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October 25, 2012


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Thank you Simon,i think am getting how to interpret graph now but i really need a lot of practice.

hey, simon,

i saw this on "results.ielts.org"--
There are extensive quality control procedures in place to protect the integrity of the IELTS test. For the following test sessions, our quality control measures detected issues with some results that need further investigation.

25 August 2012
1 September 2012
22 September 2012

If you are unable to view your test results on this site, please contact your test centre.

what does that mean?

No problem Kofo.


Hi Jeffrey,

I think it means that some results are being checked again, so they might not be available yet.

thx simon

Hi Jeffrey,

That means those whose 7 in each ,now they are checking their results again to reduce in one module to 6.5.and listening and reading are written by pencil so easilt they can reduce to 6.5.
If they do this to 10 studnts mean another £1250 in their pocket.

Bitter true.
hope this clear.

Hi Simon!
Today,i got result.I achieved
Listening 6
Reading 6.5
Writing 6
Speaking 7
and overall score is 6.5.Unfortunately,i did not achieve my required score.As i require 7 in each module and overall 7 score to register as a doctor in GMC to work in UK.It was my 5th attempt.In some tests,i achieved 7.5 in both writing and speaking modules.But in listening and reading,i always achieved constant score.What should i do to improve myself?Every time the result is variable.Now i am going to book my test in November.Will you please suggest me anything to improve myself other than hard work and practice as i did of my best every time and did a lot of practice to achieve my score.Anyhow,i am not loosing heart and fully focused to appear in next exam.

Hi Rasheeda,
I m in similar situation to u and a resident of UK. I need to register with GMC aswell. Can u giv me ur contact number or id

Hi Mona!
Ielts is just like disaster for me.Very devastating results everytime.I am really sick of this Exam.
My e-mail address is [email protected]. You can contact me on this ID.

Thanks Rashida. I know ielts is such a big headache.

Hi Mr. Simon
I would like to ask you about this exercise,should we use "the temperature" and the "precipitation" ?. I don't know exactly whether to use the or not in this kind of exercise of Ielts. I usually use "the" if I see "the" in the question.
Please give me some advice

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Hi Sad
That's not true at all as you can complain if you aren't happy with your result. And not all IELTS examiners are British or whites. They never do something like this what you may think of.

It's better if you think positive rather than negative!

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