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October 17, 2012


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Hi simon,
Is it alright to use pronouns such as them, they, her, him, themselves in academic writing task 2?
I took my exam last july and got an overall band score of 7.5. I got the required band from the 3 subtests but unfortunately, my writing did not meet the grade of 7. I just got 6.5. More advice please. Thank you very much

Hello Simon,
Thank you for the great article. I am very much of the opinion that collocations are overly essential to learn because relevant usage of them indicates considerable possession of your language skills.

hi Simon,

Wring Test 2:
Some people think that young people should follow the traditional values of their society. Others think that young people should be free to act as individuals. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

For this topic, i find it little difficult to organize the topic and supporting sentence, could u plz help on this? Thanks a lot.

Thanks Simon
We are using all your advices and lessons in practice and are looking forward further hits.

I have tried ielts for several times? But most of the time,my score was 6.5 Can you please tell me how can i improve my ielts skills to get a score of 7 overall...


It is a very good introduction to using collocation in writing essays. They are worth in scores, I bet.

thank you! i have been watching you since I started learning Ielts. It's really kind of you to daily post a huge information on this subjects :)

hai simon am going to take the ielts xam in next month 16th please suggest me some ideas about how to get 7 band

i took the test several times but my score same always 6.0.i do not understand whats my problem.all time writing score not improve.please give some suggestion.what should i do?

mm not perfect in writing module.. in test my band score 5.5.... plz help me sir

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