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November 03, 2012


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I would like to rewrite thrid article:

The figure for X almost doubled its initial rate in 2000 before an increase nearly 20% in 1997

hey Simon,
I've been reading your blog for quite some while, and I dare to say yours is the best! Two thumbs up for you :)

how about this:
"The figure for X increased to nearly 20% in 1997, which was twice as much as its initial rate in 2000."

Simon, my teacher told me that in overview, we need to give clear view of the chart, e.g we describe the line -falls down, climbs up, fluctuates- and when i wrote the way you do (only 2 sentences), he told me to describe more and not to mention about the increase/decrease, not even to use those words, so yeah, i'm kinda confused here. I hope you'll reply soon.


GOD bless you Dear Simon
Your web blog is excellent, you teach lessons deeply , and I was very locky which find you.

I have recieved my result today . Thanks to Almighty ALLAH and SIMON . i have got my required band i.e 7 in each module in sixth ettempt finally.

Reading :7
writting :7.5
Speaking :8

Fellows please don,t give up.Follow what SIMON says .I followed his daily lessons ,e-book and courses.Really was a great help for me .I made a vocabulary note book from reading passages ,and tables for similar and opposite sentences .I completed cambridge books epeatedly and for writting tasks followed the pattern of SIMON, essays.GOOD LUCK.
Thanks once again SIMON .

Dear Simon,
At the outset I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for all your efforts in helping the IELTS candidates like me.

I have got a question:

1) How can a non-native English speaker differ formal English from that of informal? Is it recommended to read regularly the websites like www.economist.com or www.theguardian.co.uk?

Are the structures below acceptable in IELTS writing?

"..........", the leader said.
"..........", quoted as saying.
"..........", he told people.

dear simon

i've purchased your ebook and it really helped me to improve my writing and i get my required score.

thank you simon

hello ilker Kochak. What's the name of that book? and how much does it cost?

I adapted of the sentence like this:
The figure of X increased to nearly 20 % in 1997 and there were twice as many X as in its initial rates in 2000.

Is it correct, I wonder????

Hi Musharaf,congratulations!
i know how does it feel not having individual 7 in IELTS.in which center you sat for last exam?
how can i improve my writing?

hi musharaf, where did you take your ielts? I'm here in Abu dhabi. Is there anyone in here from the same place? I just want to know if examiners in the middle east are considerate and generous in giving scores.thanks

hi fira

its simons ebook.it was about 20 pound or something. you can find it on this webite


Hey İlker,

Can you contact me please?
Thanks in advance.
[email protected]

No SImon's lesson today.
very strange.I hope you are ok.
You are light for many students including me.

Hi Simon,
I did not understand whether it experienced nearly 20 percent or 40 percent in 1997? It means it doubled in 2000 or 1997?
Is the sentence below correct?
Almost twice as much X there was in 2000 compared to 1997 with an increase of 20%.

Hi Simon,
I'm just wondering if you have an ebook or a lesson for Writing task 1 Academic. I really have a problem on how to compose or make an essay writing task 1. Do you have any suggestion or advice? I'll be having my IELTS test this November 24 and I still have no clue on how to make an essay for writing 1.

Hope you will read my message.


@ JO-an,
There is no book for Task-1 writing, but you can search this site for hints and methods. There is separate tab on left side for different task and modules, or just open the below link, and come in descending order.

Simon is busy and hope he don't mind for my post.

Hope this help you, Jo-an.
Thank you,

hi Dave and Tahir,
i appeared in LIVERPOOL in all six attempts.All examiners can be generous to you ,if you avoid mistakes and follow the question .SIMON,S e-book is really a great help for ideas and vocabulary.Try to write down introductions of atleast 20 task1 of all four types and 20 f0r task2.I also studied all essays of this website deeply and understood the format of a sentence.it really improves.


For question 3 above, Dee's sentence looks like the clearest to me (but I think the dates need to be swapped around):

"The figure for X increased to nearly 20% in 2000, which was twice as much as its initial rate in 1997."



There are several ways to write a good essay. My approach works, and maybe your teacher's approach works too. You just need to choose a way of writing that you are comfortable with.


Hi Musharaf,

Congratulations on finally getting the scores you need - well deserved! Thanks for the recommendation.


Hi Azkad,

Yes, reading those kinds of things will help, as will reading my lessons and the samples in the Cambridge IELTS books.

Your structures are fine. I think the second one needs to be: "..........", he was quoted as saying.

Mr Simon,
Can you please tell me that the sentence given below is correct or incorrect.
Afer looking at the above, human being must work harder to safeguard all forms of life.

Hi Simon,

Not sure if you can help, but I am really struggling to get anything above 7.5 for the writing module.
I am wondering how much a tester will be penalised for writing 300 plus words in the General Training Task 2 module?
Frankly, I am very confused as to why my essay is good/ comparable to the model essays. The only aspect I can see, is the length of my essay.


Dear Simon,

Thanks for the correction. I just followed as written in your first post. I just noticed there was an error, and perhaps you might like to swap the year as well:
(3. Can I use 'double' like this: "The figure for X increased to nearly 20% in 1997, which almost doubled its initial rate in 2000.")

Thank you for your reply. I was really delighted. I've been silent reader all the time, and i'd like to speak up more here :)

Warm Regards,

I think the sentence can be modified as follows:

The figure for X increased to nearly 20% in 1997, which almost doubled compared to its initial rate.

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