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August 31, 2012


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good topic.can u suggest what to speak on weather

wow, this was my topic in the exam 1 year ago. i chose a car

Actually topics are generally attached with our lifestyle. The practice makes us fit for different sort of speaking. Its good to analyze the structure of speaking. I prepare to talk more with following native speakers. In previous updates, Mr. Simon illustrated some speaking tips that are really productive. Moreover, I am practicing speaking now. If anyone like to join with me they will welcome in my skype. My ID is mdkamalhossain1976.

After all, I am waiting for next discussion from Mr. Simon.

Thanks to all.


Well, if I had an enormous amount of money, I would bought a red double-decker bus like in England.
Actually, as my imagination, it looks like a huge elephant. Although I want to keep it original, I much prefer painting it in green because it uses a eco-friendly fuel called LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas. It has 2 floors and 10 rows of seats in each, and a corridor in the middle. The chairs are covered by artificial leather. I will equip an automatic ticket issuing machine behind the front door and some electronic bells around for customers to inform the next station. Definitely, it must has a system of signal lights, mirrors and a horn which will be checked and maintenanced frequently to ensure they are always working in the best conditions and safety first.
This idea has just pop-uped in my mind because I remember when I visited London last year. I used the famous vehicle of England many times. With its convenience, I wish I had the identical bus in my city. I would use it as the a public transportation to reduce effectively traffic congestion here.

I'm waiting for your correction and feedback from all of you. Thank you!

I would like to buy a Car because I just passed my driving test.In particular Toyota Yaris or V corsa.They both are hatch back car.Both are economical car,which meant Insurance is cheaper with these cars and thats main concern for new drive so both of them are ideal cars for me.In addition they have low road tax and good perfomance.another benefit is if you want to sell in future you can sell themeasily and you can get good money for that as they hold second hand values as well.
I am currently travelling by bus everywhere ,mainly to work so I will take it to work and home.That will save atleast 45 mins a day plus it will be cheaper.I can take my car for shopping and other lesuire places.I can take my girl friend for drive.

You can speak more if you about advantages and where you can use.

hi Kamal,
could you suggest anything effective?

hi Nhi;
you cant say "if I had an enormous amount of money, I would bought a red double-decker bus like in England"

if you are using "had" which is good for imagination situation, you should use your word after would with "buy" not "bought". it is always the same dont make minor errors.

Sorry for typo. It should be "buy". Thank Emre

Dear All,

Here is my description and hope you can find some useful vocabulary/expressions for your own speech:

Today I want to talk about a car I wish to buy in the future, which is the Mercedes Benz GL-Class.

This is a luxurious sport utility vehicle, or SUV, with an optional third row seat to accommodate up to 7 people. The color I prefer is silver metallic, with leather seats and GPS navigation system. One of the features that really attracts me is its newly designed "panorama roof", which allows all passengers to enjoy views of the sky even when they are at the very back of the car.

My wife told me that if I bought this vehicle, we would have to drive it throughout the entire US... and I totally agree with her, because this SUV provides all the necessary safety and comfort features for such long trip. I would drive this car to all major cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, and to different coastal areas as well as national parks.

Actually, the main reason why I want to buy this car is that I saw its commercial the other day and my all-time favorite tennis player Roger Federer was in it. I think this car is as elegant as him and it definitely can elevate the image of a person. However, this car costs too much, around $90,000 US dollars... I can't afford this car at the moment so I all I can do now is to keep working hard and save lots of money to make this dream come true!

Have a nice weekend!


actually, I would like to buy Porsche Panamera
because that will be first car after i pass the exam.In fact, I choose this car because i can speed as much as i want. Also,it's good style for me. Whatever, i would like to use it to go to important celebrate like wedding or might be go to shopping and some times go to work. Moreover, I can pick my friend up and go every where.However, the important reason i would like to be Distinct from the rest of the people.

Dear Simon,
that what may be said at exam
pleas tell me if that right or not.

Hi All,

It's me again and I'm feeling a bit "adventurous" now... so I'm going to attempt to write a description of a SPACESHIP.

If I were a billionaire and had the money, I would like to buy a spaceship for my own space exploration adventures.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be an astronaut. So having my personal spacecraft will be able to fulfill my childhood dreams. I would use my spacecraft to travel to different planets and hopefully be able to discover a habitable place where humans can live in the future. I think this could be a huge contribution to mankind as we know that our Earth's environment has been deteriorating to some extent.

Anyway, the spaceship I want is one that doesn't need huge rockets, but one that has enough power and technology to transport me to outer space and bring me back to Earth safely without any problems. As for the size, something like NASA's space shuttles will work because they provide enough room to bring family and friends along.

Also, since photography is one of my hobbies, taking pictures of the different celestial bodies and objects would be a really fascinating experience.

All in all, although this may seem very unrealistic, I think humans will eventually come up with a vehicle like this and I'm sure it will revolutionize the concept of space travel.

Hope you enjoyed reading my description!


Dear Martin,

Thanks for your writing. I have got your two type of writings. Actually, your writings provide necessary guidelines for confident speaking. Its awesome, its fabulous.


If I had an excessive amount of money, I would buy Nissan Land Cruiser 2012. I saw a commercial on tv recently showing its new innovated features and also about the gps system. it's availabe in white, red and metallic silver colour. I prefer silver colour. It has 10 seats in total, and aso it is quite spaceous vehicle for a joint family like me. The reason why I want to buy this brand is that its roof can be opened , if someone want to view the open sky and its natural beauty.

If i bought my dream car, I would travel throughout all middle east, and in particulorly, I would visit mega cities like Dubai, Sharjah and Oman. I would also use this car to visit the great Bahrain Bridge. You see, Bahrain bridge is one of th most populor tourist destinations in Bahrain.
So, all in all I would argue that this car

Hi Martin,
well done and hope you keep your best!!!

Why you do not create a blog and drop a line now and then there to us .. I bet that will be of great benefit to all . Or as Mr.Simon is really busy and has e hectic job writing here would be a great assistant to him.

Martin. It's really useful and you have used good vocabulary. Here I have written an essay. Can you comment on it?
The crime rate among teenagers has increased dramatically in many countries.
Discuss some possible reasons for this increase and suggest solutions.
Currently, many parts of the world have seen a massive rise in the level of crimes committed by teenagers. It is important to understand why this has happened and to look at the possible measures to tackle the situation.
For one, majority of parents are busy in their daily hectic office work. When they get home after long hours of duty, they do not have enough time to supervise their children. As teenagers are not attained by their parents and other members of the family, they might turn into bad habits such as crimes and drugs. This is somehow a kind of breakdown in the nuclear family. To illustrate this, in Shanghai, Chine, a growing number of teenagers are reported to be involved in more criminal activities, because in a way they are isolated from the family.. As this shows that there has been a sharp rise in the teen offences. Thus, it can be concluded that from this example that the level of crimes among teenagers has increased on a massive scale the worldwide.
There are some good solutions to tackle the problem. One of the effective ways is that the Government should provide more support to families. The local authorities should invest more money in building rehabilitation and guidance centers, through which they can learn skills and focus their attention on other events like doing a sport in their leisure time. Another solution is that the parents should take more responsibilities in an attempt to give the proper guidance and leading teens to a successful career path.


I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do read them all, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson each Saturday.

PS. I don't think I can beat Martin's spaceship description! When I was an examiner, I would have loved it if a student had chosen that!

Today I wiil try to talk about a ship I wish to buy.
If were a wealthy person, I would like to buy a private voyage carrier. I wish to arrange my dream carrier such as the famous Titanic cruise ship. I plan to intall some big video cameras inside and on the top of the roof. These cameras will capture the fantastic scenes during the voyage.
If I were able to buy this ship, I would travel throughout Indian ocean to explore the natural beauty and its resources. This is my soul embition that atleast once I would make trip to Europe with my wife.
The principal reasopn why I want to buy a ship of my dream. Ever since I was a child, I love to go on cruise and want to experiece its pleasure by sailing into water.
So,all in all I would argue that the ship i wish to own certainly can fulfill my alltime dream.
Hope all will enjoy my description.

Dear All,
I'm glad that you liked my descriptions and I really hope you can analyse them and find things that you could use for your own speeches.

Hi Brian,
Having my personal blog or being Simon's assistant sound like good ideas, but I am just too busy and don't even have enough time for my own family! But once in a while I do post some comments on Simon's website... in fact, I've been doing it for quite some time.

Hi Ziaul Huda,
Sorry, I don't have the time to read full essays and make comments... that is just too time consuming for me and I actually prefer posting things that can benefit students in general.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for recommending my descriptions in your last speaking lesson!

Hi guys
I am sorry to write it here. I need someone to talk to for general ielts. if you are interested it please email me at "[email protected]"
we can chat and even call with messengers and we will improve each other as much as we can.

thank you

Hi friends
I m reena .Thanks for model topic. .would you like to help me more?

I would like to purchase FIAT Punto an hatchback car.I fall in love when my friend gave me the lift.I was amazed with its interior and colour.
Fiat Punto with white colour looks like rabit running in the race and giving a proud feeling.
I would use it for family picnic on the weekends.I would like to monuments near by Pune using my CAR.

Fiat Punto diesel gives an average of 22KMPH with AC in City hence it is the most affordable option for me.Also it gives freedom to drive comfortably in traffics and on narrow roads.


I had ielts test just 2days ago (20/july/2015) and this topic was my question for part 2. At first i felt so nervous how to put it but i decided to mention the brand as well as colour and style of the car. Regarding to reasons i said it's much easier to commute to work with my own car instead of public transportation and then i used phrasal verbs like break down, take out a loan from the bank and hanging out with my friends. I hope i did a good job.

Hi guys here i would like talk about a vehicle which i really want to buy in my future. AS I am very ambitious girl.I fond of various vehicles but among of them I want to buy a Duster car because this is one of the famous car in the India. This car is complete car for me. It has all the modern facilities in it. I use it for several reasons such as . I love to hang out with my peer groups as well as with my family.Moreover i can use it for my work and shopping too.I would like to buy for my convenience because its help me in different ways. It gives me more privacy and also save my time to access to my destination.so when I will get a lot of my I love to buy this vehicle in my future ..... Thanks .... If anybody like my words please answer me on my email....

Hi guys
I am sorry to write it here. I need someone to talk to for general ielts. if you are interested it please email me at "[email protected]"
we can chat and even call with messengers and we will improve each other as much as we can.

thank you

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