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December 05, 2012


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I have an exam tomorrow..I wish myself success in the exam :-)

I wish you good luck Mahir.

I have an exam on Saturday too..How did ur exam go Mahir? Hi Simon I just want to ask a question. Are we supposed to put titles on academic writings 1 & 2? Thank u..=)

I would like to kindly share my intro regarding above topic with you please,

There is no doubt that the attraction of video games are catching people’s attraction easily, it seems this attraction turn out ambiguous relation between human being’s insight and computer. In my opinion video games are not beneficial for human development, but it is simplistic to just say it has to be forbidden or used limited, from what I had have experience during the my university years and my niece who 11 years now, I would like to say that it could be used in limited in terms of time and places.

Firstly I would like to say that how video games are damaging our community. While both computer and internet are inevitable becoming part of our domestic life as well as business life, we give up some daily routines such as physical exercises, face to face communication, teaching youngster how to grow up and also dietary way.

Hi, Dear Simon,

Hope you are well!

I have a question after following your website. First thank you so much for this helpful site. My question is: when writing a agree/disagree essay, you said we should write 'partly agree' if we want to write two side. But can I just write 'agree', not 'partly agree', then I still write another side but with limited length, and I don't write 'against' that, is this structure OK? Will the examiner think my opinion be weakened? BTW, why I ask this question because I think some essay questions make you hard to reply 'partly' agree but you still want to write two side.

Thanks in advance and Best Regards!

Sorry i made mistake second attraction should be attention

It is true that playing computer games have disadvantages to an individual. While this is the case, others believe that it may also be as fun, entertaining, enriching and learning medium. Therefore, in my own personal opinion, these advantages do outweigh the negative issues.

In our world today where technologies bound to run in our daily existence, playing video games plays a vital part to our own society. It let us nurtures brain development where children can be taught to increase their depth in spatial awareness and keen visual attention. By seeking most out of it, we can accelerate children’s growth and progress. Thus, we can actually incorporate education by means of simple alphanumeric learning medium to boost their intelligence quotations. Another part is also being able to bridge connections outside our capacity, for example, having unlimited source of information, we can gain access to networks beyond our boundaries. We can experience and learn life through different kinds of language, backgrounds, cultural identity through game interactions. I certainly cannot imagine life without it.

On the medical perspective, others consider that video games do have negative effects on playing games. One main reason is that it can affect ones psychological behavior. It can provide false information about the reality that really existed and the fiction that the game can brought to an individual. It can harm young individual by influencing harsh environment and bad social companies in the game and it is really addictive. As a video game player, an ideal example is that there were reports made from the game Diablo 3 that players do actually died because of not having enough sleep with continuous hours of playing the game without a complete bed rest and meal break. This issue is very alarming due to the fact that thousands of players are attempting to be wired to such an interactive game event.

In conclusion, video game playing has a positive and negative outcome to individuals, but with proper limits and usage, it can be certainly of useful help to everyone.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in a lesson once a week (usually Saturdays).

Hi Simon,
Can you explain the differences among these words: consequently, therefore, accordingly, hence, thus, as a result.

Thank you very much for you nice help as usual ^^

Hi Simon here's my essay.

Video games are sometimes seen as a leisure activity that gamers participate in, be it for extra knowledge or pure enjoyment. There is however, the inevitable argument that video games can lead to unwanted consequences. I personally think that video gaming can be beneficial to players as long as it’s carried out on a moderate level.

There can be an educational factor when it comes to gaming. All RPGs (role-playing games), as the name already suggests, involves the player assuming a character and controlling the entire process and unlock tasks to advance. This teaches them skill; how to identify different team members with a rich variety of talents and how best to manage them. The next perk might sound unusual – video gaming and its social rewards. The whole game is conducted online. It is no secret that there are no boundaries in the cyber world. Amazingly enough, people make true friends through forming guilds/clans and because of the fact that they already have the “common interests” box ticked, the rest of the friendship-making journey is a smooth sailing one. Similar to fantasy football or fight club, video gaming is simply another hobby for people to engage in for fun.

Video games however, can induce several drawbacks. One for instance, is that gaming may amount to serious addiction. Players suffer from anxiety while waiting for a patch to complete, which may redirect into impatience and even aggression. Not forgetting that most video games involve violence, this form of conduct may subtly creep into the player’s every behaviour, fuelling their poor anger management. Another adverse effect is on the player’s health. Constant glaring at the computer screen raises the possibility of myopia. Other health related problems stemmed from gaming are muscular and skeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

In conclusion, video gaming, like every other hobby has its pros and cons but I believe that gaming comes with many advantages to the player.

In recent years, playing a wide range of games, especially video games, has been increasing markedly, and this issue has resulted in various arguments in the general public whether or not video games are harmful to people. In my opinion, while I accept that it is useful, I believe that people have to face with different problems from playing such video games.

On the one hand, it is undoubtedly that video games have offered much more benefits to human beings. First of all, such games satisfy people’s entertainment demands after hard studying or working. In fact, people feel more relaxed and refreshed their minds as playing some interesting video games instead of seating on armchairs and watch TV without animation. Further and even more importantly, because of some activities of playing such online video games, some people can get to know more friends. While playing games, they can make conversations throughout chatting, calling and so on in order to share feelings or experiences in life. Playing games also play an important role in reinforcing and improving relationships between people outside schools or companies. For instance, many staffs in a company can play a certain kind of games after finishing working, and they can share lots of things regard of gaming. As a result, their relationships would be more concrete and closer.

On the other hand, not surprisingly, there are different disadvantages of playing video games. To begin with, people are likely to spend a large amout of time participating in a virtual world everyday. In effect, in some extents, people’s this time-consuming is really unuseful and ineffective because some people, particularly students, want to play as much as possible to satisfy their wishes. Because of this, they usually cut the classes and even may become drop-out students inevitably because of the attraction of video games. In addition, when playing games a lot just in one place, people to excess cope with many severe problems relating to health such as near-sighted eyes illnesses or some skeleton-related diseases. Last but not least, due to being addicted to video games, some students various commitments to earn far more money in order to play games. As a consequence of these illegal actions is that they have to face with strict purnishments from governments, and, of course, their future would be affected directly.

By way of conclusion, it seems to me that playing video games is considered as a ideal way to entertain; however, it is really detrimental to us in case we do not know how to use it effectively.

Dear Simon,
Would you please make it clear that in written task 2, that
* is it better to make headings in essay like, introduction, positive effects, negative etc ?
* During writing task 2, should we write like,
" I like to say or I think etc

thanks n regards

Dear Mr Simon
If you have time, I hope that you could make a list what types of question that we can't give balance idea. I think many people are struggling about this.
For example, some questions with "should"
Some people think that education Should be free.
Do you agree or disagree?
In this case, we have only 1 idea to talk about, don't we

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your ebook, it is very useful!!

Just finished my IELTS today, once again ev'thing is fine except Task 2 (General Training) because
i ) Lack of ideas
ii) Trouble giving examples &
iii) Time managing...

1)Topic for task 2(GT), 08-12-2012 : not the accurate words but here is how it goes...
People find it difficult to have presentation and speech to an audience. Children should be taught this in school.
How important is speaking well in public ?

Do you agree or disagree if children to be taught in school.

2) Could you please write an example, if you have time ?

3) When lack of ideas in task 2( during exam ), what do you do ? Is that any way that can trigger your mind...(i.e: society problem is always go to government first etc.)

4) After an exam haha, quick thought...
Good idea to design a few structure/style/template of your own & to apply in different questions( Argument essay/ Discussion etc. ) just to fill in the blanks during exam.

***I'm struggling with times & ideas in that 40mins (TASK 2), how to improve & ready for my next test (Jan 2013) ?

To VU,

I believed most of the question is 60-40, so that ur contents can always support your conclusion & position as well.

i.e: education should be free ?...if you say yes list more advantages compare to disadvantages. 2 vs 1 etc. U make it clear to reader & logical at the same time. ( coherence points?? )

*Unless is causes & effect, problems & solutions.

Just an opinion....

Hello Simon! I really like your site and it's helping me a lot to study for IELTS.
I have a doubt about the writing task 2 structure. I've read in a short book that we should already show the points we are going to argue in the 2 main paragraphs on the introduction, while you say to write a very short introduction. For example:

In today's world, the use of technology is ever-increasing. It is disagreed that technology will completely replace the teacher in the classroom. Analyzing both the inability of a technology-driven teacher to discipline students in a classroom as well as this robotic teacher's hindrance to a student's learning process will show this.

Is this a problem or you can do it without any problems on the score?

Dear Simon
I have problem in writing task 1, i.e
should we write our own name at the end of letter. or use a fake name, does it effect our score?


Hi Simon,

For the 'agree or disagree' essay, if I opted to write both sides, should they be written equally or should I write 3 paragraphs for the side I agree and 1 paragraph for the side I disagree?


Some people regard video games as harmless fun, or even as a useful adverse effect on the people who play them. In your opinion, do the drawbacks of video games outweigh the benefits?

In this day and age people have different views on amusement. While there may be certain helpful effects on the people who play games, I personally believe that video games seem to have noxious implications.
On the one hand, such games may help the youth develop decision making skills and learn to concentrate on certain subjects. Some entertaining games require logical thinking and planning, as a result children might enhance their intelligence.
Moreover, it seems that when children constantly practise playing games, they can improve and increase reaction speed, just as ability to estimate the situation quickly and effectively. Hence, such abilities might be quite helpful when they are adults it terms of work productivity, which may be important for some employers.
On the other hand, a great deal of violent and rough video games, such as Mortal combat, appears to have adverse effect on young individuals. Some believe that when children play such games they can become more aggressive and sometimes they cannot distinguish virtual and real life.
In addition, too much time spent on games playing might be a cause of lagging at schools. Due to the fact that such activity is highly distracting, the youth may struggle to focus on the educational process, and as a consequence the may experience difficulties when studying. This might have consequent detrimental effect on their future lives and career opportunities.
Moreover, the impact of sedentary behaviour on children can bring about problems with obesity. Spending too much time in front of TV screens may result in decline in physical activity. As a consequence children become vulnerable to health problems and other adverse outcomes.
In conclusion, I do believe that instead of playing games children should allocate more time to interaction with friends and playing sports.

Dear Mr. Simon
If the question does not contain "To what extend" for example:
Do you agree or disagree?
Can we talk about both sides in this case.
Thanks so much

Dear Simon
At first,I want to thank you for such a great site,I have found your style of teaching more practical and user friendly among all other teaching sites in the Internet, and secondly I have a request; would you please let us to have some more sample essays of your excellent writing style because there are only few full essay available here.
Best wishes and happy new year Simon.

People find it difficult to have presentation and speech to an audience. Children should be taught this in school. How important is speaking well in public? Do you agree or disagree if children to be taught in school.

1. Leadership, useful in career;
2. Learn speak properly;
1. Change curriculum (money, new teacher);
2. Individual characteristic.

It is true, that presently there are many people and children, in particular who cannot present themselves to an audience. I personally believe that teaching apprentices in schools to speak well and keep conversation in public will have only a positive effect.
On the one hand, such skills may help the youth to develop their speaking abilities and learn to concentrate better on certain subjects, be more confident. Additionally, such training might be helpful for young people in terms of leadership, which may be of importance for their future career prospects.
Furthermore, there are those who argue that, currently plenty of young individuals, who cannot speak properly owing to lack of attention from schools and parents. It is believed that, at present, normal speech is dominated by slang, ordinary people accustomed to express their opinion by street language even at schools; as a result they are becoming illiterate.
On the other hand, in order to introduce such subjects in schools governments should provide an adequate funding for teaching staff, reviewing whole education curriculum and adopting new books. In addition, children have completely different individual characteristics and it is impossible to expect the same results from every single child. It will take enormous time, money and might not justify parents` and the government’s expectations.
In conclusion, even though such school program would require substantial efforts from both governments and parents, it seems to me that the potential benefits of teaching speaking skills in schools are more significant than the possible drawbacks.

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is there anyone will take the academic IELTS on July 27 at any of the following locations?

because i will take it in Canada on july 27.
i need help please. writing and reading topics.

Hi Simon,
I read in one past post that in a discussion question as benefits/drawbacks I have only to write both the sides of the argument without giving an opinion.
Why you contradict yourself in this essay
Thank you

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