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September 07, 2012


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HI Simon,

Sorry for using your website to find a friend.
I'm gonna take an IELTS in October. I need some one who are preparing to take the test to practice speaking with me.
my email is [email protected]
Thank all
Once again sorry and thank you Simon

Hello Simon and everyone can u guys comment on this introduction is it grammatically right if there is any mistake plz rectify me.

The graph below show how money was spent on different forms of entertainment over a five year period.

The bar chart compares how people spending money on five different gadgets of entertainment in Asia,Europe and the United states between 1995 and 2000.

As u can see in question it is asked(how money was spent)and i have written (how people spending money) is it alright or i should write the bar chart compares (the usage of money on different items).

plz correct me.

Dear Simon,

I would like to enquire in regards to GT ielts e-books.i attended ielts for several times and my average score on listening and reading components were 5.5.I would be grateful,if you could recommend effective books for my stage.
Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Dear Simon
If a survey showed that "households spent seven hours a day on transporting themselves and their goods", does this mean that it was "a survey of household expenditure on transport"?

I encountered this problem yesterday, and I am utterly exhausted by it!

I want to ask if the key point is that 'expenditure', without specific following text like 'expenditure of times', can only be related to 'money' ?

P.S. I felt that test2 in book7 is much harder than test1, since I have 35 correct answers on test1 yet I only have 27 in test2.... Now I think that I need lots of practice :(

Hello Everyone,
Mr. Simon is that much busy to give you less time or no time for practice. As I am also a learner so you can contact me over Skype.

I have an extra-ordinary training on Phonetics. I know Pure British Pronunciation.
So, get ready to practice with me.

Add me at mdkamalhossain1976 that is my skype id.

Engineer Kamal
Dhaka, Bangladesh.



I have some confusion about writing task 2 when I give an example I have to give it specific rather than general example but in some essay topic I wont be able to give a specific example so in that case can I give my personal example I mean can I mention my work or my company name



I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do read them all, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson each Saturday.

Dear Simon
My English teacher said me that I should answer about 30 seconds for one question in speaking part 2. Is it good or bad?
Please tell me the best duration that I should do

Hi bsb_brok,

I'm not sure how you interpreted your teacher's advice, but I personally don't think you need to answer simple questions for 30 seconds... for example, if the task is about describing your favorite sport athlete and one of the questions asks for the name and age, I would just simply say "My favorite soccer player is El Pipita Higuain and he is 24 years old", that's it, 5 seconds.

I always tell my students to focus more on "why" or "how" questions because those are the ones that require a bit more of explanation, don't you think? I believe this is true when having a conversation/discussion in any language.

I think every teacher tries to give his or her best advice, and sometimes students have to think and judge whether the tips make sense. If there is any doubt or you are confused, always directly ask your teacher for a logical explanation.



your skyp id is incorrect

add me bmkartik4

Somebody can explain the meaning of the phrase "in a fraction of the time it normally takes" for me?? Thank you!

Hi Mean,

"fraction of the time" means very less time than it usually takes. For example, if it takes half an hour to reach somewhere, it will take 5 minutes to reach by helicopter and that is one-sixth of the usual time.

I hope it clarifies.

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