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August 05, 2012


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I have query that in first sentence of 1st para..is not sentence like that??

The first thing u will need to do is (to) pick up the keys from one of my neighbours.

Hi Simon,

I am a big fan of yours and I have been following your site since few months now.

My ielts exam was yesterday and my writing 2 task was "Some people think people should retire after 65 while others think they should be allowed to work as long as they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion."

I would like to know if the essay that I wrote below is worth IELTS 7?? I know its not possible for you to check and explain each n every essay in this site.. But, i would be grateful if you could just give me the answer in Yes or No.

My answer was:

Para 1: I talked about advantages of having youth in work. Then I wrote about old people being less-motivated, technologically less savvy.

Para 2: I wrote about advatanges of having old people such as their experience, ability to provide guidance, e.g. sports team have mix of experience ppl n youthful exuberance.

Para 3: i added one more point about dependence of families on wages of old workers.

and then in conclusion, i restated my opinion that people should be allowed to work as long as they are mentally and physically capable.


Hi Simon,
Thanks for the great sample letter. I have one question: after 'See you soon'(the ending), do we need to add a comma('See you soon,'), or it is still OK without one?

Hi Jay,

It's correct with or without the word "to".


Hi Prasiddha,

It's impossible to give an idea of the score from just an essay plan/structure. Remember that IELTS is a language exam, and that your ability to express ideas using good language is the key to getting a band 7 or higher.

If you would like to get a full essay checked and scored, click here for information:



Hi Albert,

It's fine both ways (especially as the letter is informal), but maybe it's best to get into the habit of using a comma because you do need it in formal letters (after 'yours sincerely').

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your reply. In the question there is a sentence ‘You are about to go on vocation for a month.’, but in your sample letter’s opening, you didn’t mention ‘You are about to go on vocation for a month.’ Will this be OK? I mean, should we restate everything in the ‘background’ part of GT letters in our letter opening(to avoid ‘not fully response to the question’)? Or for GT letters, as long as we cover the three bullet points in the question, the examiner will consider it ‘fully response to the question’?

I have been following your site since 2 week ago.I want to pass the general IELTS test.
PLz tell me sir, Is the writing method of task two for general same as academic IELTS test?


hi Simon, First of all i would like to thank you for the wonderful tips n tricks. by following your website frequently, I got 8 in writing. Once again, many many thanks....!!!!u rock..

Hi Simon,

I've found that the GT Writing Tasks in the Official IELTS Practice Materials (2 books) are somewhat more difficult that those in the Cambridge series. Below is one I took from Book 1.

"There have been some problems with public transport in your area recently.
Write a letter to the manager of the public transport company. In your letter
- describe the problems
- describe how these problems are affecting the public
- suggest what changes could be made"

Another question in Book 2 is similar, something related to the public or 'your area'. This is differrent from what we have in the Cambridge books, which often ask about personal situations, or "real" yours.

Could you please teach us how to tackle this type of question?


Hi Parminder,

Yes, task 2 is the same.


Congratulations Prasiddha!


Hi Lam,

I'll look at that type of question in this Sunday's lesson.

Hi simon,

Can you please clarify the structure of the sentence in your essay" Just pop round to number 10 any time after 5 pm and ask for sarah"?. I feel confused when looking at this sentence. Thank you so much.

Hi Simon, I found 185 words for your task 1 writing. Is it alright to write more than 170 words for task 1? Thanks in advance

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