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August 01, 2012


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could you please mention 2 main paragraph topic senteces as well?

High salary of sports persons can be justified due to certain reasons.Firstly,.............secondly, ..............
On the other hand ,I would argue that there are various other professionals which should be paid according to their hard work.
This is my paragraph sentences,hope they will you to understand.

Your approach astonishes me to such a question!!Shouldn't we better keep our opinion to the concluding paragraph. It seems to me that this is a discussion question not do you agree or disagree.

this is an absolute correct that famous sprots people earn more money than other professions. i think this is an unfair limited salary should be paid them
this is my paragraph sentence

Hello Simon,

In recent IELTS taken in sydney.
The writing topic II was:

In present age, people tend to rent house than buying their own. Explain advantages and disadvantages of rent houses.

Can you please include this topic in your discussions.

Thank you.

Hi Simon

In discussion question, can I only write positive points about one view in a paragraph and only negative points about another in the next paragraph, if I write them as if they are "other people's view"? And then in the conclusion paragraph, I support the first view?

Will this approach not balance enough?

Also, Can this approach(but present ideas as if they are all "my view") used in agree/disagree question that I give a strong point in the beginning?

Thanks a lot!

hi Simon

i came across a sentence in your e-book which confused me. you says that "Some people do not manage to find work" is this alright? or instead of "work" can we use "job" ?

Hi Hossam,

The fact that you are surprised is good because it means that you have learnt something new! Don't save any 'surprises' for the conclusion - that's not the way we do it in academic English contexts. In the introduction I've simply mentioned both sides and made it clear what my view is. This is a good way to do it.


Hi Mong,

The best thing to do is have a look through my writing task 2 lessons. Analyse the essays that I've written to see how I do it - there are lots of 'discussion + opinion' essays here on the site.

Dear Simon
Thanks a lot for your explanation!! I think you have made things for me clearer than ever.

Hi Emre,

Yes, it's correct. You can use 'work' as an uncountable noun, or 'job' as a countable noun. For example:

I'm looking for work.
I'm looking for a job.


No problem Hossam.

This woul be my response to the above mentioned task.
It is undeniable that sports heroes earn huge salaries. Some tend to believe that it is justified for them to be paid huge money. However, others believe that it is not fair for these people to earn higher incentives. My personal belief is that sports stars should not be paid more than other skilled. This will be proven by looking at both sides of the argument before a well reasoned conclusion is drawn.
On the one hand, it is evident that sports men and women often earn excessive amount of money. It is felt by many that sports people are somewhat unsung heroes of the society, and in this way they are entitled to higher salaries. Since they are paying taxes on their earnings, so why they cannot receive enormous budgets. To illustrate this, a footballer receives millions of dolor for contesting in a sporting event, regardless of his or her performance. As this shows that higher salaries are justified for these professionals.
On the other hand, there is an opposing view to this argument. It is absolutely wrong to pay excessive sums to these sports performers than other professionals. There is a good illustration of this is that skilled workers like Doctors, engineers, teachers and fire fighters earn lower salaries than the sports stars. All these professions provide services in the society to make healthy life style.
In conclusion, it has been shown that sports individuals are high earners because they are very important to the nation. Thus, it is predicted that government should introduce some measures to provide better facilities and sound salaries to people in different occupations.

Hi simon,

Good day.I have taken ielts for several times,however,my band score are keep dropping.could you please help me,what could be the reason? I'm tired of reading ielts books.thank you so much

Hi Simon,

Recent task 2 question was.Nowadays more people are away from Family,for study or work.this trend more advantage or more disadvantage.Is this topic required both pros and cons?or can be indicate advantages only.Thank you so much

Hello Simon,

I have tried to write an essay on this topic and I struggled with the structure of what opinion I should present first. If I do not agree with the statement, should I present the reasons why athletes should NOT be paid such high salaries first or is it better to start with the positives and leave the negatives to the end?

Thank you very much!

Dear Simon

Thank you. I see that the ideas you used in paragraph 3 is not contradicting to those in paragraph 2, but arguing from another angle. Now I see how to do it.

Hi Riyan,

It's impossible for me to say what the problem is I'm afraid. Try reading the advice in my lessons to see if you are doing the test in the way that I advise. Also, it might help to find a teacher who can check your work and tell you what you are doing wrong.


Hi Monika,

I tend to put the other opinion in paragraph 2, then my own opinion in paragraph 3. Your opinion then leads nicely into the conclusion.


No problem Mong.

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your response and concern.In fact,I followed your ace the ielts,and it's maximized my score on writing,speaking,component,however,on the listening and reading component its remained same,then I took some ielts preparation classes consequently,dropped everything.I think,It would be great if you could help me to recommend some expert especially on reading component.thank you so much again.

hello Simon,
Sport stars become more competitive earners of a large sum of money due to the fact that sport is one kind of exciting and interesting jobs which attracts everybody’s attention while people of other different profession earn considerably much less salary than they deserve. In my point of view, there is nothing wrong with this situation at all and sportsmen will continue to earn money as much as they want.

Dear Simon,

I really appreciate the lessons that you provide on writing. Over a week I managed to improve my writing score from 6.5 to 7. Other components were 8.5 reading, 8.0 listening and 8.5 speaking. Thank you so much. Writing has always been the hardest for me.

I know it is really very difficult for you check essays. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ONLY ABOUT THE STRUCTURE OF THIS ESSAY.
Some people feel that the design of newly constructed buildings in big cities should be controlled by Governments. Others contest those who finance the construction of a building should be free to design it as they see fit. What is your position? Discuss both sides in your response.

Many people believe that the plan of newly prepared buildings in mega cities should be monitored by authorities. However, others think that individuals who backup the construction of a house or a shop should have a privilege to design these independently. This will be proven by analyzing both positions before a well reasoned conclusion is drawn.
On the one hand, It is argued that government should interfere in planning the lately build buildings. There are some merits to government interference towards designing the recently constructed houses or shopping malls. Developing authorities always ensure to provide all ultra modern facilities and technologically advanced options. The government is aimed to see these buildings to be equipped with all safety and emergency tools. For example, these days, all the buildings regulated by government in Bombay, India are equipped with emergency exit doors, and these buildings are also earth quick prone. As this shows that government intervention is a positive aspect towards planning the cities. Thus, it can be concluded from this example that regulation of these buildings by planning authorities is certainly beneficial to the population as a whole.
On the other hand, there is an opposing view to the argument. Builders who invest the money to build a building should be allowed to plan a building as they find in shape. Nowadays architects are introducing some interesting innovated features during the construction of a building. They are introducing some of the life entertaining features such as Gym, swimming pool and a movie theatre. There is a good illustration of this is the house of a famous Indian cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar has a gym, swimming pool, conference Hall and a small theatre. As this shows that the people who back up the construction process can be seen as a great advantage.
After looking at this discussion, it has been shown that the controls of plans both by local authorities and builders who are developing these buildings have their own varied point of view. Thus, it is predicted that a balanced course of action will continue to be followed in the foreseeable future.

"prevention is better than cure" iwant to discuss this topic .can you please help me.

under British and Australian law a jury in a criminal case has no access to information about the defendents past criminal records.This protects the person who is being accused of the crime.
some lawyers have suggested that this practice should be changed and that a jury should be given all the past facts before they reach their decision about the case
Do you agree or disagree?Give your reasons for the answer.

pls generate ideas ,about this task.

Hi fellas i have a topic here can we discuss it.

As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.

Thanks to the technology, it has shaped the entire universe. Today the world is civilized in such a way that makes people to be busy thinking of what is going to happen next. Indeed technology has made human being to think outside the box, since the use of internet has made information to be accessible easily and thus made human being to gather true facts and develop new products.

The use of technology has simplified life not for a mankind to be lazy to think. Similar technology competition of survival of the fittest in the society- those who lack information can not develop they skills. Moreover if a mankind could shut his brain of thinking he couldn't develop new methods and programs that we are using now days.

In conclusion mankind extinction have been saved by upgrading technology and this implies upgrading human brain, sub-conscious mind.Example for the past decades they was a deadly virus that engulf universe in a split of second,and now thanks to scientist who spent sleepless night thinking of ways of finding cure using technology.

Any one can correct it guys, it is my first time to be in this site and i have found it helpful too.

Thank you simon for wonderful site i will be in touch with you. By the way am writing my IELTS test on 25 August.

Hi Mashaba,
The firsr sentence-- It has enhanced the quality of life in many parts of the world.
, comma after Indeed
Sice the advent of internet instesd of use.
and this makees people to collect true iformations and to innovate the products and services.
-there was a deadly-- Also have a look I have posted an essay above on 6th August 2012. you are welcomed to comment on my piece of writing.

Hi Simon,
Firstly i want to thank you for sharing your experiences. I want to ask that, must i add thesis statement in to my introduction paragraph.

dear Simon,
I have a question that if the introduction of essay needs to contain background of topic?

Hi Simon,

I have a question. I took ielts and I realized a problem in my writing task 2. The question was the type of "discuss both view...." However, I didn't notice it and I supported only one of the ideas. I think that there are no too many grammar mistakes, the paragraph is organized and I have an introduction and a conclusion. I need at least 5 from writing part. With all of these, do the examiners give much penalties? Do I have a chance to take 5?


Thank you


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