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September 12, 2012


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Hi Simon,

Thanks for your very helpful website. I just have finished reading the writing task 2 section from the very start, here in your site..
It gives me insights & motivation to take Ielts again for the 3rd time. I hope this time i can obtain a 7 score in the writing module, in which i got always 6.5 three times.

I would like to ask you Mr.Simon, I believe you fall into Cambridge category, are these techniques in your writing task 2 applicable in British & IDP also? Or they have other model & style of writing the task 2 essay, which I'm afraid could affect the score?

Many thanks Simon..

Hi Simon,

Like Aileen I have got 6.5 in writing module several times. I've tried different approaches but still can't get the desired score. I also think that I'd be able to get 7 in writing including other module after studying your valuable lessons in your website.

I know very well that you don't mark or score any writing but I'm submitting one of my writing for other's to comment.

The topic is about Writing Task 2 from Cambridge 6 Test 1.

Advertising became an essential element for a successful business, nowadays. This has had greater influence on society. This essay will examine both the positive and negative effects of advertising in our society.
Advertising is a key part of modern business and this tells us about the choice we have is an important factor to consider. We often hear some people argue that advertising manipulates people and aims to persuade people that buying a product will make them happier. While this may be true, I tend to believe that companies need to tell customers about their products. Furthermore, without advertising we would have less choice. Therefore, manipulation of people cannot be a good point to consider.
This brings me to my second point, advertising is a creative industry that employs many people. Some others may claim that advertisers use glamorous and successful people as well as focuses on selling a brand image. However, I would like to argue that advertising is a form of modern art and without advertising there would be higher unemployment when for instance some advertise make people happy and they enjoy it.
Finally, another essential fact is that some advertise make us aware regarding social issues and raise concern about products. It is sometimes said that it encouraged to associate certain brands with a higher status. This may be true but at the same time I would like to put forward the argument that this is necessary in free market economies.
In conclusion, it can be said that advertising should be regulated. The responsibility lies with us both the advertisers and consumers not only to create demands for products but to follow the real needs of the society.

Hi Aileen,

Cambridge, the British Council and IDP work together to create the IELTS. The exam is exactly the same, so all of my advice is applicable wherever you take the test.

Dear Borno,

Firstly, I am not an expert. I was struggling like you to obtain the magic 7 at writing and to cross my 6.5 score from my previous tests. Eventually, I did it in my last test, but it became my habit to read this website as Simon helped me so much by this.

I would say that I like your essay. It has a bit of a different formula than of what is usually advised by Simon. I would call that a five paragraph polemic essay where you argue with opposite arguments, each in one paragraph, giving your different opinions.
It is a quite sophisticated way, however I think it would be much easier in the way our teacher gives us, like a pattern. Putting the most important advantages of advertising in one paragraph and disadvantages in another. In the introduction, state that there are pros and cons, and give your opinion, if asked for. In the conclusion, shortly you can restate that summarising, what you have written before.

The way you were doing it, I don’t think there were enough disadvantages, you only mentioned other people’s opinions.
But perhaps other students could have other comments?

Finally, I do not want to appear like a mentor, but I have noticed one thing.
To advertise is a verb.

Advertising is a general noun - the job of designing and producing advertisements. Single nouns are: advert or advertisement (like a single announcement in a newspaper, on tv or on a poster). So, I would rather be – some adverts (or advertisements), not - some advertise.

Kind regards,


Hello Everybody,
I am preparing for IELTS my-own with help of this web site, reference practice books.

For writing I would like to share some tools to analyse your writing by self:
- First handy tool is called "Ginger Software" this is very good little grammar, Spelling checker Add-ins. Just google it and download to your computer. It will replace MS word default spell checker and will well worth.
- Second is called "Smart-edit" Just search google and download. It says editing software, but very useful for catch mistakes, word-repeat count, repeated phrases and much more.
Just check their website first and Use at your own risk :D

Thank you,


I have just checked my comment and I have found an unwilling mistake made by accident.
In the last sentence it should be: 'it should rather be', not 'I would rather be'.


Hi Aleksandra,

Thanks for your valuable advice.

My exam is tomorrow wish me luck... Simon keep the work up. Thanks for the site.

hi is it same in G.T task 2 that I have to give an opinion in the introduction.

Hi Borono,

It would be better when you did send your essay, you would send the topic either. I checked the topic. The topic asks you whether you agree with this statement or not? But you almost did not much with giving your point. Even at the end the reader does not know which side you go on. That really affects your score in terms of Task response. As Simon suggests clear your point/idea throughout of your essay. Besides you are saying in the intro that you are going to examine both sides, but unfortunately what I am seeing is the positive side rather than the negative sides. If you side with the positive side mention in the intro and then throughout the essay bring your evidence to prove.

Your second paragraph seems more like introduction rather the body. It would be much better you put something like that in the intro and then immediately give your opinion.
In the second body you started by “This”. What this refers to? Be careful do no force reader to get back and follow your pronouns. I think you could bind two paragraphs to make one paragraph to better follow and gives also more coherence. Those problems possibly appear when you do not have a plan.
In the conclusion you again refuse to set your opinion. D not afraid of using “I” or” we”. If I had time I would rewrite your essay. May be I will do it soon.
Hope you find it useful.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your analysis and comments. I'll try to follow your advice and I think it will help me improve my essay.

Thank you very much Simon for your feedback.
More power to you & the followers..

Hi Simon,

I've just received my academic results; L:7,5 R:7 W:7,5 S:7,5. Thanks a lot for your useful advices, especially for writing tips.


Good luck Rekha.


Hi Vipul,

Yes, it's the same for GT.


Congratulations Erkmen!

Modern lifestyles means that many parents have little time for their children.many children suffer because they do not get as much attention from their parents as children in the past.
Do youagree or dis agree

Simon i just wanna ask what is the question in this article?or is this doble question task?thanks!

Dear Simon,

if you can please do some more lessons on introduction writing in coming days.

I am some what confused to write good introduction

Hi all,
I did my ielts on 15th September.
The task 2 topic was..
Teaching a foriegn language to primary school children has many advantages.
Do the advantages outweigh the disanvantages?
I am bit confused in the conclusion.Is it ok to write ,after mentioning all the advantage points .....due to thes factors advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Hi Simon
People tend to work in offices where little physical activity is involved in.
People tend to work in offices in which little physical activity is involved.

Which sentence is a better and more native expression?

Thanks a lot

Hi simon
I am very grateful that you have given these three sites to practice more.thanks a lot.further also you help us like this.once again thank you

Hi Antony

Both sentences are correct. But the second one is more formal.

Hi to everybody and Mr.simon

Thank you very for your helping .I am going to do the test of Pearson test academic on 15 oct.i hope take 60/90 by using this website.

Best regards

Sarkaft zebari

Hi simon

Thank you first of all.

I have a confusion hope you will help me out .Whether its good to express our opinion in the conclusion or throughout the essay in discussion with opinion essay.


Hi Saraswati
I think Simon has been saying that it is best to mention your opinion in introduction and prove its point throughout the essay. There should be no surprise left for the conclusion. Hope this helps and if I am wrong, please let me know as well.


Dear Simon,

Very useful and informative blog. I find what you said in this post particularly interesting. You said "repeat or summarise" opinion in the conclusion.

I definitely agree with you on that, but I am sure you are also aware that one of band descriptors on task response is "the conclusion may be repetitive or unclear". How should I repeat my opinion without sounding repetitive by IELTS standards?



Dear Simon,
i feel hopeless due to my writing skilled. I am poor in writing task-2. My vocabulary very small. it takes only 5.5 score. But i need more.
how i will improved myself.

Dear Simon,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the informative page that you have created. Second, I have encountered a question in regard to word count and I thought I might put it here so that I can get the proper response. The question that has perplexed me is that which words we do not count, I mean which words are not counted in IELTS WRITING, Articles and or propositions

Hi Perdita,

All words are counted - articles, prepositions etc. They are all words!

Thanks a lot for your response.

This is very helpful in all aspects of my English learning thanks a lot

i like ur essay

Hello Simon,

You are telling that "We don't like 'surprise conclusions' in English academic writing. ". Is this also suitable for general test task 2? Actually, i want to ask, can we use all the clues and strategies you have given in "Writing Task 2" part for general writing task 2 also?

Hi Belgi,

Yes, it's the same advice and approach for general task 2.

Hi Simon,
This also works for the "discuss both views and give your opinion" essay, right? I thought I don't have to give my opinion in the beginning for the "discuss both views and give your opinion" essay.
Thank you.

How many articles can be used in the writing task

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