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September 11, 2012


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he is mountain climber and taking about his father and climbing partner acidents, isnt he?

John Harlin 3, a 'Mountain Climber' is talking about his book 'The Eiger Obsession'in a TV interview.
His book is written on his life mainly about his passion to climb Eiger Mountain including all the terrible events which made him obsessed to climb. But ultimately, he achieved his goal.

John Harlin is a son of a passionate climber who lost his life while climbing the Eiger Mountain when his rope had broken. This tragic loss of his dad in the life of young 9 year old boy for 15 years kept him from doing the same,but later he tried climbed it as well. Then, he experienced the second loss of his friend while climbing together. Again, it deterred him for a while from this dangerous activity, but then he decided to discover what was so fascinating about this mountain and to follow his father's traces to honour him. He conquered this summit in its North most hard side. Answering the question about what his young daughter should think about it he explain that she would understand her daddy passions as he accepted his father's. However he would not like to continue to climb more.
His memories and the deepest feelings are about all of that he put in his book:'The Eiger Obsession'

Thanks for sharing your summaries guys.

Hi Simon. Thanks for the video! I've got a question about speaking test in IELTS. If I use slang words like 'rank' to mean 'disgusting', would it affect my score? Do you recommend using slang words in speaking test? Thank you!

This is a tv interview from a passionate climber John Harlin 3, who is talking about his book The Eigher Obsession that contains his personal life feelings and events he has experienced. Harlin lost his father, whwn he was 9 years old. The climb set for 10 days, the rope broke and dropped 4000 feet. Again after 20 years, he started to climb with his partner, and at this moment his fellow climber lost his life during this adveturous event. Finally, after 15 years he again did this climb for her 9 years old daughter. This event took place in New Zealand.

Hi Simon
this link helped me to time exercise ,it would be useful for part one listening ,(tips with exercise ) thanks you


Hello Simon,
It is one of the best website for learning IELTS and they way you teach us that's more then great works.Just a question regarding Listing Answer.One of my teacher told me to write all capital words as an answer.Do you think does he right ??My exam is on 22nd September.Plz pray for me & best of luck for all.
Thanks for you help simon

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