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August 24, 2012


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to all those who appearing for IELTS all going to take please have a look on below recent speaking topics which were asked in recent IELTS TEST.May it will help you to perform better. PART 2 (CUE card topics
Describe the thing you have lost
Describe the country you would like to visit
Describe the communication(mobile,mail,internet)
Describe the old thing you have at your home
Describe the business you would like to start
Describe the library you have visited
Describe the moment you have laughed
Describe the natural beauty
Describe the person who has helped you
Describe the recent movie
Describe the meal
Describe your favorite photograph
Describe the thing you made using fabric, metal, plastic
Describe the physical exercise that people do in your town.
Describe the wild animal
Describe the old person you met.
Describe the family event you celebrated.
Describe the art gallery
Describe the piece of jewelry /clothes you have or bought.
Describe your friend
Describe the book you read
Describe the happiest person you know in your life
Describe the toy you like
Describe a group of musician/ singer/music band you like
Describe the first day of your school / college/work
Describe the child you know
Describe the weather of your town or a city
Describe the motor bike / car you would like to buy in future
Describe the street /city you live/visited
Describe the birthday party you went to / celebrated
Describe the hill station you like/ visited
Describe the family event you are looking forward to
Describe the vehicle you would like to buy.(Motorbike /car)


Thank you Simon!

I needed some guidance for speaking and this is very useful.I've got 9 for reading and listening and 8 for writing but 7.5 for speaking.

When I was struggling with writing I used to get 8 for speaking but now that I have improved in writing thanks to your site, I am getting 7.5 for speaking. But I am confident that with these hints I can overcome this challenge.

Once again Thank you very much from bottom of my heart! God Bless


thq simon for your valuable suggestions. i am very much satisfied by preparing at your site.

my heartful thx to you.


Hi Simon,

I took up my speaking test today in Chennai.
The questions were,

Part 1:
about birthdays and colours

Part 2:
what time you like the most in a day.

1. describle what time it is
2. what you do at that time
3. what others do at that time

and describe why enjoy that time
(hope i remember all the points correctly :-) )

Part 3:

about time management and work life balance.

I'll update tomorrow's questions once it's over.

My heartfelt thanks to you for the wonderful lessons.


Hi simon,
when we write the advantages and the disadvantages in task2 test ,is it ok to write more on the side that outweigh the other with mentining our position or we should write equal second and third pragraph size regardless any position?

another question is how we could express that the benefits outweigh the drawbaks, other than using the word outweigh.
pleas i need help as am going to set for the exam very soon.

Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your education. Please comment on this topic of speaking.

I am going to talk about a teacher who has admired me. When I was in the first of B.sc (Chemistry), I mate my physical chemistry lectrer,Mr. Fassiuddin SIddiqui. He was relly a great and helpful teacher for almost all students. For me, he was a great role model. He used to evaluate and rephrase the lesseons taught the day before today.
He always used to help me in my practical classes and project with considerable desire to explore the best approach about how to answer any any chemical equations and numericals.
One of the best thing to now about him that he was always fresh and willing to explain any topic as long as any student is not satisfied. To show you what I mean, Once I was very sick for coule of weeks. I's unabe to complete some of the lessons during my illness. He was the only one who encouraged me and even during holidays he asked me to come to his accomodation to complete my studies.
So, all in all i would argue that he was really an eminent teacher who always enciuraged me to excil better in my education.

Thanks Simon for the useful tips and thanks Namita for the long list of recent topics!!!

I think today's Speaking lesson is of crucial importance and hope students can follow it!!!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Describe the Library you have visited.
I am going to talk about the library that I visited recently with myfriend. This is named as Maulana Azad Library. This library is located in Aligarh city, U.P in northern part of India. A great freedom fighter Maulan Azad put the foundation of this library before the era of free India. This is famous land mark in Aligarh Muslim University campus. There are ten reading rooms, three on the ground floor, five on the first fllor and two on the second floor.
There is a collection of many old books of the era of mughal emperor like Akbar and Ashoka. One memorable event I want to share with every one was that I found the hand written books of some eminent urdu and Hindi
scholors of a century ago.

Hi Simon!

Great article again. These tips are very useful for those who will take the exam. I've got 8 for reading and listening. 8 for writing and speaking. This blog is very helpful to me. Keep it up!


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. I do still read your questions, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson every Saturday.


Thanks to those of you who have shared your questions, ideas, and positive feedback about my lessons!

Hi am sukhbir singh
I take ilets coahing but i can not improve my english.
Please give me suggestion which is very usefuf for me.

hi i m jaspal,plz give me ielts guess work task for GT writing 1 and task 2,

thank you simon

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