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August 29, 2012


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Hi simone,
I have a doubt in writing structure.if u have time Please clarify my doubt.

My teacher told me to write both side argument for all the questions (that means positive and negative OR advantages and disadvantages).He is good in English, but he doesn't have much experience in IELTS.This is why i am asking to you.

But you taught us one side argument is enough for some questions.If so how can we identify the one side argument essay?
Can we write both side argument for all questions?

Please help me I confused with your lessons and my teacher's lessons.

Thanks a lot for your lessons

I would like to tell you that its not necessary to write both type arguments in all essays.FIRST of all try to read a number of questions and identfy its type ,whether it is opinion essay,problem and solution essay,advantage and disadvantages .you can also get help from reading task 2 essays from simon website.In this way you can plan your essay very well.

Thanks musharaf,
I can easily find out type of essay such as opinion essay, problem solving essay and agree or disagree essay.But i don't know how to write opinion easy.My teacher told me write opposite point also in separate paragraph like some people believe in this statement. Then i have to write about my views.My teacher told like this... this is why i confused with writing

It is true that the main function of the prison is to punish people who break the law ,however ther are other valuable purposes that a prison can provide.

On the one han,prison is cosidered to be the perfect way of punishment. Perhaps mainly because prisoners are losing their freedum and privilage when they are sent to prision.They no longer in continous contact with their beloved family members and friends, and not able to practice most of their favourit leisure activities.For example an offender is not allowed to go out to the cinem with his wife and children.In this way criminals would learn the consequences of their terrible actions and would think twice befor commiting any unlawful actions.

On the other hand, rehabilitation and treatment are another important roles of the prison.Rehabiltation provide practical training and knowledge for the offenders. Consequently they gain useful skils and experiences which are essencial for their future career. This system also ensure that criminals would be less likely to reoffend when they are release and instead they will be good community members.Interms of treatment,there are many mentally ill criminals who might not be responsible for their wrong doing so prison hospital can be a wise solution for them so they can recieve treatment without threatening the public.

In conclusion , it seems to me that prisons can serve other important functions apart from punishment

hi every one am wellcoming any comment on the above essay, notice there are spelling mistakes that i only realised after posting the writing.


I am taking the IELTs exam this Saturday, 1 Sept. The first time I took the test I scored L7.5 R7.5 W6.5 S9.. I need to improve my writing to get a score of 7, what do you suggest?

Hi simon

Please help me out in explaining writing task 1 and 2. let me know how should i approach to all new people if i am starting Explaining AC writing task 1 n 2. please tel me the steps to go ahead

hello, Simon
Is it ok to write complex or compound sentences throughout the essay without using simple sentences? will I lose marks for that?

If a question says 'Discuss Both Sides' then you should discuss both sides.
However if an essay is an agree/disagree essay you are perfectly free to only argue one side if it supports your opinion. Everything here comes from the opinion, and if your opinion is strongly on one side (completely agree or disagree) then it would make sense to only or dominantly examine that view. However if your view is in the middle, or slightly to one side or another, then we would expect more of an examination of both sides.
So the answer to your question above is: it depends on your opinion.

Thanks sjm

That means if i fully(strongly) agree or disagree with topic i have to write only about my view... Is it right?


Your essay is very impressive . How you manage to write a good essasy and beautiful . sentences. Can you please suggest ?

hi alka,
thanks very much ,your comment had gave some push.i`ve been practicing writing about every possible topic that i come pass through at any website including other candidate writing who write in the comment area and recieve some comment frome here and there.also by using simon`s ideas which had helped givng me idea about any possible topic.practicing is the key. althoug i believe that i still need improving in terms of time management and spelling . thanks and good luck

Hi Joyce

Where did you took your exam last saturday (sept. 1). How you managed to get 7 on reading. thanks


I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do read them all, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson each Saturday.

Thanks a lot for your great method!


The first time i took it was in the UK, and the way I was able to get a 7 was by reading the question first than reading the passage..

Hi Joyce,

Thank you for answering my question. It will be a great piece of advice for me while preparing for the exam. Are you from Philippines? Would you mind to be my speaking partner?

Hi MZ,

I love the way you have developed your essay. Actually, I gave my IELTS test yesterday, and I got the same question on Writing Task 2. How I wish I would have read your essay a day earlier. You've got a good flow going and the points are well explained and supported with examples. I think this is just pratice writing, hence the spelling mistakes can be ignored. All in all, one of the best essays I have come across. I would definitely rate it 8.5+

All the best for your future.


I am very weak in English grammar but recently i want to face in ielts exam.Now could not understand how to improve in writing task 1&2.pleas tell me how can i improve?

U r essay is immpresive but tell me one thing if after topic they write that to what extant u agree then what what we will write

Extra idea for paragraph 3: isolate the criminals to insure the security of the society

Hi Simon,

In the "do you agree or disagree" essays (G
T) do we need to discuss both sides or do we have to stick with one?

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