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September 23, 2012


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Hi Simon,

Great letter. Many thanks to you. In fact, this letter features coherence and cohesion most that encourages one to follow it. Thank you again.

excuse me, Simon
where does this kind of writing appear? part1 or 2?
another question I wanna ask u though it's not related to this lesson, if i want to express that i prefer A to B because A has more or better advantages, should I write:" the advantages of A overweigh (or Prevail) those of B"?
Thank u a lot :) have a nice day :D

Hi Simon,

Nice letter.

Just have a query. Which one is correct?
"with regard to" or "with regards to"


I'm glad you like it Mh.


Hi Akai,

It's task 1 in the general training writing exam.

'The advantages of A OUTweigh...'


Hi Venkat,

I'd use the singular. My dictionary has the singular too.

how embarassing! i mistook overweigh for outweigh
thanks very much for your help :)

Hello Simon,

Thx for your General Training for Task 1. I was waiting for this from long time. ur site is great helpful to me..I learned lot of things from your website. I am waiting for get my band score 7 in all modules.

Thank you,


Hi, Simon,

Thank you very much for your work on this blog. I passed IELTS with results desired, which is 8 in total. 8.5 for listening, 8 for reading, 7 for writing and 8.0 for speaking. I appreciate your effort especially on writing task two, which helped me a lot! And I used some of your words in one of your example for general writing task 1! I want to thank you again for your great job!

Best regards,


Hi Sir, 
 I have to publish my articles on your website kindl ytell me your guideline and per post price.

 Thanks & Regards.

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Hi Sir, 
 I have to publish my articles on your website kindly tell me your guideline and per post price.

 Thanks & Regards.

 Email: [email protected]

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