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December 07, 2012


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Dear Friends
I am Petonia. I took my Ielts exam on 17th November and I got 7 in speaking. However, as I got 6 and 5.5 in other skills I need to take an exam again. Now, I am looking for someone to speak to for my speaking task in order to get 7.5 in the next exam.
If you are interested in, please contact me by email "petonia_t@yahoo.com" and we will able to talk with messengers online.
thank you
I await.

my favoruite home woud probably be a cottage. I woud like to live in a cottage. because it is very small and peacfull. ıt probably looks like a small house which is made by wooden with bautiful panorama in the forest. My living room woud look out the great lake where ı have also a boat in order to go for a fishing.

Why I would like to live such a beautiful home is really peacfull and away from the crowded cities. I like natural habitats and make my children grow up naturally.

If I would be given a chance, I would like to live in a house that is neither too big nor too small, but with just the right size, where there is just one or maybe two bedrooms. I would like the interiors to be simple with a touch of oriental design like having window panes made out of shells and having tables and beds that are almost parallel to the floor. I really don't like to stuff my dream house with too many things because it will just look too congested. Also, I wouldn't prefer a house with walls that are painted with dark hues, but I would like to have its walls painted with bright and a variety of colours to make it more fabulous. I'd like my dream house to be built on top of a mountain. I just love the cool breeze and the very peaceful ambiance of living on a mountainous area.

I am going to talk about a home, in which I like to live in. If I had to live in a home, I would prefer to live in a villa in hilly area surrounded by aquatic life. The dwelling palace of my dream would be composed of a large gym, swimming pool and a movie theatre. I like to live in such sort of aparment, because I am a health conscious person, and I don't have much time to go to gym or joing an exercise class.
The reason why I would like to live in a home of my chice. I like to live in a place, where noise pollution is far from my residence.
so, weighing up the pros and cones of living in an apartment located in a mountainous area is that there is less population, which is known to be environment friendly for all inhibantants

Ok, what i like to talk about is to discribe an apartment that i dreamed. I used to see a lot of programs mentioning the design of houses. And I want my apartment would be painted by green color. This is because that that sort of colour looks peaceful and I can relax with such a living environment.
The place that i want to put my apartment must be on the top floor of a skycraper. This is because that I can have an overall prospect of the cities i'm living in. I also see other buildings in my cities as well as lakes, parks and so on. Another reason why i want to live on the top floor is in order to shoot photos. When I was a child, I used to wish to become a photographer on some day. And I believe that I can take many spectacular photos as much as possible when i live at the high building.

This is yet another fun topic to talk about!

I think I will skip this one for now and see what students can come up.

Have a great weekend!

Hello everybody!

Simon do I have a question for you? I do not want to 'off-topic' but I checked the whole archieves and still I could not found the answer.

Can we begin to answer question by saying 'you know there are different types of house..' or during an interview can we use 'you know'? like Americans do?

Is it OK? I know sounds not academic but I think it is good for daily casual language.

So Simon, what do you think?
Appreciated in advance.

@ Simon,
I always thinking the question asked by s7rky, I did my test twice and improved my score in each attempt. However it did not change in speaking, and I was surprised.
Well, I spend three years in the USA, and it is usual to start sentence by "you know" or "you see".
Examiner ask me, what are the benefit to have a garden in 'Back-Yard' for children?

And I start my answer "you know there are so many cases happen for child kidnapping, and to have a personal garden to play for children, gives advantage for security......"

So, I believe that might be caused for me to stuck at Band 6.

Please Simon try to answer this question.

Hi all,
It is pretty hard to find suitable words to describe a castle. However, i did it and hope everyone enjoying my imagining castle.

If I were a billionaire and had the money, I would love to rent or buy a castle for my own royal lifestyle.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to become a princess and live in a castle which looks like one in a fairy tale, or like Windsor Castle in England. So living in the castle will be able to fulfill my childhood dreams.

Anyway, my castle looks very antique from outside, but extremely graceful and appealing with a brook dancing beside the border wall. Into a wall, a large scrolled gate was set, and above the gateway was an ornate arch over-run with friendly ivy. The castle spackles in the sunlight with some huge beautiful, magnificent gardens and the picturesque countryside surrounded it.

The most interesting thing when I live in a castle is that I could experience a royal life and be served like a queen. Wearing a gorgeous dress and a dazzling crown on my head, enjoying a plenty of delicious and distinctive food which are made by profound chefs, walking in the marvelous beautiful gardens, I could live life to the full. There are plenty of rooms that my family and friends could shuttle in together. Also, collecting conventional arts is my hobbies, having an exhibition and enjoying every traditional detail in the castle would be a very fascinating experience.

Enjoying a great weekend!

Thank you, Martin and Simon!
My dreaming castle is inspired from you guys' speeches and i hope it is a nice one.

Also, any feedbacks are welcome in advance!

hello every1!

I just took my IELTS exam academic 3 days ago (Dec 08)as self-review for a month. I find this site useful and informative so I thought of relaying my exam experience.

INTRO part was about colors; digicam and photography so I was not that surprise when my cue card was about picture: describe an old photograph in the family that you find interesting... follow up questions were related to photography and education; computer versus textbooks...

Writing task 2: crime is a problem all over the world, some argues that there is nothing that we can do to prevent it, to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Listening is a bit easy though I missed a few items thanks to my "sharp ears".. :))
Reading questions are all tricky and gave me a tough time to answer. I swear i really HATE "not given versus false" questions!

The hard part now is waiting, the 13 days is so agonizingly long. If i pass then it wud really be among the nicest Xmas gift ever ... GB you guys and thanks Simon! c")

If I would be given a chance, I definitely would like to inhabit in a cottage.
It probably looks like a small house which is made by wooden with fantastic panorama in the forest.
Actually, I saw this cottage in a film named “the lack house”
It would really like to live in such a beautiful home in a peaceful area away from the noise of crowded cities.
Perhaps I have a boat in order to go for fishing in the lack near the cottage.
I like natural habitats and make my children grow up naturally there (in the future).
The house in neither too big nor to small, with two small stairs from the ground to get the balcony.
There would be two cozy bedrooms and a bit bigger kitchen with table and chairs in it.
I don’t really like to stuff my cottage with too many things because it will just look too congested.
What’s more, I’d like to my cottage which is surrounded by aquatic life. We can go fishing or breeding specific kinds of fish there.


Thanks for sharing your descriptions. I particularly like Lilly's castle description because it's very imaginative and it's clearly organised by bullet point.


A couple of people asked about using "you know" and "you see" - there's no problem with that. It's the rest of the answer that the examiner is focusing on!

thank u very much for your inspiration and motivation!!!!

Thank you for everything!!!

If i want to describe a home i like , it can be a big one with tall trees. i love villa with a good climate in the north . their walls would be better bright and it is better to be a big pool . i like big house because i feel better and also i can invite my friends in my home enjoy our time with each other .besides in this situation , i have no body to complain me of my noises and my load music voices .any way i prefer the big house .

HI SIMON.. i got my exam result today. and i just have to cry out my frustration, hurts so bad. its the second time i didnt make it =( listening, reading and writing i got 7.5 and 6 in speaking. during the interview, i answered all the interviewer's questions. . i dont even remember being terrified... it may not be the most fluent answers but it was good enough i think. i didnt stammer.

how is speaking being rated? is a 7 so hard to get? that u should have an accent? i am not a native english speaker,i think that is understandable... im desperate.

what your ideal home would look like?
If I would be given a chance, I would love to live in cottage or town-house in a suburb in 30 minutes way from the city down-town.
It will be two-story building with 3 bedrooms, because I would have kids in a near future and I would like to have a room for my friends, who will usually visit us and can stay for the night. Also there will be bright kitchen in white colors, big living room with a huge TV set. Moreover there will be a lovely garden in a backyard and a garage for parking two cars.
If we take take the internal design of my future house I don’t really like to stuff it with too many things because it will just look too congested, the main thing is has to be bright and lovely.

where it would be?
I prefer to live in a big city suburb not far from the see cost. School location is quite important too, I want to live no more than 10 minutes on foot from my children's school. Also I would love to have a park with lake where all my family can spend weekends.

and why you would like to live there?
firs af all - I don't think that a big noise and crowded city - is the best place for my family, especially for kids.
second of all - I really wanna live in a safety place and don't worry when my children are going out.
and the last but not the list - I want to invite my friends every time when I would like to and not to pay any attention about the place and noice that we could make

after IF , you can not use would or will...why all the students keep doing this mistake? So , it comes like this. If i had the oportunity, not If i will have the oportunity! Or if i would have the chance...etc

A lesson about how to use the conditionals would be very usefull dear Simon.
Best regards

If i had a lot of money, i would like to buy a villa with a big garden by the sea.

Thera are two reasons why i want to live in a villa.

Firstly, ever since i was a child, i have always wanted to buy a dog. But my parent did not give me a permission. Because we lived in a flat. And they were worried about that our neighboors complained us. If you live in an apartment, your neighboor can be bother dog's barking. Besides,as far as i know, a flat can not be convenient for a dog. Dogs need big places to play, to feel free. If i have a villa with big garden by the sea, i can play with my dog and we can go for a walk on the beach.

Secondly, i always want to have a big family. I hope that i have 3 or may be 5 children. If i live in a big villa, my children can own their room. Besides, they can play with our dog in the garden and they can swim together.

I believe that living in a villa with big garden by the sea makes me more happier and peaceful.

Hello simon and friends, If i make any mistakes my speech, please say to me Because i prepare ielts exams and i know that my speaking skill is not enough to get 6,5.

Personally, i never ever dream big house like big castle or something like palace.I want a house where i have complete self and mental satisfaction.i wish the house which i bought completely mortgage and tax free.There is no problem of paying bills every month.Then my life will e full of leisure and joy.i wish my house will be moderate size not too big not too small.Because with big house i will have problem of cleaning and too small house will be create problems in arranging families get togethers because,i love to keep in touch my imitate.so that size of house which looks nice and convenient for me to clean.

I would like to know: If I miss out one of the bullet points ("You should say:" points) but I talk from the beginning to the end of those 2 minutes without keeping silent, how much would my score go down for not addressing one of the bullet points? Any idea?

i want example about
talking about my self
talking about living room

My Ideal home would be an apartment near my office. I would like that to be near my office reason being, I can save lot of time in transit. With the time that I have saved I like to do some cycling to keep myself physically healthy.

My ideal home would be a house made up of wood beside sea n mountain's where I can see the natural scenery away from city busy life with noise and pollution..

Sir,favourite wall of your house
Speaking topic 2

i want example about talking about a folktale
thanks so much.

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