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December 06, 2012


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Thanks a lot Simon, your blog have been very useful for all, i have been following it and finally got 7.0 in writing 9.0 in listening 7.5 in speaking and reading. I am grateful to you from bottom of my heart, it was a big battle for me. I will always remember you for your kind support. wish you and family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year...

Hello simon
I would be pleased if you answer my Q.
I am following your way to answer TASK2 writing ( introduction - 2 main paragraph and conclusion ) but my tutor told me that I miss my opinion when Q ask for even when I stated in introduction and conclusion, he said that I have to add opinion to each idea I write and each paragraph.
honestly, I have been confused because I used to your way and it is hard to change it.
do you agree with him , or you advice me to keep on yo way?
thank you

Dear Friends
I am Petonia. I took my Ielts exam on 17th November and I got 7 in speaking. However, as I got 6 and 5.5 in other skills I need to take an exam again. Now, I am looking for someone to speak to for my speaking task in order to get 7.5 in the next exam.
If you are interested in, please contact me by email "petonia_t@yahoo.com" and we will able to talk with messengers online.
thank you
I await.

Congratulations on such great scores Maia! Happy Christmas and New Year to you too.


Hi John,

I'll try to answer in tomorrow's lesson (Saturday 8th).


I hope you find someone Petonia!

Hi Maia ,I really don't know who you are! but I am v.glad to your fascinating result,you did a great success,I am wondering If I can get 7.5 in each or not,my exam on 12 th of Jan.
Good luck in the rest of your life,and of caurse I can't find any word to thank you Mr Simon.

Dear Simon
I would like to ask you about this formula
Should we say:
A and B showed an increase of 10% over the period . Or
A and B showed increases of 10% over the period.
Please help me, I'm struggling to talk about this

Dear Simon,

Can you please write the second paragraph on the concrete production as well? I tried to write the full 150 word essay but it seemed that I was short of words (I managed to write only 100 words). Do we need to compare the two processes here?

Thanks a lot.


Simon, I've had the same problem of Li. I've written the essay but it was very short. I don't have enough criativity to improve this specific question. What is your sugestion?
Thank you!!

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