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September 21, 2012


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Hi Simon,
Would you please explain "meaningless soap operas " and "sums up the appeal"mean?.Thank you.

"meaningless soap operas"--无意义的连续剧。
"sums up the appeal"--呼吁(或口号)的归纳。
upstairs friend, you should consult a dictionary first, try to master the words by yourself but not just to ask for the answers,it is not difficult for you.

Dear All,

Here is my description:

I'm going to talk about Tennis Channel, which is a channel fully dedicated to the world of tennis and that I really enjoy watching on a regular basis.

I think tennis is one of the most exciting and competitive sports in the world. I keep close tabs on the top players of the world, including Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal, so Tennis Channel allows me to follow their matches in different tournaments around the world.

In addition to matches, this channel also has special programs on different aspects of the sport. For example, there is a program that dedicates to the teaching of the skills of tennis in which either beginners or amateurs can learn from. There is another program that is similar to the Travel Channel; it not only shows the tennis facilities around the world but also spends time to talk about the different cultural aspects of a country, which I think is great for tennis lovers as well as travel enthusiasts.

I watch this channel mainly during weekends or whenever one of the top players is playing. But if there is a major tournament such as Wimbledon or the US Open, I would tune in to this channel and follow the matches every day.

There are actually other sport channels available on cable TV, but I prefer Tennis Channel because it focuses on my favorite sport and does a good job to keep tennis fans informed.


Thanks again for sharing Martin!

I am going to talk about a a health channel, which is named as ND TV Hindu and broadcasted from New Delhi, Bombay and Hyderabad. I really enjoy watching this channel almost everyday.
I think, many people are nowadays health conscious. they love to watch any thing, which is good for their well being. This channel shows not only health shows, but it also shows the various shows of physical exercise such as yoga, aerobic and unaerobic. I often watch this channel after dinner at 10pm.

The good thing about this channel is that all the programs are being repeated endlessly at mid night. So, this is the biggest advantage of watching this channel, in case if you miss one.
The reason I like to watch this channel than other indian populor channels, because I am extremely health conscious about me and my family. Health tips and diets are also shown everyday to improve the the physique of people.
So, weighing up the pros and cones, I feel that this a great place to see something new everyday for the individuals, who inted to care their health.

Thanks simon!!
Appreciate what you have wrote above,it helps me a lot!Sorry now only saw it.

Dear Simon
Do you know any private English teacher who can help and evaluate my speaking via SKYPE. I really need a English teacher as to get he/she guides and advices on my speaking component.

I am sorry..correction for " an English teacher"

You are very welcome Simon!

Hi Simon

How to answer in part 3 if the question is why nowadays young people show less respect to the elderly people??


Hi Daphne,

You are obviously free to give your own opinion about this question, but this is what I would say:

"I think young people today have their own ways of thinking and don't follow their parents' ideas as much as those in the past. In fact, children today are encouraged to express themselves and do whatever they feel is right. We can see this phenomenon even in many recent movies, in which children or young adults tend to fiercely argue with their old parents and show a lot of disrespect. What's more, young people are now very aware of the concept of "freedom of speech" and I think that really motivates them to disregard the opinions of the elderly."

Hope this helps!


that really helps a lot, thanks!

Thank you very much for your help, Alex.

Thank you Simon,
you are doing a great job for me and thousand of students like me who are preparing for the exam!

thank you Simon u r doing a great job . now i feel confident about my test. thank you very much once again.....

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