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November 16, 2012


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Dear Simon,

Today,I had speaking test and second part of the test was about describing a happy event of my childhood.

I have one question,the examiner did not allow me to complete my sentences in part 1 and 3.

Is there any problem with that?

Hi Simon

I just want to ask you that if in part 2 of speaking test the important event in history is asked as you said the question can we speak about invention of tablets and i-phones which has replaced mobile phones and computers and even laptops.

I will wait for your response please try to answer soon

Dear Simon´╝î

I read the article you write about "agree or disagree",but I still have a confusion of the task 2 below.

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It has 2 points to discuss,so my introduction is clear and correct?

It is true that advertising become a vital part of commercial world for the high sales and sometimes consumer will buy the good without real demands. Personally, I agree with the importance of advertisement but I think people always shopping by their needs not just the advertisement.

Anyone experienced difficulty checking result online?

ooh i have dreamt for more than 6 months to write this post. at my first attempt, i got my desired scores. now, i am one step closer to realise my dream. thank you simon, without you i would not get required score even though i have been taking private lesson for 1 years. all the best for you!! it must be great feeling to be able to help people you dont know and maybe will never know.

Hi Mr.Simone,

though the answers are so simple in terms f structure and vocab, but it believe they are the perfect answers for the questions.

Any way, I would like to focus on the brainstorming technique in the up coming posts, because it is very important for the writing procedure.

and i want you to know that your effort is always appreciated.

Take care,

Dear All,

Here are my answers:

1) I think we can learn a lot by looking at historic events. There were definitely both positive and negative things from the past, and I think we can use them to build a better world and benefit our current and future society. For example, the catastrophic event at Chernobyl is believed to be due to human error, and from that experience, the world's nuclear technology and safety at the power plants have greatly improved in a way that we can now have cheap, efficient, and safe source of energy. Also, thanks to all the great inventions such as the telephone, the car, the computer, and so on, researchers, engineers, and scientists have all been using those basic concepts to build even better machines so that we can now enjoy a much simpler and more convenient lifestyle.

2) The future is really a mystery to many of us and it is quite difficult to predict what events will happen. But, one thing for sure is that technology will keep advancing. I think there's going to be a time when fossil fuels will no longer be needed and they will be replaced with renewable, efficient, clean energy. On the other hand, human beings will also face more natural disasters. For instance, seismologists here in the West coast of the U.S. are predicting "The Big One" to hit the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco any time soon, and I believe this will have a huge impact on thousands of residents' lives as well as the local economy.


My speaking topic was describe a thing which you bough and u r nit satisfied with it.
What was it
Why you are not satisfied
What you feel

To Dom:
I did last year. they said after 13 days which was Friday. I couldn't until monday afternoon. I thought that was the same for everyone?

day after tomorrow is my speaking day.
can you give me some suggestions.

what is the difference between 'historic' and 'historical'. I see you use historic events instead of historical events

i had topic on history event but i spoke the past event of my life so will i get mark

Dear Simon,

Could you explain why you used "would have been impossible to foresee" and "could have imagined'' in the example above?
Can we use "were" instead of "would have been" and "could image that...." instead of "would could have been"?

Thank you !
Son Nguyen - Vietnam

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