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September 18, 2012


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Thank you for the useful information. How about speaking practice? Could you tell me how can I manage my thought and speak fluently at the same time?

hi simon,
is the ues of spending in task1 writing has the same meaning of expenditure?if not what is the difference. thanks

Thank you very much for sharing,Simon, these websites really helpful!I hope my english could getting better soon after using these websits

Thanks for sharing those websites. I just tried the IELTS Test website(the last one). Personally, I think its a little faster than real test and some of the answer formats are slightly different than real ielts test.
Am I right?

for speaking plz call me at skype

id: mdkamalhossain1976


Dear All,

The British Council website is one that many students are not aware of and that it provides all kinds of useful materials for reading and listening practice. Here are just 2 examples of what you can find and use: http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/ielts-mock-papers & http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/magazine

Have fun and try to enjoy the learning process!!!


I just have a question.
I took a speaking test today.
In part 2, topic was tell me about a product that you weren't satisfied.
I didn't realise that I was speaking off topic because I talked about a mobile phone that I was satisfied.
Finally, the examiner asked me was there anything that you complained about it.
In this case, do you know how much score it will be??
I need minimum 6.....

Hello Dear Simon

These sites are really usefull. Thanks for sharing...

hello simon!
i want to ask you that what sort of pen and pencil should we use for writing and Reading respectively?

Hello Simon

i love your web page and thank you very much for all your tips above all these web pages, they are super to practice.

Hi Simon, I couldn't open the spelling lab .. How can it be opened?? Give me the way...

thank you simon, It is very helpful for my listening which was my worst skills. Thanks you so much

so in the listening i have some questions

1-out of 40 ,band 8 is score from what and band 9 is from what?cause if i get 37 out of 40 is this means band 7 or 8
2-names like local craftsmen or woodside street, is it wrong writing it sepereate or with - like crafts men or wood-side street.will they consider it wrong answer
3-shady instead of shedy is it considered wrong ?
4-question require to answers if one of them is wrong i loose the whole mark?


I have a huge problem with spelling , so first site will help me a lot .

Thank u dear simon
And plz sir simon or anyone who has the words which are from first websites plz type them here because the first websites is not working and i need them next saturday i will have test
Plz help me
I have big problem with spelling

Replay my question plz

Hi Simon,

Spelling is one of my weakest point and i couldn't find the spelling test , i guess the first website is not working.Could you help me on that ? Thank you so much

Save entire website as PDF file http://websitetopdf.net/

Unfortunately, the first link is not working. Here is an updated one: http://www.ugru.uaeu.ac.ae/Spelling/pc.html

Thanks Dina.

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