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September 20, 2012


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Hello Dear Simon,
This Website is very helpful! I have reading question that i found in Cambridge 7, test2, passage2. question number 18.F/T/NG.
18q. several species of wildlife in the Britain countryside are declining. in the the passage
paragraph B, it says the wildlife have Vanished
is the word vanished means disappear so the answer should be false!! i

yup u r right.ziad

Hi ziad and musharaf,

but the answer of questioned mentioned is 'YES'

About "Cambridge 7, test2, passage2.question number 18.F/T/NG".

i think "YES" is right. first of all, i do not think we should compare the statement with the sentence in the article literally,provided they have similar meaning. what we need to do is to understand the general idea of the whole article. besides, the word "decline" has broader meaning than "decrease".

Hi Simon

I want to know do we have to mention all the component shown in the pie chart, or just highlight the most important ones?

thank you very much!

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