ielts exam and im worrying that. i got only 5.5 band in writing although first and second time it were 6 so i thinking to revaluation

Hii guys
I got L-7 R-5.5 W-6 S-6
I need each 6
Can i apply for recheck for reading
Will they give 0.5 extra in reading?

Hi Simon and all,

I have sat the IELTS exam for the third consecutive time now and achieved L8.5, R9, W7.5 and S9. I need to get a minimum of 8 in each area and therefore the 7.5 for writing is really frustrating. What are your thoughts? What can I do to get the 0.5 that I need here? Any input would be appreciated.


Hi Simon,hi guys. please could you or anyone shed light on why British council is taking more than 10 weeks to get a feedback about my EOR. I sat for the exam on the 3rd of march 2018 in lagos, results were out on the 16th of march and i applied for an EOR on the 19th of march but i am yet to get a response. I called their customer service and i was told to bear with them that my result was not out but once it's out i will be contacted. The problem is the guy doesn't even know how long more it will take. my frozen results are as follows: w 6.5,S 7.5,R 7.5 & l 8.

I want to know till how much time I can fill revaluation of IELTS result

Hello all,

I took my 2nd IELTS exam in Baguio, Philippines last April 2018 (my first take was way back 2010) and here are my results: L 9, R 8, W 7, S 6.5.

I needed 7 in speaking for my US application so I really got frustrated and disappointed to know that I am 0.5 band short from my goal. Then I researched about the EOR from many threads like this then finally around May 2018 I decided to have my speaking test remarked. After less than 3 weeks of anxiously waiting I got my results and fortunately my speaking score increased by 1 band! (6.5 to 7.5)

Thank God He gave me what I needed to pursue with my dream.

Guys if you feel you did well enough to earn the score you needed, I think it is worth the shot of having your scores re marked like what I did. Trust the process and more importantly pray and have faith!

Thank you! :)

I got L:9, R:8, W:6, S:7 with less than a week preparation and it was my first attempt. However, I believe my writting should have scored better than that according to my TOEFL scores I got 3 years ago (L:30, R:23, W:26, S: 23).
Also, I thought I could write better than what I did in TOEFL this time.
I ignored what is believed that if one module is lower than any other module by 2 bands, that module will be checked automatically and it is unwise to ask for a remark.
I submitted the EOR request on 20th June and receieved an email from BC Thailand that my TRF was sent to me on 3 July. It took only 2 weeks for them to get my remark (very short compared to those from this forum). My writing is increased to 6.5. I’m still not pleased with the result and figure there must be a massive difference from TOEFL and IELTS writing. Obviously I cannot tackle the IELTS one with the same approach I used with TOEFL.
One more disappointing story—I called BC Thailand today to ask for my refund. They said it would be transferred to my account in 1-2 months!

hi simon. i followed your video lectures for the task, still couldn't get 7 in writing. I scored a 6! but Im positive my test went well. i got 8 in all the others. what should I do?

my score is LRWS- 7.5,7.5,7,6.5 (IDP)

does a remarking for speaking help to get a 7?
any chance? or they just eat 150$

Hi i took test on 7 th july 2018 i got L-6.5,R-7 ,W-6and s- 5.5 so i want to recheck my speaking test .is it possible to increase 0.5 band in speaking


My IELTS score is just out. I got L8.5, R9, W6.5 and S7.5 while i need a minimum of 8,7,7,7 for canadian PR. Shall i apply for re-checking? Please suggest

Hi All,
I received my IELTS scores yesterday:
L 8.5
R 8.0
W 7.0
S -6.5

Last attempt was in February and I scored 7.5 in speaking. This time, it was hard luck. I have heard about automatic re-check if band difference with any other module is 2 or more, and it doesn't increase band. I need 0.5 in speaking.
What should be done? Should I go for re-evaluation?


Does anyone try to write a cover letter for EOR? Does it help? or is it illegal?

My name is Maggie and I received lots of help from your website for my IELTS exam on August 2nd. However, I received my score which I believe is obviously wrong...I got listening 8.5; reading 9; writing 5.5; speaking 8.5 and overall 8.0. I believe it’s simply impossible to get 5.5 for my writing because English is my second first language and I’m an ESL teacher myself. I'm sure that I wrote more than enough words on both tasks and clearly stated my points. I took IELTS last August and got listening 8.5; reading 8.0; writing 7.5; speaking 8.5 and overall 8.0.

My question is that should I have my score remarked? I'm not sure it was automatically remarked since there was a 3 band difference. I’m in the middle of immigrating to Australia and really don’t want to spend the extra $200 remark fee if I can avoid it.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Kellie,

That s great to read your EOR story. Would you please kindly let us know the content of the email you recieved from IELTS. I did EOR and waiting my result, but wonder what they say in an email. Do they mentioned anything about your result in the email?
Good luck

Got 5.5 in writing just need 0.5 bands to apply for canada...should i go for re-evaluation??what you suggest???

Hello Simon, I took IELTS general test on Sept 8th 2018 (2nd attempt). Results- L-8.5,R-7,S-7,W-6.5
I need overall 7. In such case, can I get Writing re-evaluated to try increasing it by 0.5? what do you think are the chances?(I was expecting min 7) Kindly help me with your thoughts. Thanks in advance

Hi Simon

I got L 8 R 8 S 7 But writing 6.5. Can you give me advice on rechecking on writing module? Is there a negative marking while rechecking? My band will remain the same or it can be increased or decreased?

Kind Regards



My scores are L8.5 R9 W6.5 S7
So,did my scores get automatically rechecked as per 2 band difference or does this 2 band difference work only between writing and speaking ?

I asked for a remark on my exam because I needed to score 7 in my writing but I had accepted the fact that I have 6.5 in listening despite the fact that I needed 7 in all areas. I know it was a stupid move, also, I am going to write for my exam in two weeks, and most probably by that time, my remark results will not be posted yet.
I did that because I felt like there could be chances for me to get a band 7 in writing. Although, I am laxer to take the exam two weeks from now and positive that I can do better because of the familiarity with the test. However, it's bothersome reading all these comments, like life is wasted just because of an examination, which is not actually useful because when you are already in the institution that you desire you'll be using the language there and by constant practice, you'll eventually be fluent. Language is a matter of practice, the natives and linguists who grade our scores should now that. How could they deprive us with our aspirations in life? Sorry for the rant.

I got my result today.it was
Speaking 5.5
Writing 7
listening 7
Reading 7.5
Overall 7
I am really disappointed about my result.should i reevaluate my speaking score.pls tell me.i am fraustated.why they gave such less score in speaking.is there a possibility of increasing a band by 0.5 in speaking??.i need 6 in each.

My original score was 7.5 reading 8.5 listening 7.5 speaking and 6.5 writing. I had them re-mark my writing score and I received a notice that my score went up and they will refund the money but I don't know how to check my re-marked scores.

Original score 7.5 reading, 8.5 listening 7.5 speaking, 6.5 writing. My remark score only took 3 days, not 6 to 8 weeks. My writing went up to 7.0.

I have wrote ielts5times,And I got speaking 7 times consistently.
,this time my speaking score is 6.5,.Is revaluation help me to improve it to 7 band

Six months ago, I had taken the test with IDP and had got 6.5 in writing but yesterday I only got 5.5 after writing the test with British Council. Should I go for remark?
Thank you.

Scored LRWS (9,9,6.5,7.5). My result was on hold for a week due to undisclosed reasons. I need to scored 7.0 in writing and this is my fourth unsuccessful attempt. Scoring 6.5 every time. Wondering if its worth going for reval considering my result was already on hold so I am assuming it must have gone through additional reviews.

Center: IDP Sydney

Dear all
I just got my IELTS result from January 12th
And my result is:
L-6.5 R-6.5 S-6.5 W-5.5 Overall is 6.5
Should I remark my writing exam?What is the chance of a 0.5 point increase?
I need each sections above 6.0 so Is someone can tell me your experience and give me suggestion.
Thank you all

Hi Shijie,

So did you send your writing result for remarking?
I'm thinking of sending for a remark too.
Please let me know if you did and if you have received any updates!
Thank you

I took up IELTS test in April to understand how it is conducted and how it feels to take up a test, because for past 8 years I am a faculty member and I gave tests but never took any tests.
Surprisingly I got fairly good results as I appeared without any preparation.

L7.5 R7 W6 S6.5.

Again in November I took up the test with some preparation and this time I knew how the exam would be and didn't have any sounds or voices in my head.
So I was confident, I didn't have any sort of anticipations or cold sweat about the exam.

Results came as
L8.5 R7 W7 and S 6.5
I was shocked with the Speaking part as I was very confident that I would score 8 for Speaking test. Hence I gave for remarking and I waited for 2 months to get the results the results came out as





So my advice to anyone who thinks about applying for remarking is that, go for it if you are really confident about your performance in the test.

I got 5.5.in writing and y in reading 6.5in apeaking and listn . Wheatger i go for revl or not??? I am so confused.

I have scored R6.0 L7.0 W5.5 S 7.5 should I go for Re-evaluation for writing section so that the individual score for could change. Really confused.

I wrote my IELTS on May 31st, Got my results on June 6th, L9, R9, W6.5, S8. I applied for remark for writing on 9th and got my result as unchanged on July 11th. I am sad because I have to retake the test and am afraid I might not get 9 in L&R.

I have given IELTS IDP online test on 15 June 2019. My scores are LRSW- 7.5/6.5/6.5/5.5 and i need just 6.5 overall with no band below 6.0 for australia.
I applied for EOR on 3rd July 2019 but still waiting. I need results urgently and afraid at moment.

Hi, is there any chance that they reduce your grades?
my writing is 6 which is ok, but if I get 6.5,which is possible, over all bandscore will be 7

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