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September 14, 2012


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Dear Friends,

I am trained with British English Phonetics and Phonology. So speak with me for your upcoming better performance in real test.

My Skype id is mdkamalhossain1976.

Thanks to all.

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Hi Simon i took ielts exam and i got this topic i was very confused what i should write i dont know myself what i did there. can u help me can u give me ideas.i did 4 para as u teach us but i found myself stuck b/c lack of ideas.

Some animal species such as dinosaurs and dodos become extinct because of natural processes. So, it is not necessary to try and prevent this from happening. Do you agree or disagree?

hi there
the last two times i took the ielts on may and july, i`ve been asked this question for part2 and also the same question for part3 , strangly although it was the same question i got in the first exam in the speaking 8 and in the second 7!!of course the only difference was the examinar.
any way this i talked about hard talk as a favourite programme that i follow

Dear All,

Although it is not my first choice for this task, here I'm going to give a description of a very popular Taiwanese TV program and hope all students in Taiwan can find it useful.


Today I'd like to talk about KangXi Lai Le, which is a very popular and successful TV show in Taiwan as well as in other Chinese speaking countries.

KangXi Lai Le is a variety-comedy talk show hosted by 2 well-known variety show veterans. For each episode, they have a specific topic for discussion and they invite different people. Guests to this show have included celebrities, entertainers, sport athletes, and even politicians. No matter who is in each episode, the hosts always try to put a humorous touch to the questions, making the show more entertaining and fun to watch.

Since this TV program is broadcasted every weeknight at 9PM, it is ideal for people to relax and have a laugh after dinner, that's why I watch it almost every day as long as I don't have anything more important to do.

I prefer this TV program to other programs because it always has something new in each episode. From this TV show I can not only learn about the lives of different famous people, but also know what's going on in the celebrities' world.

All in all, I think the producer of this show is very creative and is full of ideas, making the show very enjoyable to watch for people of all ages. Maybe that's the main reason why it is so successful in many Asian countries and it has won several awards in the past few years.


To my surprise, I was able to find this TV program in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kangxi_Lai_Le), so perhaps you can also try searching for the program/channel you want to describe and get some useful vocabulary.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to those who will be taking the exam tomorrow!!!


Today I am going to talk about a tv show SACH KA SAMNA, that is shown on sony tv every monday and friday. This program discovers the hidden truths of the people from all walks of life.
In this program, 20 questions are asked by the show presenter Mr. Karan Kher to the individuals coming to attand this program. A polygraphic test is performed on a contestant. Program presenter ask various question of mixed bitter experience from the back ground and from the personal life of someone. People face these personality conscious questions, and they accept the truth infront of the millions of population, who are watching this show eagerly each week.This show is also repeated endlessly on other channels too.
I prefer this show, because it is related to facts associated with one's life. Accepting the truth is a great challenge for ordinary people.
All in all, this is a great show of all the time.

hello simon i am a student of post graduation AND i am also student of IELTS.i want to practice in English for taking IELTS.MY spype id is rex_amin.

HI Simon;
This is my description:

I rarely watch traditional television channels nowadays.
I much prefer to search for interesting program or videos online.
"Manoto" is an international free-to-air Persian language general entertainment channel that is owned by Marjan TV Corporation.
It is based in London and its programs include documentaries, films, series, news and reports.
Due to its popularity in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran broad casting emulates some of its programs like befarmaeed (Welcome to dinner) sham and Googoosh music academy.
Befarmaeed sham (Welcome to dinner) is the Iranian answer to the UK cooking show “Come Dine with me”.
It has millions of fans since launching in 2010.
The program is broadcasting every weeknight at 9 PM.
It is ideal for people to relax and have a laugh during their dinner, that’s why I watch it almost every night as long as I don’t have anything more important to do.
I prefer this TV program to others, because it always has something new each episode. (From this TV program I cannot only learn new recipes of appetizer, Main course dinner and dessert , but I know what’s going in the people’s lives in different part of the world.)
All in all, I think the producer of it is very creative and is full of ideas, making program very enjoyable to watch for people of all ages.
Maybe that’s the main reason why it is so successful in many Iranian’s homes.

I would like to know some tips as well as i would like to know how to get atleast 7 band in IELTS. kindly suggest me

Can you help me with the topic : Describe a TV program that you have learned something important from

Good point!

you guys.. can you give me the answer to these Qs... :

1) What type of programmes do you find funny on TV?
2) Which types of programmes are most popular in your country? (Why)?
2) What kind of things make you laugh? (Why)?
3) Do you like to make people laugh? (How)?
4) Do you think it is important to have a sense of humour? (Why)?

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