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August 08, 2012


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this is my last ielts exam...but i got only 6.5.I have no idea. Why i got 6.5...I was expecting 7 though.Can you give me some ideas to get 7.Cheers

Hi simon here is my introduction can u just tell me that is it right i mean as u say always right 2 sentences.

It is true that young generation either for job or study reasons,they leave their parent's house before they got married.And in my opinion,there are both benefits and drawbacks of each decision.

OR Simon this one is better than first intro:and will i apply 's'with generation word or not.

It is true that young generations have got different or many reasons to leave their parent's house before got married. And i believe,there are both benefits and drawbacks of each decision.

I know u cannot check and i fully understand but atleast give some feedback.

Hello, Simon,
I want to ask you a sentence about process diagram.

"before being sent to the mixer, powders are heated"

can I just say "before sent to the mixer, powders are heated"

thanks a lot.

Brainstorming is definitely important as part of the IELTS preparation!!! The more you brainstorm during practice, the less time you will need to spend thinking during the writing test.

Thanks again for the lesson Simon, and I think point#3 is a nice way to think of relevant ideas and avoid being off-topic.


hi; Simon

first of all your ebook is amazing,I find its very helpful..

which one has more advantages for the customers and society?(shopping centres or local markets)
- in this question, I wrote benefits of shopping centres, so do i need to write about the drawbacks too..

Hi Reema,
you can not use s with generation. Generation is itself plural, not sigulor. If I wrire introduction to the above essay question, I would write as follows.
It is undeniable that young bachelor individuals leave their parent for the purposes of education and employment, before getting married. I strongly believe that this trend has both benefits and drawbacks.

Hi Simon,

Just have question. I have seen people using following sentences.

"I did create", "I have created" and "I created".

I am fine with later two, but what about first one. I have seen people using this kinde of sentences in various forms.

Please help me understanding which one is correct and in what scenarios.


hello simon and every body, am wellcoming any comment.thanks

It is true that nowadays, people from an early age decide to leave their families in order to study or to find a job at onother place.However while this phenomenon has some advantages, i would say that the drawbacks are more significant.

On the on hand,there are two principal benefits to leaving family home from a yonger age. Perhaps the main one is relating to independency.individual become more able takecare of themselves and hold responsibility to earn money .In this way they might be able to start their own family and buy things they want without the need for their parents.Another point is that they become more open minded and experienced.this is because when they move ,they infact are exposing to a new environment and people,so they will end up having their own personal experiences which is great.

On the other hand, I belive that the disadvantages are greater. Frome social perspective, Seperating from family at an early age to live in seperate place could break many families . families are becoming dispersed ,less close and parents are somtimes left alone.For example,young individual get busy with their study and work so they disconnected from their relatives.In terms of environment,living each member of families alone could make more pressure on natural resources.This is because there will be more demand for housing and space and which mean more destruction of the natural habitat.

In conclusion,although there are some good ponits in favour of this trend,it seems to me that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

It is true that young generation currently, in order to pursue their career, live away from their parents before they get married. I believe, this phenomenon has got more advantages than disadvantages.

By willing to live away from their beloved family members, they are getting an opportunity to live in a place, where plenty of options available to choose. This increases their chance of getting quality education, job, and eventually better salary. Apart from the measurable benefits, it is a very good chance for them to grow their social networking. These days, social networking plays a significant role in brainstorming various ideas which assists in better decision making. It is also a good chance for them to embrace historical and famous places that are available in their new destination. And more importantly, it gives them a chance to support their parents financially without worrying about financial stresses.

At the same time, this trend might pose some drawbacks to some young people. The first difficulty most of the youngsters will encounter is homesick. Living away from their beloved family members is not an easy to cope up with. Sometimes, it is very unfortunate to fall sick and during that time, it would be highly recommended to be under parental care. Despite the fact that, they are surrounded by myriad of friends, no one can take care of them as their parents does.

Overall, leaving their house before they get married, allows them to leverage in exploring numerous fabulous opportunities, which would not be possible if they had chosen to live with their parents. So i conclude by saying advantages outweigh disadvantages.

Just keep working Veeryday. You're very close to getting the score you need!


Hi Reema,

It would be a good idea to get someone to check your writing and give you detailed feedback. You probably need to work on grammar and vocabulary more than structure.


Hi Jessica,

No, I'm afraid you can't write "before sent..."


Thanks Martin. I'm glad you agree.


Hi Bhavini,

You don't need to include any drawbacks - just write about the advantages of both things.


Hi Venkat,

In the phrase "I did create" the word "did" is used to add emphasis. (e.g. You didn't create it... Yes I did create it)

hi sudheer,
i found your essay is great and vocabulary are advanced,great,but mouch did it took you to brainstorm it and write it? and did u had teacher lessons? thanks

sorry sudheer i meant how much time did it took you?

\\" Comments are welcome"\\

It is irrefutable that young generation has to leave their families in order to pursue higher studies and satisfactory jobs.I strongly believe that leaving home before getting marriage is beneficial in terms of financial as well as personal growth. My statement is detailed further.

Focusing on the advantages, Staying far away from parents give tremendous opportunity to explore the world and get valuable experience of life.Moreover, youth can learn value of money by earning and spending on their own and managing the all financial aspects.This kind of management skill is necessary for everyone. Apart from this,they can get good job opportunity and earn good salaries. Young generation can provide financial support to their beloved family members.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages which are not ignorable. Mainly, homesickness which sometimes discourage youth and become a hindrance in their concentration towards career.another thing, as they do not have any one to keep an eye on their activities, sometimes they fall in bad habits and get involved in illegal activities. due to this they spoil their career and waste their parents priceless money and break their faith.

Finally, I would say that not leaving with parents for career perceptive and getting better job is good decision . It can be said that advantages outweigh the disadvantaged.

Thanks, Simon.
I would give some comments about these students' essays, to express my gratitude for Simon's on-going contribution.

MZ, your essay is good, except some minor mistakes, such as "which mean that". this relative clause is not used correctly.

"disadvantages are greater" is not a natural expression.

"got some advantages" and "pose some drawbacks" are somewhat awkward.
advantages and drawbacks are built in a specific subject, such as a plan or an item. therefore, they are different from "benefits and problems", which do not exist unless something happens.

I do not think social networking websites or places of historical importance are relevant to the topic.

I think you need to show your abilities to write complex sentences. your sentences are predominantly simple structures, especially in the first paragraph of the main body.
I also think that you rely heavily on templates, "focusing on the advantages.." to start a paragraph is awkward.

I strongly suggest that you employ Simon's service. He can check your grammar and give you some idea about how to construct sentences.

Hi mz,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

I took it more than 40 min. I am trying to follow tips from this website. No other teacher! But i'm hoping to write essays of similar quality in appropriate time frame with more practice.

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your suggestion on the keywords; Advantages and Drawbacks.

Regarding, social networking; i did not mean social networking websites. Real people around is what i mean. In a new place, you will find new friends and that is what i mean exactly.

And coming to historical places; It is just one of the advantage. For instance, am in abroad now to pursue my higher studies. At the same time, i am checking out all famous places in the country am currently living in.

Anyway, your comments are much appreciated. I hope this kind brainstorm will enhance our skills.

Thank you.

Hi Simon,

first of all, let me take this opportunity to Thank You for your humble service.

I did this essay last month and achieved the band score of 8. I simply followed your instructions and have been continuously getting 8 for writing, but unfortunately my speaking is 7.5. I've scored 9 for reading and listening.

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out with perfecting my speaking skills.

Thank you

Hi Simon. This is my essay which I have written in my exam but couldn't get even 7 in writing. Could someone please comment. Thank you
It is true that many young people these days leave home and parents to work and study. In my point of view, this trend has got numerous advantages than disadvantages. However, in the following paragraphs I will emphasize the advantages and disadvantages and I will give my opinion in the end.
On the one hand, young adolescents, who leave home and parents will lose the love and affection with their parents. If they want to study or work abroad, then they should understand the language and culture of that particular country. If young people leave home, then there may be a financial problem; they may not be supported by family and the government. They should face the consequences in the near future before getting a job.
On the other hand, young adults these days leave parents and home because they want to widen their knowledge and get a good job to give better life to their parents when their parents retire. For instance, I came from India to Australia to pursue my studies further and explore my knowledge. I finished masters in IT and got a good job. I am really satisfied with the life now and I am also able to give my parents a better life. In addition, young people these days decide not to have restrictions on them by their parents; this is the main reason why people leave home, find a job and earn money and lead their own life.
In conclusion, this trend has got several advantages than disadvantages. Moreover, as a young adolescent, people should leave their parents and home to widen their knowledge and wisdom.

Thanks Jessica for your valuable comments!

Will you be able to check my essasy's and help in improving my writing ??

how many band you will think for this kind of essay?

hi jessica, i really appreciated, it is really nice that some people can offer help and cooperate,hope you the best

Hello Simon,
I am in a dreadful situation,the more am practising writing,the worst am becoming. My scores were 6.5 initially,then 6 and now 5.5.
While writing I plan ideas and then write off that they are not good. As time is the biggest enemy,so whatever I write in hurry is extremely poor. I am very upset about it.

Hi Jessica,
I really appreciate people helping each other and what you are doing is great. I believe,we all are blessed with something extraordinarily good. For me,I write very poor and this has shaken my confidence to an extent that my scores are going down. I am so upset.

hi sarah , i understand how u feeling, i had the same situation however i took more ielts test more than u can imagin and still didn`t get what i want because of my writing,i even got 8 in listening and 8 in speaking .I had a conclusion that the ielts test is not a true measurment for how good you are and most people who managed to get high score sometimes failed to comunicate in some real situation while other candidate who got low score are sometimes fairly good communicator.so i think it is your luck when you had an easy and realistic task2 writing question ,and i tell you what i doubt that even some ordinary native speaker can answear task2 in an acadamic way as it should be.so it is really a strange exam that doesnt test your language instead it test your ability to manage your time!!!!.so just keep on trying and good luck for all of us

TO Sarah and Mz
i have already appeared in this test 3 times.i require 7 individual ,but failed to get it.sometime i gat 6.5 in speaking and sometime 6.5 in reading.can u pls tell me,how can one get band 8/9 in reading?it seems vy hard for me.what is the task one should do to get the score.i am vy much disappointed,bcz my future career totally depend on individual 7 score in IELTS...thanks.

HI Hamish,
Instead of in my point of view----
in my view, this trend has more --instesd of numerous- INSTESD OF HOWEVER, IN THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS--YOU COULD WRITE--
This essay will look at advantages and disadvantages of separation of bachelors from the family.


It is undeniable that many bachelors decide to leave their families in order to receive higher education and to seek a good job, before they get married. I strongly feel that this trend is more beneficial for those who are separating from their parents.
On the one hand, It is evident nowadays that young individuals choose to leave their home before marriage for better prospectus. Being away from house can be seen as a positive trend for almost all young people. This phenomenon of separation from families helps them to earn a good salary and to gain a work experience. They would definitely support their beloved family members financially. For example, a friend of mine is coming back from Australia to India after completing his studies, and now he is employed by a multinational company for the position of I.T Administrator. As this shows that the person who left the home for receiving better educational and employment opportunities certainly, helps to afford the expenses of family members. Thus, it can be concluded from this example that the person who gets separated from home results in good progress.
On the other hand, there are some downsides to this trend as well. Individuals leaving home for the purposes of academic qualifications and work are most likely to disperse from parents, and as result they under go into homesickness, sadness and loneliness. They become isolated from their families, and sometimes they may fall into bad habits. For instance, a son of my uncle went to the U.S.A two years back for completing his P.G. Diploma. As there was no one to supervise him,and as a result, he turns into bad habit of alcohol. As this shows that there are great dangers to bachelors who are leaving homes prior to marriage. Thus, it is clear that this trend is a negative aspect.
In conclusion, it has been shown that isolation of individuals from families is having both good points and bad points. My personal belief is that advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

Dear Simon,

In formal writing, many people think we should avoid using the word "I", even if we are giving an opinion. Is it true or not? What is your advise?


hello, Bob,
yes, you can use "I" in ielts writig. just check cambridge ielts' examiners' model answers. they use "I" as well. if you read Simon's essays, he used "I" and even personal examples.

Hi, guys,
I have a little question about the below senstences:

1, "The procedures of validation could talk less time to be completed."

2, "The procedures of validation could talk less time to complete."

Which one is corrent?

Sorry, miss typing on previous post

1, "The procedures of validation could take less time to be completed."

2, "The procedures of validation could take less time to complete."

Which one is corrent?

hi mz

i think i noticed two errors in your essay
the first one is: i do not think we generally use however and while consecutively, i think omitting however in the first line will make more sense.
Secondly the last sentence of second paragraph where you mentioned 'end up having' this is not the formal written English structure. it is more the spoken structure.

Now the better side of your essay is; you have really great cohesion and coherence of ideas following each other.And you need to remember that after full stop you have to start with capital letters.
goodluck mate

hi ziaul

your writing is amazing and i enjoyed reading your essay. I have been struggling with my writing and i have major problem with articles. Therefore i have started to read the essays written by others and try to figure out the proper use of articles. I think you are amazing writer. However i am confused in one instance where you used 'gain a work experience' i think work is uncountable and we cant use article before it. However, i am not sure and spare me if i am wrong.

This is an interesting topic, I have tried to use logical sequence instead of linking words to compose the essay below. Is it preferred to IELTS examiners? Any comments are welcomed.

Nowadays, young people are increasingly intended to live far away from their family to pursuit their education or professional development instead of staying with their parents before getting married. Although there are some disadvantages accompanied, I think there are more advantages for these young people.

The most obvious benefit for them is that they can adapt themselves to the society sooner and better by living independently. This independence is always critical for people’s future development. People can never achieve self-reliant personality without taking care themselves and making decisions by themselves and apparently, the earlier the youngsters attempt to live by themselves, the earlier they can achieve this important characteristic. Then they are more mature to behave sensible to face the challenges of life.

Another beneficial result is those young people can expand their horizon when they are living a new circumstance. For instance, they have to make new friends when they are away from their relatives. Such social network may be much more helpful for their future professional development when their friends are of similar age, interest and vocation; this valuable resource, however, may not be readily available when these young people are always limited within their parents’ social circles.

Some people may argue departing from their parents may be detrimental to the family bonds of those youngsters, especially because they can never meet their parents as frequently as the old days. However, modern telecom technology has enabled people to keep in touch at any time. In addition, the distance make the heart grows fonder; many people may cherish their family more than ever.

All in all, I believe that the advantages of living away from their parents overshadow the disadvantages. In this fast-paced age, young people can adjust themselves better and build up social network to live better. (299 words)

hi josh,
thanks alote on ur comment, by the way i forgot to put the comma after However so it should be However , while. I saw simon use this expresion in the introduction many tims.
thanks again and sorry for this mistake

hi simon

I'm not quite clear about the definition of consumer culture which i found from your ebook, even though I have googled this term just now.

In the ebook under Advertising Category, you said:
We now live in a consumer culture

I'm just a little bit confused towards to this term
Could you please explain to me?
Many thanks

They become independent.
Can Start their own family.
Less burden to their parents.

Parents might feel abandoned.
This can cause homesickness.
The stress of living alone is too much for some people.

Do you think my ideas are excellent to start
a good essay.

Hi ielts taker,
Here is a passage about green house gases. This is a good paragraph about the use of cause and effect language.
Globalwarming is caused by the presence of green house gases in the atmosphere. One of the worst green house gases is co2 or carbon di-oxide.
The main problem is our use of fossil fuels. So what we've done is to put the whole system out of balance by digging up coal, gas and oil that took about 200 million years to accumulate and were releasing it all in about 100 years. So it's put the whole system out of balance at the moment, which has resulted in higher levels of gases in the atmosphere.
Now make a table of cause and effect.
USE OF FOSSIL FUELS- Natural system out
of balance.
Noe complete the table from the passage.

Dear Simon,

While searching through, I came across this topic on IELTS website which has given as an example tip to study.

The role of prisons should be to punish criminals, who have committed serious crimes. Training courses and education offered to prisoners are a waste of taxpayer's money.

I found that this essay question has asked two questions,

1-The role of prisons should be to punish criminals, who have committed serious crimes(not for petty criminals? shouldn't I answer in one paragraph?)
2-Training courses and education offered to prisoners are a waste of taxpayer's money.
(a waste of taxpayers's money or not? another para)

However, the website itself did not mention the 1st quetion in their sample answer.

How do you think I should proceed with essay?

Here is crime vocabylary,that can be used while writing an essay about the role of prison. try to match this exercise.

.Inmate ___

2.Murderer ___

3.Petty criminals ___

4.Burglar ___

5.Shoplifter ___

6.Deterrent ___

7.Behind bars ___
8.White collor crimes-

A.a thief who enters a building with intent to steal

B.a criminal who kills another human being

C.someone involved in minor crimes

D.something that persuades people not to commit a crime

E.in prison

F.a person who is confined in a prison

G.a thief who steals from a shop that is
H. a crime that is committed in office such as fraud.

Hi Simon,

Could you please tell me is this topic the same with another topic "agree or disagree"? If not, would you like to tell the difference?

Yesterday I practiced an essay about "agree and disagree", then I found that what I wrote was also the "advantage and disadvantage". Just because of the benifits, I would rather to agree with it.


Hello Simon!

I have came across your website around a month ago, but unfortunately I had booked my exam date and did not look at it thorough. I have to reappear to the exam and this time I will take whole benefit of it. I have got L 6.5,R-5,W-6,S-6.5
Now, I, myself better know about weaknesses in the area of each section and hope to gain in each module.I have just one doubt about my writing task-2.

We asked,
Some people think that no one should be allowed to work after the age of 65. Others say that people should be allowed to work for as long as they want to. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.
- I now followed your blog and clearly understand that, I have to mention my opinion in Introduction as well as conclusion. But I only give my final opinion in conclusion only.
So, I am wondering what affect on band score, if we ONLY give our opinion in conclusion- Just curious about it. I really appreciate if you please give a word on it.

Thank you and keep it up good work.
Hemal Patel

oh sorry, Reading is 6 not 5

There is no doubt that now adays many young individuals prefer to leave their family home for the purpose of higher studies and sometimes due to employment.As far as I am concerned I wholeheartedly believe that there are more benefits than drawbacks of living apart from family.

When an individual decide to live on its own will enhance their confidence and make them more independent.Paying for his/her education and living will make them more responsible not only towards themselves but also to the society as a whole.Moreover, independent lifestyle will make them open minded,expand their horizon as well as
develop them socially,mentally and physccally.

However,there are some drawbacks which cannnot be ignored,such as,living alone can make them homesick.Sometimes youngsters could fall into bad habbits like drugs just because they feel depressed and alone and driven towards illegal drugs.

To conclude,I would say advantages overweigh disadvantages and that should take into consideration.

please could anyone help me regarding writing task 2.

Dear Ziaul huda,

Thanks for the vocabulary regarding prison essay, though it did not help with my question.

Thanks for your efforts.



I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. I do still read your questions, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson every Saturday.

Hi Suri,

Your scores are really imaging.
Can you share your email address in case I has some queries about your success strategies?

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your very good comments. I want to know whether it's important to write an essay in 4 or 5 paragraph since every teacher has his own attitude.

yours sincerely,

Hi Simon! i was just wonderin if i can answer this type of question by simply supporting or stating the reason of my stand? I couldnt figure the cue that i have to discuss the opposite point of view. or else i need some practice to analyze the types of questions..
anyway, i wrote the task this way.
The younger generation nowadays are much aggressive compared to the past. In our society, these individuals have already their voices on what their choosen path will be. Although living with one's guardin before getting married offers a lot of benefits, I strongly believe that leaving your comfort zone, whether for school or career, shells an immense advantage.
Firstly, being away from your parents gives you freedom to practice one's decision making skills. It is our cycle as human to mature physically, but not everyone outgrow being a passive child. While away from the significant people in our lives, you are able to have the chance to decide small or big things for yourself. In this way, one can become a wise adult in the future. Decisions are essential whether in personal and professional aspect of life.
Secondly, it instills independence which have immeasurable positive outcomes.

In this modern day times it seems evident that separation from the family among young, bachelor adult is of current trend. Some find career and or studying as reason for leaving their home. I believe that this scenario poses its own benefits and drawbacks which I want to discuss hereunder.

On the one hand, the bright side of leaving one’s comfort zone is that young adults will gain a certain degree of independence and freedom. When they are left alone, they will find measures to support themselves such as doing the cooking and laundry and other household chores knowing that no one will do it for them (just like what exactly happened to me when I was in college). Because they are in an age-earning capacity, doing work away from home might give them the feeling of self-fulfilment. They will be paying taxes which equate an idea of becoming a productive citizen.
On the other hand, being emancipated at home might put some strain on parent-child relationship. The absence of the family member might be hard emotionally, like given an instance no one is around to truly care and support an ill-parent because their child is away. Furthermore, when a young individual start to pursue one’s own career or studies it will somehow lessen the amount and quality of communication being given to their parents.

Given all of my explanations, I firmly believe that leaving away from home is a choice that should be given a considerable amount of thoughts .The advantages and disadvantages could be less or great depending on the family and individual.

Hi simon this is laurice, you said don't be afraid to say I believe in writing task 2. But my teacher said that pronouns in academic writing makes it informal. It has to be a formal kind of writing

Hi Lamp,

IELTS is not the same as 'real' university academic writing. You would never get a question that asks whether you agree or disagree at university. I agree with your teacher about 'real' academic writing, but IELTS writing questions ask for YOUR views.

Please check my essay and reply, i have got only 5 bands in my ielts test:

Nowadays, there is vogue among youngsters to leave alone for study purposes or to seek job in another country and hence leave away from their parents until they are married. however, as coin has two sides, this situation brings both benefits and drawbacks.

Youngsters more keen to interest in studying overseas or seek job other there leaving their parents behind. there can be numerous reasons for this, such as young people are more influence by modern lifestyles and prefer to live alone to get more freedom they wanted to have.

On the contrary side, Sometimes leaving alone in other place creates self confidence and in-dependency among them. They learn to tackle and solve world problems by their own. Also they will be paying taxes which equate an idea of becoming a productive citizen. They will learn how to do small household work by their own such as, cooking, cleaning etc.

In the nutshell, if leaving alone make their parents alone and neglected then on the other hand young people become independent in their lives and then after getting married come back to live their parents to enjoy their rest of life.

Simon, please tel me mistakes or any improvement that i needed.. waiting for reply..

Hi Simon & Martin,

I agree with what you said. The key of Writing is the practice of Brainstorming.


please simon check my writing task 2

The migration of people to cities is one of the biggest problem facing the world's cities today. Discuss the main cause and solution could be used to tackle this.


It is certainly true that nowadays people are migrating at a higher rate. To my perspective, its overwhelming reason only on lacking of facilities as well as unemployment that-s-why people migrate to urban area to rural areas. In this essay, I shall discuss the causes and solution.

To begin with, There are many factor of this problem of people to moving to cities from countryside area. However, An overwhelming reason of that is in urban areas, There are number of jobs in comparison to rural areas because there are lots of factory,industries and offices owing to this people are more attracting. On the other hand, Medical treatment is also wonderful and too fast then villages. Finally, technology is better and fast in cities such as Wi-Fi,3g, and so on.

Despite of these, There are number of solution to solve the migrating problem for instance electricity, well transportation, and medical facilities . To my mind, Government must improve the quality of life in countryside areas by offering more and more jobs and construct new industries and factory. Moreover, Government should encourage to reside there in open and fresh environment.

To sum up, If government will provide these facilities that are mention above in this essay than migration will not be a big issue.

Dear Simon,
I am confused about the differences between
"Do you think this trend has more advantages or disadvantages?" where we have to give our opinion as well as discussing both the advantages and disadvantages
"Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?"
"Is this a positive or negative development?"
"To what extent do you agree or disagree?"
where the questions can be answered by giving both sides OR BY SUPPORTING ONLY ONE SIDE, depending on the view that we express in our introduction.

My confusion is whether we can't support only one side for the very first type of question "Do you think this trend has more advantages or disadvantages?"

Thank you for your time.

comments are welcomed.

In some modern societies it is a common phenomenon the old people living or have been kept in a elderly houses, after their kids left them for either a reasonable or unreasonable causes.
Some of them their beloved children left them alone after that long and tuff journey to raise up them to have what they call their own life the way they want and where they want to run away from them.
Luckily they give their parents better life and a better people to take care of them around the clock,
but still the fact of the killing heart feelings that their beloved kids left them alone after these years.
The other kind of old people who is living in these houses their kids had to leave them for a reasonable causes, either because of their jobs , education , medication or they just died.
for example our neighbor his kid he left him in the elderly house because he had to leave to serve his country by joining the army, his duty was tuff and he had to travel for sex months and he will get only fifteen days off, so he asked his father is he will accept to live in the elderly house during his absents to get the appropriate care and he can concentrate in his job without worrying about him.
finally there is no one like the family or children will take care and give love to their own parents and in that case we will have a better society close to each other they love each other and they care about each other.

Dear sır

Please let me know how to respond for different types of essays.

For "Do you think this trend has more advantages or disadvantages?" where we have to give our opinion as well as discussing both the advantages and disadvantages

"Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?"
"Is this a positive or negative development?"

"To what extent do you agree or disagree?"

where the questions can be answered by giving both sides OR BY SUPPORTING ONLY ONE SIDE,

My confusion is whether we can't support only one side..

Whether to write thesis.

thank you for your great job

this is my essay. Please comment and correct my mistakes

it is true that leaving home before marriage is becoming increasingly common in recent years.Although I agree that there are drawbacks to this phenomenon, it has nonetheless proved tremendously beneficial in many ways. However, it is highly recommended that these pitfalls be taken into account as well.

one of major benefits associated with leaving home and parents to work and study is the opportunities for adolescents to broaden their knowledge. Strong evidence shows that thanks to leaving home, young generation are more likely to be dynamic, skilled and independent compared to young adults who live with their parents. Additionally, this also helps the younger generation take advantage of career opportunities to get a well-paid job and therefore they would definitely support their beloved family members financially.
While leaving home before marriage could bring many different sorts of benefits it may also cause problems. In fact, the majority of students who come from countryside usually leave home at the age of eighteen have to cope with culture shock and homesickness. More seriously, they are subject to depression and social isolation at the first stage of independent life. Futhermore, some bachelors turn into bad habit such as alcohol or smoking because there is no one to supervise them.

The above-mentioned facts give us a glimpse of potential effects of the isolation of individuals from families is having pros and cons. My personal belief is that advantages outweigh the disadvantage

Dear Simon,
I really do not know how to plan paragraphs in such question where there are 2 variables and talking about advantages and disadvantages of both of them. Should i mention both benefits and drawbacks of both variables and if yes in which paragraphs?

"some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advanyages to living in an apartment.

Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in a apartment?"

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I am glad if you can correct me with this essay and please mention the area i need to be improved, i wrote ielts many times but i am not getting 7 in each module, could you please help me out with the required tips.

Nowadays many young people leave home at an early age to either study or work in
another city.
Do you think this has more advantages or disadvantages for young people; support your
point of view with reasons and examples from your own experience.
Most of the young people are acquiring good knowledge in choosing quality education
and better careers at an early age by migrating to another place. Nowadays to a large extent
percentage of people studying is increased. This is positive phenomenon when it is compared
to the past. The above statement has both advantages and disadvantages.
Considering the advantages first, students who leave their home at tender age starts to
lead their life independently which is a crucial thing to be learned in life like time management,
cooking, budgeting money and more. Where as a employees are able to work in different
environments. They have a chance to ensure that they get better experience in multinational
companies. For example it is heard in many news young people come from rural areas to study
they study well to reach heights in their career.
On the other hand, the disadvantages are children miss parental guidance in academic woks,
planning expenditure, they feel alone, depressing. However even people who work also miss
their families, this leads to perform poor in their jobs. Managing all the things alone is a tough
job. Out of personal experience my cousin stays in neighboring city for a standard college,
but she has a health problem ever ready in her pocket due to unhygienic food in hostel.
On the whole, I believe that a decision should be taken according to the priority. If it is
required to move to different place to get something. Even it is far distance proper guidance should be
given to them.

Any New Technological Development In The Recent Years Is A Boon Or Curse For The Society In General

plz give me some points of this essay

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As decades and centuries have passed, the importance of nurturing and educating young people in order to have a successful society in future as well as possible has become more and more essential. In this regard, having said that in this day and age, some state-of-the-art devices and entertaining goods that are always being used by young generation are a chief factor to lessen imaginative thoughts. Opposing the prevailing view, I am of the conviction that although some repercussions can result from these kinds of technology, it would not be the best solution to ignore these unique developments.
On the one hand, the most outstanding phenomenon in recent century has been invention of some modern devices such as computers, smart mobile cell phones, playing devices, tablets, and something like that. In addition, the presence of these tools in our life has revolutionized many lifestyles and made a wide variety of advances. In other words, it is believed that if they had not arrived in our life, these days we would have not obtained such progresses that we are witnessing. Smart mobile phones, for example, have helped us improve our planning, expanding our social interactions with other people on the other side of the world immediately, cheaply and simply.
On the other hand, the more we rely on technology, the more we get far from each other, which means that they have spoilt many face-to-face communications. Furthermore, owing to existence of these technological equipment, people most prefer to chat to each other instead of meeting up together. As a result, all this have caused a significant breakdown in our people's creativity as they have lost some beneficial interactions they used to apply to develop their creativity. As an instance, according to an article published in a scientific journal, they showed that those groups of people who were used to communicate with each other in the form of face-to-face one had stronger abilities to act creatively.
Overall, it seems that although using new devices can lead to some drawbacks in our world, it would not a good solution to ignore their benefits and to eliminate them from our lives. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to create a balance between having and not having them, so that this can make us able to have a more creative society.

Dear IELTS ninja, I forgot to write disadvantages body pharagraph. Instead, I wrote 2 advatanges body pharagraph in my essay. However, my structure of essay is well-built. All things considered, how would be my writing score effected?

Hi sir..i m little bit confused here bcoz this essay say tht advantage or disadvantage....so tht we go with the 100 % agree or elsewhr 100% disagree...how can we write both side...if we agree so tht we go with advantage side and if ee are disagree than we go disagree side...if we write both side than it ll b wrong or ri8 ? I dont kno wht to do in yhis type of essay.

Simon how about this,

Leaving a home is hard for both parents and child. However in some family, wherein, the bond is not stronger than the others they prefer the other way around. The sooner the better. Staying in your comfort zone or under your parent's wing until you got married has its pro's and con's.
When you stay at your parent's house, you don't have to worry about lots of things such as food, laundry, bills and so on. Likewise, staying at your parent's house also helps you not to worry about how your parents are doing. And if you can be able to provide somehow you can also share or pay in full the bills.
But in counterpart, You may not be able to stand for yourself in the future when you decide to get married. It may cause you some discomfort in adjusting to the environment because everything is new to you. You may find it hard because you are used to be dependent on your parents.
Based on my experience, developing the independent attitude is not only learned once you are already living alone but, it is developed inside your home. Leaving in my parent's house until I got married teaches me a lot of things like cooking, doing laundry, proper cleaning of the house and so forth. Which, later on, I used when I have my own home. I learned it in my home and later on apply it when I got married. Noting the country that I came from, it is traditional for the children to stay under the care of their parents until they are well off to get married.

Hi Simon. This is my essay . Could you please comment.
It is true that nowadays, people from an early age decide to leave their families in order to study or to find a job at another place. Although, this phenomenon could have some merits, yet I would say the demerits are more significant.
Living separately from family could be associated with some advantages for adolescents. The important one is relating to independency. It provides youth an opportunity to enhance their social skills. For instance, one of our neighbours who is a single young man has been chosen as our apartment manager recently. Continuous communication with neighbours and involving in social activities has made him a sophisticated person. The second advantage might be a circumstance that a juvenile could manage his or her life without any interference as he or she desires to act where the youngster hold responsibility to earn money. The last one, could be a chance to choose daily routine without need to coordinate with someone else.
Young people who gravitate to solitary life before forming their own family, mostly encounter with some difficulties. Firstly, they are more susceptible to mental and psychological diseases like depression. As a great illustration, a recent research that has carried out by Tehran University shows that 65 percent of young people who attempt to commit suicide are individuals who live separately from their family. The second demerit is, they have to burden the costs of living alone which impose extra charge on their budget. And finally, the youth who live alone should spend time for cooking and other household chores rather than studying or even resting.
In conclusion, once again I would restate that the drawbacks of living separately before getting married, outweigh of its merits.

Hello simon,
If the question is ( do the advantages outweigh disadvantages )
In answer:-
Is it corret to write ( advantages are more than disadvantages) or we should write (advantages outweigh disadvantages)

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