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November 19, 2012


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The trickiest part of reading question for me is the true,false and not given.I always get things wrong in that part.
What's the strategy to get it right.

it was really beneficial. i wish i could find like these courses in Birmingham.

Hi Simon

I think you are fan of manchester united . I'm big fan of galatasaray:) ı hope gs will win the match. Good luck :)

Hahaha:)I also wish you luck Simon, I am on the Deniz's side :)

Thanks simon!
I just did this test yesterday.However,i realised that test 3,passage 2 in IELTS 8 are much more difficult,so confusing!

reading passages, especially 2 and 3 were tough to comprehend and i scored least in this task from all the other practice tasks i have done so far with just 26:(
its discouraging to get such scores when you have a real test coming this Saturday.

Hi Hibba if u see this comment can I ask u something r u preparing for academic or Gt. I am looking forward to do practice with someone in Birmingham. Thanks

Hi Tenzin,

Try this lesson about T,F,NG:


Hi Hibba,

I'm glad you found it useful.


Hi Deniz and ASD,

We're already through to the next round, so good luck to you guys!

hi Reema iam doning academic one. and iam hoping for 7 in each module.

Hi hibba thanx for replying. I am doing academic too and need 7 in each part. If u don't mind can we contact with each other and practice together.

ofcourse i would love to. can you give me your email.

Sorry for replying late hiba.Hv u got skype at home can u give me ur id plz so i can add u thanx.

ok .its h.aimly or contact me on facebook ph h aldlamy. you are welcome.

HI, MR.Simon
Can you provise a link from where I can down load FREE IELTS 7 and 8 E-BOOK.

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