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December 30, 2012


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Hi Simon.
This website is very useful, I gain a lot of knowledge and tips from you.

Happy new year!.


Hi, Simon
My speaking test is on 2 Jan and others on 5 Jan. I've been studying lessons from ur websites for three weeks. I find them all useful and try to memorise all. Thanks for your advice. I do need a break. I think, it would be very helpful to review what I have learnt. Thanks


Thanks for this brilliant idea.I'd like to go to botanic garden for relax.

Hope for the best in the test on 5 Jan.

Happy new year!

Hi Simon,

I couldn't agree more!
There are so many students that take an exam every two weeks in the hope they will improve their score (especially here in Turkey), they also forget that this can often reduce their score.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, 2013.


"Hi Simon. I received and just opened the ebook. It seems that you have done a great work on it. Thanks!! The material you gave me is amazing."

My view is not the same as yours.

If you find studying boring and difficult, there are ways to change your mind

I think Frequent, short breaks are better for you and your thinking processes than infrequent, long breaks.

maybe you are right,i was supposed to spend all day to study ielts today,but i even don't want to touch a thing about it,now is 19;02,and probably i should not push myself so hard,i need break

Hi Simon,

After a break of two weeks I registered IELTS again and will sit the exam on 19th Jan, fingers crossed. Hopefully the result would be much better than that in 2012.

Thank you so much for your great lessons and advice. I do learn a lot from you, Thank you.

Happy New Year


This is also something that I frequently tell my students to do!

Not just students, but even teachers need a break! We are not robots and our brains deserve some rest once in a while...

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Hello Sunnyxia. it's my e-mail, please could you write me? I have a question to you.


Hi Simon,

Before giving you my question, I'd like to thank you for helping the esl students to score higher in the Ielts test. Then, I'd inform you that I'm currently living in the U.S. and all my Ielts tests are corrected by American teachers who have a different style when writing, especially for the introduction. They always argue that the introduction should has at least four sentences. They mention that we should write the hook sentence on the beginning of our introduction and the thesis statement with the outline of body paragraphs. And we should summarize the thesis in the conclusion. My question is that the corrector of my test will focus on this method regardless any style.

your opinion please.

Thank you

hi simon,

how can i have your ebook?

Dear Simon,
I really recommend your advise, taking a break and do not put to much pressure on your self. After a while the flow and ambition will be back.
I personnel took one year off from study my visa situation has changed but now I want to do my examen again in March after failing 2012.

cheers in advance from Australia

Hi Ahmed,

Allow me to answer your question.

First of all, IELTS is a test of your English abilities and it really doesn't matter whether you were taught by an American/British/Australian/etc. instructor. However, if your teacher is talking about IELTS writing, then I would disagree on writing a 4-sentence introduction... think about it, Task2 only requires 250 words and you have only 40 minutes to complete it. If you write 4 sentences in the introduction, that's about one-third of the essay and I think you would be wasting precious time. As Simon has repeatedly said, the body paragraphs are much more important because their main function is to support your viewpoint/opinion/thesis statement. I suggest you follow Simon's writing advice as it is very straightforward and appropriate for the IELTS. And if possible, also ask someone to check your work!

Good luck!


hello sir, I have a confusion in transferring the reading and listening answers on answer sheets. Should i write all answers in CAPITALS or not???
Please help me in this, thanks

Hello sir, I've already got IELTS 6.0 (Jan 18th), how can I get to IELTS 7.0 and how long? What should I do?
Please help me, thanks

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