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August 25, 2012


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Few days ago Simon discussed about topic HISTORY and he also gave a link about this topic if any member could help for that particuler link once again. i will be very thankful.

Hi simon,
I have got two question please,
when we write the advantages and the disadvantages in task2 test ,is it ok to write more onthe side that outweigh the other with mentiningourpositionorwe should write equal second and third pragraph size regardless any position?

another question is how we could express thatthe benefits outweigh the drawbaks, other than using the word outweigh. please i need to know the answer as am going to set for the exame

Dear Mr Simon,

I really need your help to clarify me in a matter of grammar.
I am so confused about when to apply "were" or "was".
For e.g in this sentence " The majority of adult Americans were married in both years, but the proportion of single adults was higher in 2000" - Why you used "was higher" instead "were higher"?

thanks for your attention

Hi Simon;

Your site immensely helped me about the writing part. I thought it was impossible for me to get over band 5-5.5 in writing (i needed 6), but prior to 4-5 days to exam i studied everything (tips, ideas, tactics) you write on this site and i got to manage band 7 on writing!

Thank you very much, you are a great help.


Thank you for your esssays.I have a problem with the introduction of task 1.I used to change some words of the title when I write the frist sentence,

TITLE: The graph shows the proportion of population aged 65 snd over between 1940 to 2040 in three different countries.
MINE:the chart illustrate the difference in terms of the percentage of people aged 65 and above in Japan sweden and USA.

but a teacher told me it is risk to use this simple way.
Can you give me some tips?

Thank you for you help !

Hi Simon,

I had exactly 28 days to study for IELTS. By doing every test from Cambridge IELTS books and following your lessons I managed to take 8 on Listening, 8.5 Reading, 7 Writing and 7.5 on Speaking - Overall band 8. That was beyond my wildest dreams :) .Thank you very much for your help and for sharing your experience :)

Thank you again,

Hi Simon I have a doubt in grammer.

Please check this:
My friends were attended ielts exam.
My friends attended ielts exam.

Which one is correct?

How to find out Active and Passive Voice?

Hi guys,

I have recently cleared my ielts (thanks God). I have print outs of ielts practice Material, anybody interested is welcome to come and collect in Manchester.

Hi Ram
Your second sentence is correct.
Passive voice= be verb+ p.p
You might find this link useful-

Firstly, thanks a lot for e-book and this website.I'll take exam at september,15.I need just 4.I finished camb.ielts8-1-4 and your examples.I have done 26 listening and 22 reading in genaral.I will start writing and speaking next week. In your opinion, can I get 4 smoothly whatever I've done,my camb. score like above.Thanks for kindly approach.

hey sir.you the best teacher i met.my writing skill is so bad.my tagert is overoll 5.5.i want get 5.0 to writing. please tell me sir how can i improve wirting.tc

Can anyone here help give me some advice? In fact, I have some difficulties in getting a decent score in Ielts speaking test.

I only got 5 in my last Ielts speaking test, but I did well in other 3 sections(all 8.5 except writing which is 6.5).I found it hard to give answers fluently and fully in detail. Actually I only gave 1 or 2 sentences for each answer for I am an introverted person. Especially when I am in front of a stranger, I get nervous and can not concentrate on the questions.

I guess maybe all these problems can be solved by continually practising. But the real problem is I don't feel like having a logical mind, which should help me express myself in a clear and structured way.

Now I spend more than 10 hours in learning English every day. So I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice about Ielts speaking test(I need at least 6), by which can avoid wasting too much precious time and most importantly can I get 6 in a month's time.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. I do still read your questions, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson every Saturday.


Well done Mcneil and Razvan. Great scores!

It is not quite correct to say examiners cannot help with questions about vocabulary in part 1 and part 2. It is no use asking examiners to rephrase the question in part one, the most they can do is repeat the question once with a different emphasis.In both part 1 and 2, however, the examiner is permitted to offer a brief definition of a word or expression in response to a direct question. They are not allowed to offer unsolicited help, so don't just say you don't understand, you have to ask the meaning: "Sorry, what does _____ mean?"If you ask a clarification question during the one minute preparation time in part 2, the examiner will extend the time accordingly.

hiiiii simon i gave ielts exam two times but i got only 5 band in each what i can do to improve my each module specially writing and reading .plz help me

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