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October 26, 2012


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1. (where it is?)I'm going to describe an old building in Baku. It is Maiden Tower which locates on the coastline. According to the researches the building was made in 12th century and still looks gorgeous.
2. (what it is used for?) Historians proved that the building has been built for defence purpose, however nowadays as an ancient archive it is used either research centre for archaeologists or sightseeing for tourists.
3. (Why you like/dislike it?) The building has a unique design with its interior structure. Although it's a low building with about 28 metres high, when you reach at the top of the building you can easily see the spectacular views of the city. It is considered as a vantage point among other ancient buildings. Carrying 8 century's history in itself the building has gained a fame worldwide and become a landmark of Baku.

Hello simon!
I wrote advertising essay. I am writing here few sentences that I wrote in my IELTS exam on 20th October. Please tell me whether these are correct or not.

"Advertising aims at persuading people to buy products. It convinces them that buying certain products would make them happier. As a result, people fall into the trap and buy such products whether they really need it or not."

I also want to ask you that whether I will be able to get band 7 or not?I addressed all parts of question. I also used uncommon vocabulary with accuracy. I also maintained coherence and cohesion. Only I think I made a lot of grammatical mistakes but spelling and punctuation was correct. Will I still be able to get 7?

Is it ok if i describe a cathedral?

Hello simon!

First of all I thank you for your valuable tips. I have given my exam(GT) on 13th October(Pune, INDIA)and below are my scores.

L - 8 , R -7, W-7 & S -7

Hi Martin,

It's time you come up and provide us with some brilliant ideas with such nice sentences


Hi simon,
i really do have a problem with ielt reading esspecially yes,no,notgiven and also summary completion.i would appreciate it if u can assist with this issues

Dear All,

Here is my description:


Today I want to talk about an old building, which is a Buddhist temple situated in the suburbs of Kaohsiung City in the southern part of Taiwan. I'm not sure when this temple was built, but it indeed looks very old... my guess is that it should have at least 100 years old.

This temple is actually quite small compared to others but it is a very popular one among Kaohsiung residents because it is believed that miracles happen when you devote yourself in this religion. For this specific reason, many believers go on a frequent basis to pray for good health and prosperity.

During the last Chinese New Year celebration, I had the chance to visit this temple and this place was surely packed! We had to make long lines just to see the image of Buddha and the different gods. I remember that the entire building was very colorful and we could also see lots of figurines aligned on the interior walls.

I like the building itself because its appearance is very traditional and pretty well preserved. But most importantly, it is rich in historical value. However, I actually didn't enjoy my last visit because it was way too crowded, it was a rainy day, and things were quite chaotic.



Hi Guys,
I'm new to this website and I would like to describe an eye-catching building that I visited last summer in Barcelona.

I would like to describe Sagrada Familia located in the city center of Barcelona. This is a large Roman Catholic Church designed by famous architecture Antoni Gaudi and is now one of UNESCO's world heritage sites.

The project started in 1882 and is still under construction. It is, however, projected to be finished before 2013. The church has 18 towers. 12 towers (four each in three sides)represent the 12 apostles and range between 90-120 meters. Another four represent evangelists. One is dedicated to Jesus Christ and is 170 meter tall, and the last one, which is going to be built over apse represent Virgin Mary.

When I got close to the building I was blown away by such an extraordinary building. The exotic design the height is impressive. I had booked the ticket online so I didn't have to wait in the long ticket queue. Inside the church I could take the elevator to climb to the top of the towers where I had the best vantage point. The view was spectacular and I could see the city under my feet. I however don't recommend the climb to people who fear the height.

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