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November 11, 2012


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unemployment problem is a pressing issue for the president Obama in the new term.
USA economy has seen the 36 consecutive months in rising growth.
Provisions of new staff are training course, understanding the structure of corporation and company's products.
you have to over the training course of 2 weeks to be come an official.
it is 3 months left of a calendar year to complete the building.

More houses are needed in many countries to cope with increasing populations. Would it be better to build houses in existing towns and cities, or to develop new towns in rural areas?

The population explosion gives engineering cause to think of plans to build more houses. While some may think of constructing houses in towns and cities which already exist, I think settling people in the countryside has more advantages as will now be explained.

The principle reason to support the idea that constructing in rural areas gives better results is that those places are likely less crowded than urban areas and have plenty of space for housing. Most metropolitans, London, for example, already have faced a rise in the number of inhabitants, which makes it very difficult to find proper places to accommodate more people.

In addition to the shortage of place, urban areas are already suffering from some problems such as air pollution rooted mainly in dense population. It is true that the more people live in an area, the more likely they produce pollutions, as they require more vehicles, manufactures and so forth. One may argue that people can avoid air pollution by applying public transportation or taking advantage of hybrid vehicles, but this requires to spend huge money on addressing this issue, while with moving to countrysides people face less air pollution, posing less burden on the sate.

Finally, we can provide residents with modern facilities with less time and burden. As most cities are old enough to put up with new plans to develop, requiring huge amount of money to extend. Sewage disposal, for example, in most of the old urban areas fail to live up even their dwellers ‘ needs, and definitely it will be becoming worse when we tend to welcome more people.

In summary, I believe that housing projects will receive more benefits if they aim to develop new cities or towns in the countrysides.

Drug addiction has been regarded a pressing issue in my country, Iran.

My favorite team has just won its sixth consecutive game.

The provision of good public transport is essential for developing the area.

Over the writing course of tree-month I have learnt some skills.

Many companies align their fiscal years with the calendar year, but many don't.

1. Emergency staff had a conference on a pressing issue-the damages of earthquake- how to cope with it.
2. After two consecutive attempts he already could pass the exam successfully in the third endeavour.
3. The provision of hostels for foreign students will benefit university much more.
4. The main theme of the meeting in BP was about analysing the benefits and lacking in the company over the period of 3rd quarter.
5. There are rumours that the Earth will be damaged on the 21st of December in the calendar year of 2012.

Global warming is a pressing issue in recent years. There are consecutive problems of global warming needed to talk in each countries. Each leader of country have to obey the provision for against this issue. Over the serious discussion course of several years, each country will achieve their set-up goal three years later with the calendar year.

1, Corruption is one of the most pressing issues should be solved before developing countries.
2, After five consecutive wins, the team has almost got the gold medal in this champion.
3, The unemployment people need the provision of unemployment benefits.
4, The rainfall has increased dramatically over the course of three months.
5, In the calendar year of 2012, the temperature on the earth will grow 2 more degrees

Thanks for checking these sentences.

sir how can i get ur daily lesson tell me quick

- Embelzzment, public sector bribery, fraud and corruption have become pressing issues in developing countries.

- Corruption distorts the provision of resources and undermines the competition in the market.

- For the fifth consecutive months, the price of all grades of petrol has increased.

- Over the course of a year, I travel a lot to meet new people, immerse myself in new culture, nature and heritage.

- For those who doing business on a calendar-year budget, we have only one months left to bring in our year's achievement.

AZAM-IRAN I think you made some mistakes
1)Drug addiction has been regarded a pressing issue in my country, Iran==>
Drug addiction has been regarded as a pressing issue in my country, Iran

2)Over the writing course of tree-month I have learnt some skills==>
During/over the three-month writing course I have learnt some skills.

Many thanks

hi Simon
Can I have a question ? I would like to know that "media" is a single noun or plural noun ?
For example , media is a best tool for passing on the information. is that right? Thank you very much !

Hi Osama,
thanks for your correction.
I underestand that I cannot use regarded in the passive voice.


Terrorism and corruption are the pressing issues of Pakistan.President ZARDARI government is making false claims for two consecutive years in improvement of economic growth.There is a need in the provision of law enforcement agencies so that they can better play their role in war the against terrorism.The situation of law and order is getting worst over the coarse of time now Pakistan Army is taking charge of Karachi city on November 27 of calender year 2012 to stop further killings of sheea community muslims

1.Corruption is a pressing issue nowadays which is halting the development of our Country.
2.Chennai Super Kings has won the IPL cup consecutively.
3.Provision of law and order is very much required in Cities.
4.Technology will be changing over the course of time to make humans life more happy.
5.Our college changes the infrastructure for every calender year.

Hi Simon,
I have a question that if I can use some idiom in writing ielts task 2 or just in speaking? I'm afraid that some idioms are informal/
Can you clarify?

Hi Simon,

I was wondering if you could help explain to me what I need to do to get a 8 in Writing (General). I have got a 8 the first time I sat the exam but I ended up getting a 7.5 in reading and I require 8's across the board.
I sat the exam for the 4th time. Yes, 4th time! And got 9's across the board but 7.5 in Writing.
How do I ensure I get a 8 in writing. I cannot differentiate between getting a 7.5 and 8. Is it all really just up to the marker?
You reckon I would get a different mark if I asked for a re-evaluation?
Also, I doubt this is possible, but is there a way I can re-visit my paper and see my mistakes?

Thank you

i'm desperate to get an 8 in writing too
I reckon that could be those minor grammar mistakes very little ones will get your score down from 8 to 7.5

Hi everybody,
could you please tell me the meaning of those phrases. thank you

1.Poverty is a more pressing issue than pollution.
2.Photographs taken at the same time on two consecutive sunny days can be quite different from one another.
3.The department is responsible for the provision of residential care services.
4.Over the course of the past thousands of years, education has become an eternal theme of the society.


i am bit confused, how to start writing an essay.... pls suggest me some ways to start writing essay....

i have only couple of ideas i.e., (generally) (nowadays) etc...

pls suggest me !!!

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