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November 18, 2012


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do we have to give example in every single question in part-3 of speaking

Hello Simon,

I got 7 from my speaking test. I thought my performance in the test was really poor and I was extremely nervous yet I tried to use a wide range of vocabulary.

However, I need 0.5 improvement in my writing and reading tests,( from 6.5 to 7) do you have any suggestions? I havew one month to go.

Hi ezgi,

Dont think its easy to fill 0.5 gap.its very hard and somtimes it takes 6-10 attempts to fill this 0.5 gap.
Keep working hard ,be positive and give your best shot.hopefully you get your desire score and make sure you dont waste your time because its only month left.every second is important for you..
reading try to get cambridge paeprs and do them.
writing follow simons website.

Dear Mr.Simon,

Thank you for this blog. It actually answered most of my questions. However, I am still not sure how does the IELTS group define concise and what actually means by repetion ? For example, in my previous writing test the question was about people "working at home". To describe my opinion, I did use this segment three or four times, I believe, in the whole essay. I, however, varied my sentences but I was not sure if an examiner will consider it as repetition. I am stuck on 7 or 7.5 and to be honest, every one ,including migration agents, keep on saying that 8 is impossible and none of them have ever seen an immigrant with 8 each. This obviously makes me more nervous.

I hope I make sense.

Thank you.

Regular reader,

Dear Mr.Simon,
I stumbled upon your blog and find it really helpful. I wish I had seen it earlier before my test. I haven't got the scores yet but, I am sure that I didn't do well in the reading section, especially the True, False, Not Given. I do remember couple of questions and the excerpt. Could I ask you for help in understanding the questions? The questions are here under

This is a passage on the fire of Great Britain.

"The Great Britain fire is one of the most wide spread fires in the history of London"

Q": Several fires had occurred in Britain before the Great fire. T/F/NG

A. Is it True/Not Given? I infer it is True

"The effect of fire ...... The slums were destroyed completely and there was total eradication of plague"

Q: Immediately after the fire there were few occurrences of plague" T/F/NG

A. Would the answer be false? this is the last time plague was mentioned in the passage.
Q: When did the plague get destroyed: During the fire/ after the fire/before the fire.

I was confused between during and after. However since the statement contain total eradication occurs after the phrase effects of fire I assume the answer would be after the fire.

Hello Manisha,
I would like to input something
It is Not Given, WHY?- The passage tells us about Several fires, but do not mention, before or after the great fire.

I found it hard to answer the question from the one sentence. But I think it's False.

During the Fire,
It took place during fire and burned.

Well this is just my thought, and wait for others opinion too, it is hard to give answer from the singe sentence.

best of luck for your result, and share it if possible.

Thank you,

Dead Simon,

Thanks a lot for your crucial tips. I have tried to follow them as much as I could in my practice and I got an overall band 7.
Cheers! And all the best wishes...

Dear Simon,

I am planning for ielts.But i am totally unknown about it.I just need someone to guide me.Would u please help me out with some informations.
Thank you,

Regarding the questions from Manisha (name of my sister :) ), I am supporting the answers given by HP (my laptop brand :) ) though I am bit confused whether the answer of the last question would be 'after fire'. There are two important words- destroyed and eradication. If we consider 'eradication', the answer should be 'after fire' and for 'destroyed' word, the answer should be 'during fire'.

Hello Simon, what do you think?

Yes, and that's why I thought it's difficult to answer by one sentence. I am sure that, if we have couple of line before and after, we could be more positive about the answer.

Thank you,

@HP: I have received the test scores. I thought I would share it as you had requested for it. I got an overall score of - 9.

Listening - 9
Reading - 9
Writing -8.5
Speaking - 8.5

All the best

Wow, fantastic scores Manisha! Well done!

hi simon,
I gave my exam in jan 2013(GT) and I got 6.5 overall.
L=6.5, W=6, R=7, S=5.5
however my speaking is not bad but m shocked I got just only 5.5.
I want some support from you.

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