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September 10, 2012


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For Especially Speaking,

You can reach me at my SKYPE: mdkamalhossain1976

I am ready to talk in Pure British English that is very much helpful for IELTS score.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi Simon,

Again a wise advice!!! well done!

I was thinking of how could I predict the examiner's mind to solve reading with ease!!!

Many thanks

hi, simon. thank you for your posting.
I've got question.
the phrases in black should be Not Given or False?

Thank you

i think they must be "not given"

Hi Simon!

Again another great tutorial.

Is "most dangerous mountain" more similar to hazard zone?


The phrases in black would be 'not given' in a T,F,NG question.

"Hazard zone" would also be 'not given' because we still wouldn't know whether it is the MOST hazardous zone.

Hello Simon,
First of all, thank you very much for tips you give through the website, and I closely follow it and as a result, I gradually improved my English.
Now, I have a doubt regarding question from Cambridge IELTS-7, Test 2, Passage 1(Why pagodas don't fall down)
The builders of pagodas knew how to absorb some of the power produced by severe weather condition.
Yes/No/Not Given.
The answer on back says 'Yes' but I think it should be 'Not Given'.
Passage says "Allowing a building to sway and settle itself rather than fight natural's forces "

Any input on it?

thank you for answering my question, simon and ilker kocak!!!

Yes it is Obviously TRUE....Look for keyword. absorb ...meaning reduce the effect of physical force...or handle or control......this matches with the keyword in the passage sway meaning control

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