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August 22, 2012


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Hi Simon,

Thanks so much for your website,it is very helpful.

I just have one question regarding "problems and solutions" question. If the question just simple asks,"what are the problems of this situation and what measures can be taken?", in this case, how many problems and solutions should be write in our essay?

Which way would you recommend, one paragraph just listing porblems and one paragraph about solutions ,or one paragraph of one particular problem and the solution to the problem and one paragraph of another problem and its solution?

Looking forward to your reply.

You can look at his guidance for this kind of question in the lessons before. First paragraph should be about problems and the 2nd one should be about solutions.

hi Simon.. i have done b.Sc nursing and got married 6months before. my husband is Canadian citizen. i have already applied for Canada.over there firstly i will appear for RN exam then a nursing job. so pl z tell me how much bands required for this purpose... i m very much confuse plzz help me.. and also tell me should i appear for acedemic or general ielts examss.. waiting for ur ans.

hi Simon

Could you please tell me that is it necessary to give example in Writing Task 2

Hi Sukhraj,

I'm afraid I can't tell you the answers to those questions. It all depends on the requirements of the job. You will need to ask the employer you want to work for.


I'll cover some of the other questions people have asked on Saturday.

How do you feel about plagiarism?

Hi Simon

I know i sound stupid but will there be any example given in IELTS listening test like they do during mock test?

you see, i am planning to sit on IELTS next month and i chose Cambridge books to help me out. and these books always give an example before starting.(which is really helpful cause it helps me to have a look around of the questions before the test starts)

i hope you understand how puzzled i am :(


Hi Shuvo,

Yes, they give an example at the start of section 1.

Hello Simon,

I just found your side just few days before my exam date which is pity because it is very useful, especially the writing task 2 section.
I read through every pages of the section and applied your suggestions to my exam this morning.
I spent the 40 minute plan as you suggested and it went pretty well.
Thank you again! :)

PS. I will have speaking test tomorrow, so now I will concentrate on reading your speaking section


Hi Simon

I will take IELTS exam this week. Your plan is very helpful when I practise , but my question is that:

Will they give me extra one paper to write my plan in ten minute?
If not, where can I write this plan?

Hi Simon,

I have this doubt from many days, how shall we calculate the total number of words for letter 150 and Essay 250.....

hi simon,
i am having problem in the line formation,my tutor told me that i have to frame good lines in order to get good bands.
i am trying but i can not get any way for good formation of lines..please give me some suggestion

sir first time i get over all 5.0 bands in ielts l=6 r=4.5 w=5.0&s=4.5 pl z give some advise to get good bands and improve my vocabulary

i am bit confused, how to start writing an essay.... pls suggest me some ways to start writing es...

what’s wrong with me ,i have sat for ielts like six times and i keep getting ascore band of 6.5 in reading ,i need 7 can somebody help me out am so depressed ,

Hi Clifford,
I think it is best to actually practise your writing task(s) on the IELTS writing format sheet. This way you can actually get the idea of how long is your answer and how many words you have written while practising. This will definitely help you to give an idea in the actual IELTS test.

Here is the answer sheet format :

I hope you got my point ;)

Thanks Simon. I'm trying to get into the 8-9 zone with my writing. Whilst the other 3 bands I all scored higher than 8, my writing was only 7 in the most recent test. How can I improve? Cheers :)

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hi simon , can i have a clarification on a part 1 essay word strength?
what if it exceeds 150 words ? how it will reflect on my score ?

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