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September 30, 2012


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HI All

A new topic in Card which was given to me and I would like to share is :

Describe a happy married Couple you know .
1. Who they are ?
2. How they spend their Life

hi , i did a search for that question and i found the sample:
I have come across many happily married couples in my life.
Here I would like to talk about one such couple which is none other than that of my own parents.
My father’s name is (.....)and my mother’s name is( ....).
They have been married 58 years now and are the perfect couple in my eyes.
Both are in their early eighties.
Both of them are not very tall but look very good.
I have never seen any major quarrels between them and if there were any they have never let us know about them.
Of course there are minor tiffs every now and then but these are very short lived and in no time they are one again.
These tiffs just add spice to life.
Most of these quarrels are because of the remote of the TV.
Both like different TV programmes.
Generally my father has to surrender in this matter.
They take all major decisions of the family together.
When my grandparents were alive, they used to look after them very nicely.
They have always provided me and my siblings the best they could.
They are liked by all in our family and the society.
They enjoy being with their grandchildren and have a lot of stories to tell them.
No one can get bored in their company.
We celebrated the golden jubilee of their marriage 8 years ago and now we are looking forward to celebrate their platinum jubilee.
They both are made for each other.
I pray God to give them a long and healthy life


Your answer is quite impressive.


Hi Simon,
It's really useful !!

Can I talk about a cafe services breakfast & lunch only as in part 2 for the topic: describe a restaurant??

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