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October 15, 2012


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Hi Simon!

I'm always worrying about my writting task2(academic).
A student who got a band 7.5 told me that it is important to show your opinion both at begining and the end.

I'm little bit confused,because sometimes showing my opinion tiwce makes my eassy too long(over 300words),and when I read my eassy again,I thought I was only repeat the sentence.(In fact,it is rather nonsense in my native language writting)

Is it okay that I only give my opinion once at the end of the eassy?

For example,"Should university accept equal numbers of male and female student in every subject",I'd simply say I don't think it make sense at 1st paragraph,and give my detailed opinion at the end of the eassy.

Or do you think the way that the student told me is better?

Dear Nagisa,

Just as simon mentioned before, it is better for you to show your ideas at the first paragraph. If not, the examer would not know which sides you stand.

This is my viewpoint for reference!


Hi simon, i'm very sad because i didn't get the score that i need to university application...what can i do? Do you think that one month of study is enough to apply the IElTS again?
Thank you

Hi Nagisa,

To quote Simon "examiners do not like surprises". Your first paragraph tells the reader (in this case the examiner) what you will be writing about.
If you are asked for opinion, give it.

Support your opinion in the body paragraphs then, quickly paraphrase your introduction for the conclusion.


Hi Simon,
I am following your daily lessons of websites but I am not able to improve heading paragraph,
MCQ,and yes,no,not given I always try my level best to cope with this type of questions but this directly affects my scores and in cambridge books which I am practicing during these days are becoming really difficult for me .I am not able to find out the correct key words from questions and passage too.can you give me some tips,hints and ideas how to remove correct key words it would be great help for me.Thank you for your useful work but I want to improve reading u can only help me.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in a lesson once a week (usually Saturdays).

Sheng,Magi,thank you for your advice

And Simon,anyway thank you :)

dear sir
i already taken 4 times exam.but results was always 5.5 . wt to do.can u p/s help to get at lest 6.5 in all sections.but i m very poor in speaking and writing.next month 12 i m takeing the exam agian. this is last chance.chould u help me


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