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December 08, 2012


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Respected sir,
can you give some useful tips which I can follow as I am taking test on 15th December.hardly 5 days are left.should I repeat cambridge books or just review it.Also can you give some advice for speaking and reading.I am more weak at these two sections.My speaking is on 14th.

Hi rukhsar patel ,same here =)
My speaking is on14th Dec too!!
Just repeat all d notes i have.I m so nervous whenever i think of speaking part!!
Good luck to you !

Hello Simon! -Finally I've got the place I can ask you a question-

The question is about Speaking Part. I checked the whole archieves and still I could not found the answer so I need to ask that:

Can we begin to answer question by saying 'you know there are different types of house..' or during an interview can we use 'you know'? like Americans do?

Is it OK? I know sounds not academic but I think it is good for daily casual language.

So Simon, what do you think?
Appreciated in advance.

Dear Simon
Thanks for useful tips in writing task 2 but I have problem in writing task 1, i.e
should we write our own name at the end of letter. or use a fake name, does it effect our score?


I'm very confusing about word, 'figure' and 'number'. I though it was the same, and I could use either of them in the essay, for example, 'the figure of people who spent money weekly in London was higher than those in other areas'. But some of my local friends, they said it's weird to use figure to instead of 'number', but they couldn't tell me why. Therefore, is it right that 'figure' and 'number' are the same? or is there any specific event that we only could use 'number' rather than 'figure'?

gud luck to you yap

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