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November 08, 2012


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The chart shows figures of monthly temperature and precipitation of the city named kolkata.

is it right Simon?

Is there anyone get his or her result of the test date 27 th October ? They are available now, but I couldn't get mine :(((( I think Nottingham test centre don't use online system to declare the results

Hy Theolog,

Wait until tomorrow. Normally it has to be 13 days from the date of exam for the results to be able to get online.So ,usually, on Friday the results are available.

The graph compares average monthly temperatures and rainfall throughout year in the city of Calcutta.

The graph illustrates the comparison of precipitation between January and Decembre.

Hi xem,
thank you for your answer. Normally, results for 27th October are avaliable now, sO I thought that Nottingham test centre did not update our result but you are right, I hope I will get good result tomorrow.

can anyone just guide me about the any suitable IELTS course in uk, which will help me to get 7.5overall with 7 individual.my last result was L7 W7 R6.5 S6.5...Pls give me some feedback..thanks.

Hey Simon, i happened to find your website thanks to a friend of mine, she got prepared to ielts in only 10 days by using your website and she got 6.5 overall. Now, i am studying for ielts, actually i was going to study for TOEFL IBT but i changed my mind because IBT wants me to do all the things by using computer and that kinda scares me. I scored 543 on TOEFL ITP but my school wants me to increase it to 550 in TOEFL ITP and 7.0 in IELTS. What i want to ask you is, is it possible for me to increase my point in 30 days? If yes, do you have any suggestions for me? IF you can help me out, i would be really grateful, if i cant reach that point, they wont let me start studying until next year and im prettttty stressed about that.

Hi Taher,

which country are from?
how many times you have taken IELTs? if you have taken it before can you please tell us your scroes an your weak areas.
For listeing and reading do all cambridge books again and again.
For writing follow Simon's website.and for speaking just try to learn few sentences on some topics such as sports, culture,enviornment.transport,media,globalisation,electronics such as mobile or pc etc.
do not memorise full sentences .Just read above topics in good books and read them few time in way that if you have to use them next time you can do that.
And most important practice ,practice,practice.
Hope this helps

Dear Simon:

Here is my essay for the topic.And if the figures are "-5", I should write "minus 5 degrees centigrade" instead of "-5".

This graph shows both changes of temperature and precipitation every month during one year in the city of Kolkata.

In general, the figures of 12 months in two areas saw a trend which begins in lower level initially and climes to the highest around the middle of the year then starts to peak off. As can be seen from the temperature’s curve, July seems the hottest nearly 38, and the following two months are above 30 as well (37 and 31 respectively). However, except June and October, the reminders are all below 0, the temperature of December even declines to almost 20.Compared with temperature, the precipitation witnessed comparatively stable in term of 220~300. The largest rainfall happens in May which reaches to 300, while January and December are the least for they rarely rained 220. What is interesting, the volume of three months remained similar (290 respectively in July, August and September) when the weather is dog days above 30.

In conclusion, the weather of the city has the typical traits. The range of temperature is large, and the rain season comes in the same time of the hot season.

I'm preparing the exam in December.I hope to improve my writing and listening.Your lessons give me good advises.THKS.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your efforts and daily lessons. Today, I got my first IELTS exam result, I got L6.5, R6.5,W7,S7,overall-7. I just learned from your website for one week, it did help me a lot. I need 7 in every part, I will continue to follow your blog and work on it. I think I will get there soon. Thanks.

Hi Simon,

I need to pass ielts exam on 17 of November, It is my last chance to apply registration of my degree.I have got my test result today l:5.0 r:6.0 w:6.5 s:5.5 over all 6 and I need 7.I am so panic now and disappointed.If I have your e-book, do you think it can help me to achieve this score in one week? I would be grateful if you can give me any advise.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in a lesson once a week (usually Saturdays).

Dear Simon,
Is it ok if i use these phrases in the Task 1?
"Turning to"
"In the field of____(e.g Science)
"It's a similar situation in___ "
"The situation in the ___ is different, in that___"
"When it come to ___"
"To be more precies", "More particular" (To begin the third paragraph after the overview paragraph.

Thank you! :)

Anybody can give me advice about practicing Ielts. I would like to know which documents or books are the most similar to the real test, I mean the level of difficulty. I haven't taken the real test before.
Thank you !

Dear Simon,

in task 1 and task 2 i write many words and i confuse that how many lines we have to write and how to count words in both the tasks

thnks simon

Dear Simon,
I am following you on your website. I plan to take the IELTS exam on 20th this month. My last result was 6.5 overall: speaking: 6.5, writing: 5.5, reading: 7.0, listening: 7.0. I need to get 6.0 in writing. Can i improve it within 10 days? if possible, pls kindly suggest me how to do.
Thank you so much

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