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August 03, 2012


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I have one question?Who is give speaking mark,is it examiner who conduct speaking test or other?

hi simon,
i am stuck up with the use of ;can and could;
please give some advise about their use .Although little confusion,but can avoid doing mistakes.

Thanks in advance

Yes, your examiner gives you your score.


Hi Musharaf,

You really need a grammar book or website for that. Try this one:


Well Simon,I don't agree,last time I had the same examiner ,twice,two attempts in the same IELTS exam center and I was surprised when I looked at my IELTS certificate and the examiner number for speaking part was different...so seems sometimes they only record the exam but other person marks our speech?

Hi Simon
I have a friend who wants to take part in the ielts exam and has asked me to help him. It seems that only a 4.5 can work for him but he's just an elementary student who is taking English result elementary courses in an institute.(He is about to finish the book.)
Is it possible for him to get a minimum 4.5 in two months? If yes, how should he study?
by the way he's learning English as a foreign language and had never been exposed to English before.
He really need your advice,
Thank you.

Hi Simon,
I want to ask some questions:
1, "no friend" or "no friends", "the three countries' populations" and "the three countries' population", which one is right?

2, I just started learning for the IELTS a week ago by doing 4 tests in Barron's IELTS and 4 tests in Cambridge 6. And the band score for these 2 modules remained around 7. Is it possible for me to get 8.5 in both modules. Can you give me some advice on the strategies to enhance my band score in 6 months?

Thank you so much!

today i took ielts and examiner was very polite, but throughout the exam she tried to make me confuse by asking the cross question about same question and also repeating it,was it bad or good.and i given excellent answer in 2nd part but i get confused in 3rd part with some question that it affect more on my 2nd part answer,sir.

Here is another piece of advice: DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL!

Examiners are human beings and they may behave differently at any time of the day. They are just doing their job, and the candidates' job is to simply answer the questions with their best English possible.

Focus on your English and don't use the examiner's attitude as an excuse for your unsatisfying scores. If your answers during the exam deserve band 7, then you will get it no matter who the examiner is.

Hello Simon. Today, I had my speaking session. In part2, I was asked to describe an old person that I met. So, I started talking about a friend of mine and I think it went well. The thing is I mentioned that his age is 40 which is not considered old. In part 3, the examiner asked me"at what age do u consider a person to be old in your culture", and I answered " above 60". To what extent do u think that will affect my score? After the test, I felt that I didn't correctly address the task because I was talking about a person who is 40, while the question asked about an "old" person!

Have appeared few times IELTS, everytime with male examiner I got 7 in speaking but unfortuanetly, got 6 or 6.5 four times in speaking when faced with female examiner.

Hi Simon,
Could you please comment?

Martin, I have heard myself give candidates the same advice. Examiners are human, but whether they are in a good mood or a bad mood will not make a difference to a candidates score.

How the questions are answered, however, will make a huge difference.

Remember the 'training not testing' advice Simon gives. Being prepared for the exam, knowing the type of questions to expect, and speaking with confidence will help to boost your band score.

I have one student who has just gone from 6 to 7.5 speaking by following the above advice, and changing her attitude, instead of worrying about the examiners behaviour.

yes,I totally agree with simon.
I am the person who said I met an impolite examiner last time, but result seems to be unexpected, higher than I thought,although it is still not the one I want.
So, do not pay much attention to the attitude of examiner, just answer the question, that's it.

Hi Simon,
I sat for my IELTS recently and managed to get a band 7.5 - 8 in each band except for speaking which I got a 6.5, although I thought I deserved better. What bothers me is that in all part of the speaking test, the examiner kept on signalling me to keep on talking although I have answered her in 2 or 3 sentences for questions that required short answers. If I were to asked for a remarked, they would sent the audio tape without any video and the other examiner who will do the remarking would have thought that I had long pauses because I can't answer their questions? This is very unfair!!
In many of the sample videos of the speaking test, normally a 2 or 3 sentences answer would suffice for such questions (like where did you attend primary school?) but I do not know why the examiner kept on signalling me for more answers?

Hi Simon

sorry my out of topic question but i haven't found any information about this. in reading and listening test how many correct answer we need to do in order to get 7 ? Is there any rank list about that?

hey Simon,

Every now and then, Simon, you share some talk with us. I hope you dont mind sharing this with all of people here. Neil Gaiman talks so slowly, at a beautiful pace and its so impressive.




Hi Simon
In the last IELTS Test, I only scored 5.5 in Speaking, which discouraged me from my entry to tertiary education. My considerable weakness is speaking too fast and nervousness when delivering the complex sentences. Can you give me some advice to overcome these problems?
Thanks you very much

i completely agree with Simon's point, my Examiner seemed to be rude,uninterested,impolite,however he gave me 7.5. so what really matters s your knowledge in language nd the way u answer, not the examiner's behaviour ,,

I had an experience when examiner was too friendly and slipped into the conversation in such a way that felt like I am talking to a friend and that left me with the expectation of 9 bands or more than that in a speaking module. I nearly teared apart my result when I saw the outstanding score in a speaking module, 6.0 bands. Next attempt gained me 8.5, is it a magic that fed the data in my brain to get such a high score in a month. In short, sometimes unexpected things happen.

hi simon,may i know actually who evaluate the speaking session,i suppose it may not be evaluated by d examiner in speakingsession(who ask us qns) as all d conversation of our speaking is recorded.i guess it will be evaluated by d ielts xaminer right or not?

This is definitely true. The examiner on my first IELTS test didn't show special interest to my speaking and even yawned during my speaking. And the topic on that day was difficult to me because I never prepared that topic before and almost have no ideas about that. I worried so much but he gave me score of 6. My second examiner was very nice and we communicated well. That time, I thought I did a good job on all spearking parts and should be able to get score 7. But finanlly, i still got 6.

Simon what would you suggest if you had the same examiner with your speaking exam? is that legal or okay? thanks

Hi , 4 years ago I took IELTS and got 7.5 for speaking,
Later studied and worked in London for 4 years- always
Chatted with English people. Now took the exam, she
Asked me a lot of questions and i replied in long and clear
Sentences without any starting trouble which gave me 6.0 for speaking
So worried about it

hello... i have given my ielts speaking exam today. but the indian lady was feeling boring & trying to ignore my speech. also was avoiding my eye contect & creating obstacle. bt i told my aswer as much i can. does it mean i will get a bad score?

Hi Sir,
I have problem of "S".Sometimes, in listening and reading answers I write S in the end of word which is not required while I do not write when it is needed.
So sir please provide me some advise to solve this problem.

Hello Simon,

I had a IELTS speaking test today, and i think the test went okay. One thing I noticed was that examiner was scribbling some numbers on her pad which were 4.14,5.45 and 8.18. If it were 4 sets of number then i would definitely understand for 4 testing parameters but it were just 3 sets of numbers and also it was done for prior 3 candidates as well.Do you have any hint what does those numbers mean?

Hello Simon:

One examiner gave me two times the lowest score for speaking (5.5),but I had 2 score 6.5 and two 7 before.The same has happened to my friend when that examiner gave score of 5.
We can not complain for our scores because they will not change 5.5 to 7,but I would like to describe this huge discrepancy to the local manager in Canada.Should I send email to the Inquiry Service of British council?We are extremely angry with this examiner.

Thank you

hey, i appeared in the speaking test a few days back.. did some grammatical mistakes and even was not able to answer the last question of the follow up part... i am a bit worried about it.
i repeaated the test.. last time i got 5.5 where i thought i did well.. but now i am totally confused about this result.. am i able to get 6?? :/

IS speaking evaluated by the examiner or by any other person who hears the recording

i have one question.are they recording the ielts speaking task.

hi simon,
i had my ielts speaking test today. i answered all of the question didnt go pause but i am afraid if i answered to the point. i felt there was some grammatical errors as i was nervous but i didnt showed i was. However i had a token in my hand and i was kind of playin with it!
will i be able to get 6...i am really worried!

in reading passage i wrote YES/NO instead of true/false but l8r realised it and corrected de mistake wid a vry bad handwriting since i hardly had a min left so will i b given.marks?

Hi Nikhil,

I took IELTS speaking today and i found the examiner marking on 5 different parameters. Your question is similar to mine. Can you please tell what was your speaking score?

Hi Simon,
Is this thread still active? Is it possible for you to answer my question.

Today I had speaking test and the examiner asked me lets talk about what you do! Do you work or student! I answered fluently then she said what you do? I said im businessman! What was the reason for her to repeat the question?

Hi.. i am from india,Today I had speaking test and the examiner is quite active at initial 1 to 3 mins after that its strange that she started sleeping... i am worried abt my score now :(

hi ..i have done my speaking test today ,i have seen that see is writting some 1,2,..
means iam i going to get a band of 2 or 3?
plz reply.....

hi..... my ielts speaking exam was on june 24, 2014..... i have seen that the examiner was writing some numbers on a paper.....

i could see only one score which was 4.2 what is that? can u pls let me know what does that me

My speaking test was on 26 June 2014. A very nice and smiling lady examiner and an apparent comfortable interaction made me assume that my speaking test score would be very good. Unfortunately the score was lower than expected and I am disappointed, even though my overall score is 8.

I guess I took my 2-minute talk too casually. I did not jot down any points beforehand and perhaps talked in a little haphazard sequence. Anyway, never take the test casually even though it appears to be going easy.

Hello Simon,I have a similar question that similar to Nik's.
I just finished my speaking exam and The speaking test examiner was taking some notes on the paper which I have managed to remember,they were 5.3,6.5 and 9 respectively,do you know anything about those numbers? Does it light any lamps?


Hello Simon,

I just came accross with one theory while browsing the forums about my question. It says as follows;

"Hi, the examiner was merely writing down times for the test - 4.25 simply means 4 minutes 25 seconds. There is a minimum and maximum time for each part of the test. I was told by a reliable source that actual grading has to be done once the candidate has left the room."

Which Seems logical!

What do you think?

Most likely to be times Ozan. Not scores!


I have taken my Academic one in 2012, mostly with the advices from your site and Cambridge IELTS books, my results were as follows;
R,L,S:8.5, W:6, O:8. It was enough for me to get the scholarship I wanted since the overall score was the thing that is count. However now I need to score at least 8 from each components, but from GT this time not A.

Although I am living in a English speaking country and I have followed the same study path as before, this time I expect less than I got back in 2012. It is really complicated. Based on my experience I would say it is a matter of "luck". All depends on the questions. For example, this time, I have heard some words in Listening that I am not familiar with. They were picked up hard on purpose I guess...

Anyway, I will post my results here once they are ready to show you the difference Simon.

No matter how well prepared you are, it all depends on the questions...


I did an IELTS test at IDP Vietnam (Hanoi) at 21st December 2013.I got 8.0 for listening, 7.5 for reading, 7.5 for writing and my best test was at speaking. I used idioms, complex sentences and talked non-stop for more than 15 minutes with many tricky question from Mr. Peter Lawler. However, all I got was a 6.5
I asked for a re-check of my score but the band score is still the same. IDP Vietnam informed me that my speaking record had been sent to Australia for re-scoring. At first they told me to wait for 6-8 weeks for re-checking, but only after a week I got an official answer from an official email (gmail from a staff) saying that my score "isn't changed" !!!
With all respect to the IDP Vietnam, I still cannot believe that my speaking test deserved a 6.5 and I think they DID NOT send my speaking test anywhere for re-checking :(

please those in Australia who has taken the 19th july ielts exam can post it here for us.especially the reading and writting tasks

Writing General Training
Letter to a friend with whom you had spent your holidays in another country
Explain .how and why you enjoyed your holidays
what are you doing now
invite your friend for a holiday in your country

Task 2
Most people spend a lot of time using the communications technology .
What are the reasons for it ?
What effects it has on the people's relationships with their friends and family .

Hello everyone! If I will not share my feelings with you I will blow up!
I had test done on 2 August and I am very disappointed with a Examiner. She interrupt me 3 times even I have not done a mistakes. I feel like a little girl. I lost my control and did not answer for last her interrupted question. I would like to make complain, should I?

HI. I'm an IELTS examiner and I'd like to clarify a few things:

1. Examiners are very highly trained and regulated. We are not allowed to make comments ('Good', 'Okay", "Interesting") during the exam. We also have a lot of different items to keep track of during the exam, including the script (which we are not allowed to deviate from), the time, and the marking rubric. If we're not making eye-contact, it's because we are listening to you and watching the time, checking for the next question, assessing...

2. We undergo a LOT of training in order to be examiners. For all those who feel that they 'deserved better' - well, maybe it can serve as a wake-up call that your English speaking skills just aren't as good as you think they are. Don't forget that to move up to higher band scores, you must also develop your answer.

3. The person who interviews you is the one who gives you the score, but if your score is not completely in line with the other parts of the exam, it is possible that another examiner will listen to it and re-assess.

Good luck!

Thanks for making those points Anonymous. Feel free to comment whenever you like!

I am rami
Plz tell me my que card was talk about a person who is doing an intresting job
And i talked about yuvraj singh. Plz tell me is it right or wrong ?

I had my speaking exam 2 days before. During the exam I was too anxious that the first part it seems to me I am not fluent enough, what I should be.I was a little bit fast, which I felt later. Rather than, I made a grammar mistake once and did auto correction politely. However, all the parts are prolonged, and in the last part I think the question number is 5/7 in number. I gave IELTS before, got 7.5 two times. I wonder can I manage to get this time above 7.
I also want to add that my examiner was smiling through the last parts specially.

I had my speaking test today and after Part 2 examiner wrote something on scribbling pad may be 07 or some thing, was this a score or some code or something else.

Hi Guys,

I took the exam last Oct18 and I failed the speaking test. The examiner gave me 4.5. I admitted its my fault because my mind goes blank during the long turn. I was being incoherent and my answer was short. I don't know what happened and why I did that. I already wasted a lot of money for the test preparation, plane ticket, and hotel. I almost spend $2500 all in all.

Sometimes I'm having depression and I don't feel like talking to people. This is what happened to me during the speaking, I really don't want to think about what I am going to speak.

I am already 38 years old, I'm a loser and dumb. My speaking is not improving instead its getting worst. Can someone help me, please give me some advice on how i can be motivated.

Your comment is well written Brandon, so you don't seem like a band 4.5 candidate to me. Please don't label yourself as a loser - IELTS is a big challenge for most people. Try to stay positive, and believe that hard work will take you to your goal in the end.

In the oral test part of the IELTS exam, the examiner and I somehow talked about politics. It seems my answers made him angry. Will that affect my test result?

I know I shouldn't talked about that,it was merely a test. Now that I feel rather worried.

Is there any website where I can find the list of names of IELTS examiners?
I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks!

I recently took a test at IDP in Vadodara, India (1st November). During the speaking test, I found the female examiner bit weird and not up to mark and deliberately discouraging me on the topic.

My speaking part two topic (I don't remember word to word) - Describe a sports person's performance you liked during an event?
-Where and When was it?
-Why did you like it?
- And so on.....

While answering to the question, the examiner starting poking at word EVENT. I spoke on a sports persons performance in a tournament but this is when the examiner started to poking on the word EVENT. This made me realised that she is not formally aware of the full meaning of the word EVENT. Her actions made me nervous and shaken and blank for a few seconds. After a few seconds I started speaking on a social party and so on, however, I was still on the topic.

After the test she asked me to leave. I waited for 3-4 seconds to ask her why did she do that. However, I was unable to talk to her because she did not turn off the recorder, therefore, I left.

Anyway, what I am whining on here is about although I was on the topic the examiner deliberately made me nervous.

I received my result today and received 6.5 bands in Speaking. I received 6 in writing so I wont be going for rechecking. I am wondering if these kind of examiners who does the assessment are not fully literate on the topic themselves, how on earth would they give better scores to candidates?

I've 9 bands in Speaking in Australia on two test results and 8 bands on another two. Where as in India, the same examiner gave me 6.5 bands in Speaking test in two tests, although I was very confident I will get 8 bands. Wondering who knows better English? Australians or Indians?

I reckon examiners in India are deliberately underscoring candidates and are not well trained and also found them narrow minded.

Where should I take this matter to?

Who will evaluate our speaking session?
The examiner or some one else?

Hi simon , I took my ielts speaking test today and it went well in part1 and 2 but in part3 i was asked about being competitive and that moment i forgot the meaning of such this simple word however i took it as a positive adjective and spoke generally about it and my examiner asked four other questions including the word competitive Can it make my score low.I'm so disappointed about my score,I had practiced alot

Ok, no one answered me and now I have my result s:7 , L:7 , R:6.5 , W:6 . It is really interesting as i almost missed my speaking part3 but i got 7 while i expected at least 8 for writing, i got 6 :-0

Regarding the examiners not making eye contact, etc.: it's very disorienting to speak to an uninterested person in a catatonic state who very obviously is bored and hates to be there. If the test is supposed to be a model of 'real-life interaction', there is nothing interactive or real-life about that experience. Also being interrupted and having to switch topics out of the blue isn't the norm in conversation. If they can't keep track of their notes and produce minimum interaction at the same time, they should have two people there or train them better, not my problem as an examinee.

Hi Simon,
I was wondering if you know if the speaking examiners are allowed not only to rebut but to doubt every answer given by a candidate in Part 3. It was quite frustrating. Most of Part 3 question were not written in the question booklet.

I took my IELTS few days back, i did all the part well but towards the last i spoke two words in tamil unconsciously will it affect my band score greatly!

I saw examiner put 9 during my spesking section.what this means.

Hi simon,

I had my speaking test today...In the marksheet, the examiner alloted 5.02 in first part and in the last part, she alloted 15.00. What does it all mean and can we analyse the result ?

Hi Simon

I have seen in speaking test examiner given me part1( 1 4 15) and part 2 & 3 (G8+) what does this mean?

you said exactly correct. I got band 6 for my speaking. I never expected this score. I only thought i could get either 5 or 5.5 and not more than that. In the test I also faced the same what you said. The examiner was acting like a contemporary teacher. This was "awesome" experience to me.

Hard thing is that I got poor marks in other sections which I expected more. (got L-6, R-5 and W-5.5)

I will not go quietly into the night, i am not going to perished without a fight.

Will going to book another date. Here i am coming.

Hello Simon, for the speaking exam in the part that you are supposed to talk for a minute or two, does it lowers your grade if you completed your thought but talked more, so the examiner interrupted?

Hi! Simon,
This information is vital for test takers,
but is only examiner will give mark for speaking test during speaking or after ending the test by using record candidates sound with other experts?

I recently give my ilets speaking through idp.examiner was foreigner and her voice was not audible.I use pardon for 4 times throughout the test.my first and second part was good but in third part I gave answers but I think not up to the mark.will it effect on my band scores.reply fast plz..

I recently gave my IELTS Speaking exam and judging by the way the conversation went between examiner and me. I had expected a minimum score of 8,but all I got was a 6. The result has been a little disturbing for me since I myself teach English. I wanted to go for a recheck, but then I thought it wasn't worth the money/time. I have read stories where people who have great command over English Language not getting good scores.I have to admit, it is more to do with what examiner thinks about your English, rather than what you actually know. I have known people whom I have taught scoring better than what I got. My Speaking result still starkly looks unrealistic to me.
A little irate.

hi, simon , this regarding ielts remarking i have apperead for ielts 3 times

1st score 7.5, 6.5 , 6.5, 7 overall =7

2nd score 7, 6, 6.5 , 7 in Gt overall =6.5

3rd attemp 7.5, 7, 7 , 6 overall = 7

two times i took exam in nepal , on both occasion i got a band 7 in speaking ....but on third attempt i took from india and i got 6 in speaking i was shocked coz from my previous experience i guess i spoke better than my previous two attempts and i got a only a band 6 , is this possible that is this possible that they grade differently in nepal nad india , i am really confuesed to remark or retake the exam coz i need an each band 7

i took my IELTS Speaking test today and my topic was describe a vehicle that u would like to own in future
i have choosen polaris as d vehicle
will that be fine?

I want to know that does inviligator itself will score my band or someone else..yesterday it was my speaking test through idp..so i m very keen to know these things..

In Ielts Speaking session i have seen that the marks scored like 4.54 and 13.85.Can I know what kind of score i can get?


I would like to share my experience with you.I wrote exam for the first time. I was pretty much sure that i will get atlesat 7 in each module, but unfortunately the result was disaster.
lis: 6 (i was sure to get 8 or 7)
wri : 6 (i was sure to get 8 or 7)
rea : 5.5 (i was sure to get 8 or 7)
spea: 6.5 (i was sure to get 8 or 7)

I am feeling to commit suicide because cant afford the fees again. I really worked hard....I am a working professional, not able to understand how to get 7 in each.

Then what about if examiner kept changing with the topic in part 3? For example, he asked me for the special event then the next question was about the housing and noise problems. Like this, I had about 3 topics to answer for the part 3.

Why would the examiner changed the topic so frequently?

Also, he tended to interrupt my answers and changed to another topic.

I never had this kind of experience before, so Im nervous. :s

Hello Simon

I gave my exam today. While speaking i noticed that examiner was noting down some numbers like 5.02, 5.07, 5.04 etc. May i know what are those numbers. Is that my score by any chance. Hoping for a response and thanks in advance.

After I finish my Part 2 section in speaking test, I saw the examiner write 8. Was this a score or code. Can you please guess and let me know what can be my overall score

Hi Simon
If Speech Disorders affect speaking score?
can I inform about this to examiner before the test?

Why interviewer interuppt while speaking.Does it will effect bands score


You should definitely inform your test centre before the test. They may ask for a doctor's note.



Don't worry, it's normal for the examiner to interrupt. They do it because of the time limit and the need to get through a certain number of questions. It won't affect your score.

My name is tamilarasi,today I have write the Ielts speaking exam,examiner gave some topic second topic k ,1st k,but I didn't speak any ans in third topic,I will apply for Canada,I want to5 band,can I take the mark in Ielts test

Hllo sir
Yestrdy my speaking was there i did well in part 1
In second part i completd my cue card and after that examiner asked me did u want to speak more and i repld him that no sir thnq
And in 3rd part he repeat 2 ques. 2 times
what does it mean ??does it affect my band score???
Plzzzzz plzzz rply

hi simon
yesterday was my ielts speaking test and i gave all question answer but there may me some grammatical mistake because examiner ask me question very fast and i was just giving answer also very fast how she ask so iam worried she ask a lot of question what does it reflect that i get good score or not

Hi Simon,

I took IELTS speaking test on 6th Jan. In the second part, I was given a topic. I started talking and took a long pause and then continued my talk. I used 2-3 non-English words, to mention names. Will this affect my score? I need a band of 6.

The IELTS has time limits so people have to speak for a certain amount of time for each part. You need to use English words, you also should try and limit your pauses, as these show a lack of fluency, and for part 2 you must speak for a minimum of two minutes on the topic given. Part 3 is always the hardest part, but this is where examiners get to ask more questions. The examiners are always impartial, so don't worry about the examiner, and just concentrate on answering the questions. If an examiner signals you to speak more, it is because you haven't met the time limit. Make sure in Part 2 you have enough material in your planning to be able to speak for at least two minutes.

Hi simon,
today i gave my speaking test and i was quite nervous.Moreover in third part i was told that the answer was not specific. does it affect my score by huge extent? and he is the one to give score or others through the recording.?

I saw my examiner writing 8 – 30 – 13 in three squares which every candidate has like them in her paper, what does it mean ?

Hi Simon,
I just gave my speaking test yesterday and it went very well except for 2 things.

1 - I gave good answers for task 1. However, I added tiny information after completing my answer and slightly interrupted the examiner as she was going to ask me the next question. I apologized immediately.

2 - I talked for 1 min and 50 sec in Part 2. I told the examiner that I have finished but she waited for 2 minutes to be over before moving to the next section.

Are these things gonna affect alot towards my speaking test score.

Today was my speaking text by British council . But lady was quite awkward she was making face. When I said pardon me on a question she showed that what does it means ?it was very strange expression . When I was trying to explain she stopped me so many times, but when I was answering short and making gestures to speak more . And wrote 2.3, 2.4, 2.7 on her writing pad? What does it's mean. I wept bitterly today after my exam

I am Naga Brahmam one week back I wrote the IELTS exam when I attended the speaking test she wrote 48 on her paper what is the meaning of this how many bands I would get in my IELTS speaking.

OK, now I'm worried... My speaking test was yesterday and the examiner was very nice, speaking so calmly and smiling, and even laughing when I answered something funny... Now for the comments here I could be scoring quite low..

I am palwinder I got over 6 band in ielts exam and listing=6.5,reading=6.5,writing=6.5 but 5 in speaking I want to rechecked My speaking result plz guide to me

When i was in speaking exam .examiner wrote three numbers in three columns like she wrote 5 -9-13 ..do you have any idea about how many band i will get in speaking module.

hlo my speaking examiner....said good luck for everything what dose it mean

I sat for an ielts test last month in Galway and was perfect. 3 days before the result time the centre sent me an email telling me that I have to repeat the test because the speaking part wasn't recorded due to a technical error and they are sorry for this.they offered refund to my test fee or a repeat of the whole test.l questioned if it is so clear it wasn't my mistake why they don't consider the examiner's marks . And why should I repeat the whole test rather than repeating the whole exam

Hello,I had a strange experience during my ielts speaking test on the 6th of July, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The examiner kept dozing off while I answered my questions.
The speaking test itself was otherwise really good, I was confident and I believed I did very well, better than my previous band of 8.5.
However, the result is out and I made a 7.5 and I'm now believing the sleep affected the examiner's assessment.
I wish I had reported earlier, just that it didn't bother me much cos I felt there was no way I would fail and also because I made myself believe that he probably doesn't assess candidates and award marks there and then.

Hey I gave my speaking test on 28 august. My speaking test was good but instead of this I got only 5.5 . I got shocked for a moment. Tell me what examiners checks during speaking test English or content of speaker

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