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July 15, 2012


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I will write this letter as follows.
Dear John,
Hope this letter find you in good haealth and sprit.I am writing to inform you that I am going on vacation on the 15th of this month for a month.
You see, I am happy to share with you some important points. You can get the key of the flat from one of my neighbout at #10. He will be available after 5pm at any time.
Now, I woul like to tell you a bit about turning the heating system and watering the plants. Kindly swith on the low heating knob first, after 50second swith on the main knob of the system. As regards to watering to the plants, just use the blue coloured big pipe attached to the tape.
There are many local restaurants and lodges to visit and you will enjoy the national holiday festival duing your trip.
Hoping to hear back from you soon.
See you soon.

Dear Simon,

This Is how I would write the letter. Please tell me if this too long. I have a problem as I tend to write long sentences.

Dear Jamie,
How are you? . I am writing to let you know that I will be leaving to Las Vagus on my vacation for a month.

You can get the key to my apartment from John, our neighbor next door at number 12. He should be available at anytime after 5 pm.

The refrigerator is well stocked and the TV has a great number of channels, so please feel at home. One thing to remember is to turn the heating system on. Also make sure all windows are closed and the lights are off whenever you leave the unit. Lastly, the plants in the balcony need to watered every morning and you can find the watering jug in the kitchen beside the microwave.

While you there, please be sure to visit Tony's Pizza place and try their Italian garlic bread. I am confident that you will enjoy it as much as I do. There are many other local restaurants that offer a variety of foods. A traditional festival will be taking place during your stay. It is fun and there is lots of activities, music and food. Be sure to take lots of pictures.

Hope you enjoy your stay and see you soon


While you

Hello Simon,

I know its not pertinent to IELTS at all and I am sorry for this but can you tell me the meaning of this quotation very briefly:

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain

I have tried to search and some people say it is irony because ignorance spawns over-confidence and assures you a false success. But i dunno how a native English speaker would understand this.

Thanks again

hey Simon, I got S:8 R:6.5 L:6.5 W:6, I have to get 6.5 in writing. But, unfortunately I couldn't achieve that mark.Now I have to go to Australia to attend English class. Can you give me some information about English class? Like, what should I study there?... How are students graded etc......... Well, I want to thank you for this gr8888 site. I will surely recommend my friends to use this useful site.

Thanks for sharing your letters. I'll post mine next Sunday.


Hi Shafaq,

Yes, it's a funny/ironic quotation - if you are ignorant and confident, you will think that you've been successful even if you haven't.


Hi Sunil,

It depends on the school/academy. In my opinion, it doesn't matter where you study, as long as you find an enthusiastic teacher. Good luck!

Hi Sunil

meet me on


thanks Simon :)

Dear John,

Hello! How are you doing? I’ve just heard that you are coming to town next week. I’ll be travelling, so you probably won’t find me in town. I’ll give you some points so that you won’t face any problems during your stay.

Don’t worry if there’s no one to open the door for you, I’ll give the key to my neighbor Brian, and you can get the key from him. Because he works during the day, please visit him after 5 p.m. I should also tell you about taking care of my plant. Please water it two times a day while I’m away. Another important thing I must tell you is the heating system. To save energy, set the pointer to 25 degrees. I almost forget to tell you about the city’s tourist attractions. A great place to visit is the Karoon River. Don’t miss it! You should also visit Choghazanbil, a famous monument in the city.

I hope you will enjoy staying at my city.


Thamks Simon, Jay will contact you.

I mean, thanks Simon and Jay I will contact you.

Hi Simon

First of all I should thank you for you wonderfull ebook and tips on this website.

My IELTS is on August 25 and it is general. I need your tactics about writing task 1.

Is ti possible for you to post more tips about this topic?

Thank you again for everything,

Hi Mahsa,

I'll continue with GT task 1 on Sunday.

Hi Simon,
I studied hard to get 7 in IELTS academic exam, but unfortunately, I have to change my style, I have to take General One,
I am afraid of difference between General & academic?!!!

Could you please explain me about different & could you please send me to my email.
thanks in advance.

Hi Petonia,

The only real difference is writing task 1 - you have to write a letter instead of describe a chart. Have a look at my lessons here:


Dear Mary,
How are you doing? I hope that you are well and everything is great for you. I were so happy when knowing that you will come to my town; unfornately, we may not see each other because I have had a plant for going on vacation for a month. However, you still can use my apartment while I will be away. Here are some note for using my apartment.
I will leave a key for my neighbour whose apartment next to mine with number 10. He will be at home after 1pm. The sink tape water in kitchen is a bit loosen, so, you may tight it harder. The bedroom is in West side, you may put the curtain down, so the room will nor be too hot.
There are some good food and friendly service Italian restaurants down street that I recommend you to try. And Town Water Park with fantastic games and activities is great place to visit either during summer.
I hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

Dear Sam,

I hope you are well. I am just writing to give you some important information about my place before you arrive here as you know that I will be going on my long trip to Asia the day after tomorrow.
Please get the keys from my next door neighbour, house no 36, who will be expecting you. Her name is Rita and she will be available after 16:00.There is some food in the refrigerator and fruits on the kitchen. Please help yourself.
And also remember to turn the central heating on as weather is still very cold here in London. Boiler regulator is above the sink on your right side, just open the cover and find the on/off switch. You don’t need to do anything else. But do not forget to switch them off when you go out.
And also when you are there, I would like you to water the plants behind the door. Remember to go to the restaurant I mentioned before. They make very nice Indian curry. I really hope you will have nice time during your stay in my place.
See you soon bye for now
Best wishes

Dear Edward

I would like to inform you that I will be leaving for a holiday starting from July 18th until August 17th. Although I will not be around, you can stay at my apartment, since it will be empty during my trip.

I will leave the key to my sister Gina, who lives in the same building, but she is staying at a different floor. When you arrive, just go to level nine and the unit number is 901, and she will be gives the key to you.

If you would like to used the home theater system, I have prepared the manual books on the bookshelf, therefore you can read the instruction. If you want to used the internet, don’t forget to turn on the wireless network modem, it is located below the Computer table.

There are some good restaurants in the suburb and you should try them. There is a Chinese restaurant near the train station, name the Mekong. You must try their Chicken Fried Rice, the taste is very delicious. Then there is an Italian restaurant near the Central Park, the salad is recommended there.

Ok than, enjoy your stay and hope to hear you back.


Dear Sara Hope you are fine. I am glad that you got your desirable job in Dhaka. You asked me to find a suitable place for you but you already know that it is tough to find a good apartment here.

But I have a good news for you that I am going to a vacation for a month. So I will not be here from 25th March to 23rd March. I will be glad if you stay in my apartment during my vacation and it will give you enough time to find a suitable place for you.

As i will not be around you will find the keys in Mrs. shanu's apartment who lives in 3rd floor flat B. She will inform you about the rules of the building. There is a superstore just beside the main road where you will find every necessary things. Our main gate closes at sharp 12 a.m so try to get in before that time. I will
keep details about the bills according to the charges in my table's first drawer, please don't forget to deliver those to the caretaker before 5th march. You will find other instructions in that drawer, too.

I really hope you will enjoy our time during your stay in my place. Hope to hear you back.

Best wishes

IELTS GT TASK 1 LETTER ON 09 MAY 2015 at Saudi Arabia






Hi John,

I hope this letter may find you well. I'm writing to welcome you and your wife to visit my city and also give you some information about your visit.

Unfortunately, I will be on vacation next month. However you and your wife can stay at my apartment. I hope it will be comfortable for you both. I will leave the key at the leasing office, you can see Ms. Nancy any time during working hours.

Oh, summer is coming, so when you come here, remember turn air condition on all the time. The outside is too hot, sometimes you may see some scorpion, be careful with them.

I remember you love Vietnamese cuisine,don't forget to visit Saigon restaurant. I'm pretty sure you will fall in love with it. Also, don't miss a Boat parade, which happen on 15th next month. It's fun with a lot of activities.

Hope you will stay safe and enjoy your visit.


Dear Jessy,

I hope this letter will find you well. I am just writing to say welcome to my city and give you some information that will be useful for your trip. Also, I am very sorry that I will miss spending time with you. I bought the ticket of holiday around two months ago and I am unable to reschedule it.

When you arrive here, it will be around 5 pm you can take a taxi and come to my apartment. My roommate will be waiting for you and she will give you the keys of the apartment. For your convenience, I will explain the facilities and the rules of my apartment. The most important rules are that you are allowed to make noise after 11 pm. Furthermore, you are responsible for the cleaning the kitchen and washing your dishes. There are washer and dryer in the first room next to the stain in the basement. You should have a coin to use them. If you have any more question about the apartment you can ask my roommate or send me an email.

Since I know that you are really interested in art and painting, I would strongly suggest you visit the art museum in the center street. It would be exclusive opportunity to meet people in your field. If you want to have some fun, I would recommend you to go amusement park. Although it is far from the city, I assure you that you will have never been in the same place.

hope you be well and enjoy traveling here.
Best wishes,

Hi Simon,I just have interduced with your blog by one of my private teacher,
I need to get score band 6 for all skills,and my score now is 5/5 except reading,which is very low,so it is 4
Do you think if I improve all my skills through your online teaching ,could I achieve my goal?

Dear Mustafa
I hope you are doing well. I am writing to inform you that I will be out of the town for my annual permit, starting July 13th until August 15th. My apartment will be empty during my whole vacation. Since we had talked that you want to come and visit the city. This will be a good opportunity for you.
I will leave the keys to Mr. Can which he leaves next to my condo. He's door number is ten and you can visit him any time after 5 pm. There will be two keys. The one who is written on it "KALE" opens the apartment entrance door and the other one opens my condo.
There are no unusual apartment rules, but I would like to give you some important instruction about my house. It is highly important to remember to close when you done with the oven or the heater, otherwise, It will short-circuiting to the whole building electrical system. Also, I have asthma, therefore, don't forget to open the windows If you smoke inside the room.
I know you have an enthusiasm to try new local restaurants. I have great news for you; a new fish restaurant opened just three days ago and all the newspapers go crazy about their foods. In addition to this, There is a new art exhibition in Istanbul Modern that includes Nuri Bilge's new photographs. It is free on Wednesday's.

I wish you will have a great time here and I am looking forward to seeing you.


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