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November 28, 2012


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I got writing task 2 question related to video game, it was like :

Now a days a large number of people play video games . Is it a good change or not .

disscuss and give your opnion about it .

it would be about 2 way discussion.write about positive and negative effects of playing video games.

or now a days children are playing more video games.how does it effect and suggest some solutions

in my opinion it would be about comparing past and present time.For instance "in these days children spend their sparetime with playing video games. But in past they were spending their time playing real games with their other friends. Which is the right one?"

Video games are becoming very popular with children, they are having a huge impact on their social networks.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Video games cause children to stay indoors and avoid interacting with others.

How can we encourage children to start interacting more with others?


Video games are causing children to become more violent and are affecting on their social behavior.

discuss the negative aspects of video games?

video games have a passive impact on the children's lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

negative not passive sorry

1-The consistant playing habit of video games affecting human socially n psycologically.Are you agree or disagree?Also discuss the problems which this little technological device is creating and suitable solutions to it.
3-Video games are creating sociological,psycological and economical problems.There is wastage of money and time.Sometimes blasphemous characters are selected that are totally against of other religion which results in humiliation and violence world wide.Medically yrs eye sight badly affected through it.children education worstly affected n their brain also weaken.

1. Discussion is more effective way to ask the positive and negative influences of the video games. like this:
As the video game addict very fast, it is hard to keep children aside of it. What should we do to help new generation not to waste time?

more and more kids are likely to play video games, some people think it will have a negative impact on children's studying. what extend do you agree or disagree?

Hi guys,
Sorry to write some less relevant thing in here, but I am very frustrating right now.
I got 5 tests in a row in the same test center in Australia. What I got in writing section is I have no idea why I got something like this. I mean, there should be a huge difference between 7and 6 in writing and section, and I have prepared my exam in the same way even use the same uncommon words in these tests from the beginning to the last test. Now, I have no idea why I got this unreasonable difference between each result. Could anyone help me point out some possible reasons? Like, if anyone or anyone’s friends got the same situation before?

What I can think out are:
1. different examiners may have different ideas about my essay.
2. maybe I got some serious grammar mistakes in those two 6 exams(I am not sure how grammar can affect the final result and I did not change anything during the exams)
3. I did not fully respond the questions, or I misunderstand or wrote irrelevant essay(which I do not think so, as I was very careful in the last one which I got 6, too)

So, can anyone help me in this? I got another test this weekend and I think I have the capability to achieve a 7 but there is something I keep doing wrong and it is very serious.

Same here I took 5 trial in Aus sydney..

now i came to india for achieving 7 each.

sometimes its like that wasting of time about exam pattern, just business.

hi jay,
thank you for your reply.
i just cannot understand that, between 6 and 7,there should be a huge difference and i think i should be able to find it after the test. the problem is i thought i did a very good one in the last exam, i used lots of uncommon words and i pay a lot attention to both grammar and topic response. i think i did a much better one than the lost lost one which i got 7. and the result really fail me.
so, should i keeping doing what i have do coz i did got several 7 or i should do something else?

hello jay,

well, i think that examiners of the written section do have their own individual ways of checking a written work. They could have been basing it on a set of criteria, in this case, the publicized band descriptors for the written test, however, whether the examiner is considerate enough or not becomes then the basis for your final written score... This is just a thought..

Dear Mr Simon
Could you please use some time to help me to this question.
"It is a waste of money to establish libraries since people can obtain information from the internet at home"
I agree with that statement, and I'm struggling for writing the topic sentence of the paragraph.
I'm not sure as to whether the topic of this statement is "it is a waste money to run libraries" or "people can use the internet to look up information"

Are video games are essential for kids?
To what extent video games waste kids time?
Selection of useful/education related video game could be the solution.


I think the best way to prepare for this topic would be to make a list of the positive and negative effects that video games might have on children. Think about both sides (for a discussion question), then decide what your opinion is (for an opinion question).

I'd like to list some positive and negative effects here.

Positive effects:
- increase creativity
- increase general speed of perceptual reaction time without decreasing performance

Negative effects:
- too much playing games may waste time and cause neglect of one's study
- violent games may increase juvenile delinquency

- enable children to have faster response
- children learn to be concentrate on one thing
- some games require logical thinking and calm planning; thus, children might better their intellectual power
- video games contribute to the enrichment of children's imagination

- overindulgence in playing video games may result in social isolation
- playing video games is a time-consuming hobby
- children may squander parents' hard-earned cash if they always wanted to have the latest version of video games
- playing video games can lead to obesity and myopia
- children may become violent, for there are a great deal of killing games available; thus, that poses a potential campus bullying

This is the maximum I can think of so far. I don't play video games at all, so this topic is a bit hard to me. =]

Here's my list of positive effects first:
1. By requiring player to estimate the situation quickly and effective the video games benefit to children' brainstorming.
2. They help children to be an active player in anywhere.
3. Playing video games is a better of way of getting out of stress rather than to use drugs which are popular among adolescents.
Negative effects:
1.Wasting too much time to play video games might cause children to lag behind in the school.
2. As they are very addictive the player even refuse to eat meal and consequently it harms their health.
3. Most video games are about the war which makes children to be violent and rough.

Dear Mr Simon
Could you please help me to analyse this question:
Countries should try to produce food for all their population needs locally and import as little as possible. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Could I choose balance style like this : I accept that produce food for all their population, I disagree with the idea that keep import as little as possible.
Thank you so much !

Hi, Dear Simon:

Hope you are well!

I recently sat for IELTS test, the Writeing Task2 question is about what's your opnion about the people's lives after 100 years. Due to the fact that it talks about future topic, I used a lot of 'will', but I am afraid it caused too much repetition, and I have also been told 'will' will make the tone uncertain, any comments from you?

Best Regards!

hi, today i appeared ielts test and guess what the writing task 2 was
children now a days spend lost of their time in watching television and computer games.some people think it doesn't help in developement of thier. do u agree or disagree...i dont remeber the question but u have know the essence.
i attempted in favour of questions goin total in contrast with some people view...i don't how good i attempted...

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