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November 02, 2012


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Hey Simon;

Today I got my results.

Listening: 7
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 6
Speaking: 6.5

Overall: 7

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! ! Without your website, i couldn't reach these scores.

Hello Simon,
Today I found out my results;
Listening: 8.0
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 7.5
Speaking: 8.5

Overall: 8.0

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I definetely coudn't get these points without your advices! Thanks for being so helpful.. Best wishes

Hey every body. I am preparing for IELTS test. But I am not confident in speaking skill ,so I hope I can make new friends in order to improve this skill. Thanks a lot.

I spotted these words:
vantage point
spectacular view

Congratulation Ugur and Başak! I only have 2 weeks for retake IELTS to gain at least 7.0 overal. So can you give me some advice,tks

Hey Heart. We can practice it together. Here is Hieu from Vietnam. my skype is giagia_01, add me if you want to practice.

Thanks Dominic! To be honest, after the speaking part has finished I felt very upset because I got so excited that at the beginning I couldn't even control my voice! But as I kept talking I became more relaxed, so don't worry! Time management is VERY important with the other parts, especially writing. Be confident and believe in yourself!Good luck. Best wishes

((News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in a newspaper. What factors do you think influence their decisions? Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported?))
Every time I try I come out with more 400 words essay and my teacher refuses to correct it. Therefore,how can I write a simple introduction and a succinct to point essay?
Please,help me,because this topic poses three questions, which I find it difficult to deal with.

Hi Amr,

I wouldn't accept to correct a 400-word essay either... but anyway, you could use this essay structure:

News editors have the tendency of choosing what to broadcast because of different factors. It is indeed common to see bad news on a daily basis, but I would say that having more good news in the media could make things much better for our society.

1st paragraph:
Talk about the factors that influence news editors' choices.

2nd paragraph:
Talk about the kinds of bad news we see every day and describe the importance of having more good news.

To conclude, regardless of their decisions, news editors should keep a balance on the type of news they show to the public, and having more positive news should be more benefitial to us all.

Hope this helps!

Congratulations Ugur and Basak!

Hi Martin,
I really found it v.useful and helpful to us to continue writing in this ( our way to success) Simon's website.
Please don't stop

=.= oh, it is high score. I only want to achieve 6.5 but it is so difficult with me :(

can we talk abt monument, church for the same topic?

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